Sokode Traditional and Religious Leaders Held Prayer to Prevent Road Accidents

Traditional leaders and religious bodies convened a prayer session aimed at preventing road accidents on the newly constructed Sokode dual carriage road on Friday.

Sokode road

Although the people of Sokode welcome the new road, its introduction has not been without challenges. The road has witnessed frequent accidents, prompting religious leaders to seek spiritual intervention.

In a conversation with the Dutor of Sokode Etoe, Torgbe Awii, it was revealed that there have been approximately 300 accidents on the Sokode dual carriage road, resulting in loss of lives.

Interview with Torgbe Awii

In response to this alarming situation, they have decided to organize a prayer aimed at reducing such incidents in the future.

Torgbe Awii believes that the accidents occurring on the road may have spiritual implications, potentially causing a chain reaction of more accidents. He cited an incident where a car flew and toppled two electric poles in Sokode Etoe, which he interprets as a form of spiritual attack.

He emphasized that while not all accidents are spiritual, many are due to reckless driving. Therefore, their prayer initiative is specifically aimed at addressing what they perceive to be the spiritual aspect contributing to the accidents on the Sokode dual carriage road.

He urged the government to install road signs and speed bumps on the Sokode dual carriage road to help reduce accidents. Meanwhile, the Road Safety Commission has assured the community that they will implement measures to prevent road accidents.

Torgbe Awii also expressed concern about the absence of bus stops in Sokode Etoe. He and the elders have repeatedly requested a bus stop at the Sokode Senior High School (Sostech) without success.

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