How to Know if a Girl is not Really into You

do not cross if you see these signs

Physical appearance, high social class, and financial status are signs men can spot from miles and thread with caution. But they may not be signs you are not her type. Look for specific signs.

When you are not her type; she doesn’t take you to public places. She won’t introduce you to family and friends; less, speak of you. If her definition of her ideal man is your opposite, then, advise yourself. You don’t want to spend time wooing the wrong person.

14 Signs She Is Not Interested in Me

Here are signs which should let you know you don’t have a chance with your crush or girlfriend. If you see her exhibiting any of these, either she is occupied or you are not her type.

1. Seeking Marriage but Avoiding Relationship

Not interested in relationship

Marriage is not an overnight thing. If you are interested in a girl who barely communicates with you, doesn’t show any form of emotional connection but pushes you to leave your job for the one she thinks will pay you better so that you can get money to marry her; you are not her type. In my personal experience, she is only using you as a punchbag. Her ideal man broke her heart.

2. Lack of Intimacy

Lack of intimacy

It takes time to build feelings for a person. When I talk intimate, I am not referring to sexual feelings. This is where you get to know each other on different levels of your private life.

This happens when you both spend time to communicate, share opinions and become open. When your crush is not willing to get to know you on daily basis, you are not who she wants.

3. Giving Excuse for Sex

Excuse for date

Experts do not frown on dating numerous people. In fact, this is a way of knowing who would be more compactible with you. But they do advise against having sexual intercourse during this stage.

With that said, people have sex during dating and if your girl is not committed to engage in sexual intercourse without any reasonable excuse, she may not be emotionally attached to you.

4. Lack of Support for your Ambition

Lack of support

She does not show interest in your ambition. She does not encourage you or show any form of support. If she really likes you and wants to be a part of your life, she will be interested in what you do. She will find out how she can contribute to the progress of your career.

5. Showing Interest in Higher Social Status People

Interest in high class people

We all have dreams. Our desire is to attain higher level in our career. When your girlfriend has set an eye on people with bigger and better social status instead of supporting you to achieve your dream; there is trouble coming. For example, your girlfriend wants to marry a member of parliament (MP) while you work at a coffee shop.

6. Avoid Being Seen with You in Public

Preventing others from seeing you

We are all different. if your girlfriend is an introvert, she is likely to stay away from public gatherings. And that’s ok. But whatever her trait, at a certain time in your relationship; she will want others to know she has someone. If she completely avoids you among people or tell her friends you are just a friend, then, you are not her bright light.

7. Do Not Introduce You to Family and Friends

Not introducing you to family

If she is comfortable walking the streets with you, she will be fine introducing you to her family and friends. If you’ve been together for a while and none of those happens it means she is not placing you in the category you think you are.

8. Showing Interest in People with Opposite Physical Look

Admiring men different from you

Mostly, people don’t get married to their type. At a point in time, we have all outlined the type of woman or man we would want to be with. There’s nothing wrong with that, provided you know your limit.

It really gets uncomfortable when your partner shows 100% interest in people completely opposite. This may only be a sign of eviction note in the near future.

9. Lack of Attention

It cannot be over emphasized. When she is not giving you the attention, it means nothing will work. You can’t build a relationship with a person who doesn’t have time or space for you. If she can live without your text for a week or two, you are not on her mind at all.

10. Asking You to Explore

No girl who really loves you is willing to share you with others. If she doesn’t mind asking you to go feel the world, then, she is not interested in you. Recently, a girl introduced me to her friend.

She said she wants me to date her. Later, I asked of her number, she quickly mentioned it. I tried reaching her friend only to realize the number belongs to her. I was played and I fell for it.

11. Sending Casual Replies

Whenever you try getting romantic, she either ignores you entirely or replies without getting emotional. She will only send you a text when you do. And will take long before attempting to reply.

12. A Good Friend with No Emotions

Lack of emotions

Does she remind you always that you are only friends when you call her names like, darling, sweetheart, dear etc. You are aware she is not interested when she constantly puts you in your lane or saying things like I don’t want to lead you.

13. Talking About Past Relationship

Still in love with ex

Flew as quick as you can if she wouldn’t stop mentioning her past relationship and how she still feels. If she is finding hard time getting over her ex, you have no place to occupy. Better to find your way out now.

14. Canceling Date and Failing to Talk on Phone

Cancelling date

When you first meet people these days without any urgency to speak on phone, they prefer chat. If you are kept in such stage long after meeting a girl, she is not ready for you. When she cancels date, forget her and move on.

How to Know If A Woman Is Not Interested but Just Being Nice

1. She Placed You in Friend Zone

Once a woman placed you in friend zone, it is hard to ever get out of that space. This may not be that she is not interested but most of the times, when she is just being nice, she puts you in friend zone to stop you from advancing.

2. She Does Not Give You Constant Repetitive Look

If she is interested and not just being nice, she keeps giving you repeated eye shots.

This is not about that first-time meeting, rather a continues locking of eyes whenever she speaks with you, or she is communicating with others or busy with something else.

If you don’t experience any of these, she is only being nice.

3. She Treats Others Equally

If what you regard as special is cutting across the entire room, then, you are probably not the fortunate one. She is just a type who is generally nice to everyone who comes her way.

If she is interested, there are certain things that are specially reserved for you.

4. Flirts with Everybody

It doesn’t matter whether her flirts are light or heavy. When you notice her flirting everybody including you, it means you are probably one of those folks in her flirting queue.

Some people generally love to flirt, and it is not a sign you are one out of a million if you happen to run into such a person. Be careful how you translate a first-time flirting.

5. She Does Not Call You in Odd Hours

A woman who does not have the intention to be in relationship with you will likely not speak with you on phone at odd times. For example, she will never call your phone after 7pm.

6. Does Not Answer Your Call During Odd Hours

One way to check if she is just being nice or interested is to call her around 7pm to 10pm. If she already has someone, she may be on call, or she will ignore you.

This does not only apply to odd times. If she is not ready to engage with you on phone, then, she is just being nice.

7. Does Not Spend Time with You

Again, when a woman is not ready to spend time with you either on phone or in person, she is not interested.

For whatever reason, some women find it hard to turn you down right away, instead of breaking it in your face, they rather express it in very subtle ways. And one sure bet is ignoring you.

8. She Is Not Being Intimate

Whenever your try getting intimate, she responds in a casual manner. This may be in two folds. Either she thinks it’s too early or this is a red flag you will not make it pass friend zone. Advice yourself and move on.

9. Hardly Replies Your Text

Except she is not a huge fun of texting, you may want to use the door instantly to save yourself from future embarrassment.

Apart from text, is she willing to engage with you in other forms of communication? If not, then, your crush is just being nice.

10. Only Approaches when in Need

If you are not aware yet, women are not only good at saving money, they keep contact too for as longs as it could take.

The reason is the same for saving money. When they need you, they can reach you. If she only calls or approach you when she is need, she is just not interested.

What If She Says You Are Not My Type

When she says you are not her, she means she does not want to have anything to do with you in relationship wise. So, you should move on.

I am Not Her Type but She Likes Me

Liking the opposite sex doesn’t have to make him or her the one you want to have a relationship with. You may find someone attractive or friendly but the purpose is not to become couples.

So, the fact that she likes you does not guarantee that you will be her type. If you are not who she wants, she’s definitely not who you want.

Don’t force yourself on a woman to have a relationship with you, it may not end well.

I am Not My Types Type

You found a girl you like, she seems your type, but she doesn’t think you are her type. Go on and find someone else who will accept you. You don’t always end up with your type in marriage.

What Does It Mean When She Says I’m Not Her Type

It means she doesn’t want to build a romantic relationship with you. She doesn’t want to lead you on.

It could be your physical appearance, educational status, financial status, and personality traits.

It depends on her definition. And there’s only one way to find out. Go ahead and ask her if you really want to know.

On the other hand, go on with your life. You will find someone who deserves you.

How to Respond to You Are Not My Type

  • Thank you
  • I don’t want to be your type I want to date you
  • I bet you sure not my type too
  • In which way
  • You are neither mine, just trying to see if we can have something going on between us
  • I don’t have to be your type but we can still have a successful relationship
  • What is your type then?
  • Best of luck
  • Walk away without saying a thing

She Said I’m Not Her Type

When she says you are not her type, don’t pressure yourself to become her type. Move on with your life and let her be with her type.

How to Know You Are Not into Her

1. When She’s Not Part of Your Future Plans

When she doesn’t matter in your decision making, whether present or future plans. You do not include her as you plan your life. She does not fit any role in your life.

2. You Don’t Consider Her Before Acting

If she’s the center of your life, you definitely think of her before acting. You will consider what she will think about the things you do to yourself and others. If that does not happen, she’s not on your mind.

3. You Don’t Regard Her Feelings

She’s absolutely not the one when her feelings don’t matter to you. Before you put on phone on silence, do you think of her?

What about the things she says? Do you think of how she feels when you stay at work late? If your thoughts about her are inconsiderable, you are not into her.

4. You Don’t Mind if You Don’t Hear of Her

Do you grow sad if she doesn’t call you the whole day? If not, you are not into her.

Of course, you need space for your work, but when her absence doesn’t trigger any feelings in you, she is not the one.

5. She’s Not the Person You Turn to When Down

When you are bored, do you call someone else? If she’s your one and only, you will turn to her when you are down. If this is not your case; then, you probably not into her.

6. You Do Not Miss Her When You Travel

When you are not feeling like you have to get over with what you have and return home because there’s someone you need to see, there is lack of intimacy in your relationship. You don’t care about her as much as you thought.

How to Know if A Woman is Genuine

There are couple of ways to know if a woman is genuine. Stop giving her money, stop giving her attention, don’t always agree with her, give her space, don’t always grant her request.

Stop inviting her to your house and don’t call her often. Time will tell if she is genuine.


Marriage is spending life together forever. So, no matter what experience she ever had, if she is not willing to establish a relationship with you; don’t go into marriage. It will only leave you with bad experience.

“Be your own company. It’s better to be lonely and at peace than to have someone and still feel lonely and things be chaotic.” Patrice Robertson

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