How to Text a Girl for the First Time

Steps for texting

Remove the mentality of fear of rejection. Do not sub-communicate anything that shows eagerness. Use texting as a way of making a simple connection, asking quick questions, and arranging dates.

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1. Stop Being Scared of Rejection

Your nonverbal signals will betray you, miles away before you approach the girl of your dream. If you are not confident, a girl can tell by how you stand, your body movement, and so on.

In texting, there’s no way to show bravery or timidity through nonverbal cues yet these can be revealed through the coded language behind your text.

Girls are naturally blessed with communication skills; they can read between lines and figure out all hidden pieces of information which you may not even be aware of yourself. So before sending your first text, put your fear under control and go ahead and send your text.

2. Use Text to Make Simple Connection

Before you plan on doing back and forth texting with a girl, the kind of text that takes many hours, you need to have that personal connection with her.

Your first text should be that exact channel that creates the opportunity for that connection. While you wait on meeting again sometime, after it been your first-time handshake or preparation for second date, “Texting is the bridge between when you see her, and when you see her again.” Chase Amante.

So, when you write your first text, let it serve as a bridge between when you see her and you’ll meet again not as in the way you will talk to her in person or on phone if you already establish a personal connection with her.

3. Avoid Messages Without Emotion

Don’t send lame texts like “what’s up?”, “how’s the going?” Research shows that messages like this end up giving the recipient a mental load.

And what happens? Instead of replying, she ignores it all together to avoid the stress of figuring out what to say back.

When you text, make your intention clear in that she hears you out loud and clear and knows what to text back.

4. Arrange to Meet in Person

Before you type your first letter, know that: “A girl’s text message inbox is one of the most efficient “guy screening” tools ever invented.” Moe Abbassi.

Find a link to start a conversation with your first text. Feel free to state your reason for texting. Keep your text friendly and plain. Talk about how you got the number.

You don’t need to come up with witty lines or the perfect meme. What you need is to create a channel that grants you the link to ask her out on a date.

So you don’t screw your first date; here’s a guide to hold her hand first time.

“Hey Sarah, thrilled by the brilliant display of knowledge at the quiz competition this weekend at the community center. You should take on a champion like me as well, but before then, you need a refreshment. Let me know when your schedule’s clear, and let’s set it up.”

While you continue to weigh the option of texting, let me introduce you to another effective optionwhich feels more personal. Here, I talk about a step by step guide to writing a love letter to your crush. If you prefer a video, visit Beginners Dateguide YouTube channel.

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