6 Ways to Start Conversation with a Girl After Getting Number from a Friend

Start conversation

Imagine what the text you are sending would do for you emotionally if you were a girl in stress, loaded with troubles and you received this text from a strange contact. Pretend she’s forgotten about you and you have to start afresh creating amazing interaction with her.

1. Stop Treating Phone Numbers as A Concert Ticket

Taking a girl’s phone number is not a concert ticket, and she neither assumes it is. Buying a college admission form is not admission letter.

“Phone numbers mean nothing. They’re a dime a dozen… nothing more than a chance. They are not a guarantee, a promise, or an assurance of any kind.” Moe Abbassi.

This is the time to work your way around her even if you had great time on first meeting. She probably forgot you, chances are she’s not expecting your text or thinking of meeting you ever.

So when you text, don’t send messages that her close friends and relatives will send because they meet a thousand times a day.

Don’t miss out on the unlimited opportunities texting provides. That’s why I got your back with this ground breaking post, text messages that will make a girl fall in love with you.

2. Put Your Foot in Her Shoe

If you were a girl, how will you feel when your notification bell goes off, then there’s a message from a strange number asking “what’s up,” then there’s another saying “The weather is bright as expected, this weekend happens to be my favorite and it’s my obligation sharing my good mood with a fortunate contact. You happen to be that fortunate one. How’re you?”

Which of these are you likely to reply? Most definitely the later. Since people are going through a lot already, you do not want to put them in anymore difficult situation fighting to reply your text.

The former text seems simple but it puts the receiver in a difficult position, she wonders exactly what the sender means, whether to tell the sender about her problem or ignore the text.

Finally, she drops the phone and eventually ignores your text. Send a message that calms your receiver, a clear message that is easy to reply and something that is worth attending to.

3. Most Girls are not Worried about Contact Location

Another thing that may stop you from reaching her is answering the question of where did you get my number? Honestly, most girls are no more worried about that.

Their contacts are everywhere on the internet. You think they left it there waiting on Elon Musk to call for Mars tour? Absolutely no! It’s there for those with masculine features to dare.

Instead of worrying about what she will say, worry about what to text. And instead of worry about what to text; start texting now.

4. Take the First Step

The truth is, it depends on your relationship with her. The question is does she know you or she’s a crush and you are trying to gamble your way in?

In this case, you need to let her know your relation with the friend giving you the contact or you let your friend inform her earlier on before sending any text.

“Hello Cynthia, this is Brian, a friend of Annabel. The sun’s barely getting a chance here at my end in Los Angeles. How’s your end?


“Hello Cynthia, this is Brian, a friend of Annabel.”

If she knows you, just let her know who you are, where you got the number and say hello.

“It’s been long, where have you been? This is King Soul, remember the rapper with the big voice? Was chatting Fedrick 30 minutes ago and got your number from him. Let’s meet one of these days if you are in town.”

5. If She can’t Stand You then Bye

Stop thinking of giving out details of who’s texting, where contact is coming from, write a good call to action text. If she can’t live up to it, then let her go. Period.

“Had too much pizza last night, my tommy hurts. First time at Ronald’s Pizza. And it’s the best ever, next time I don’t want to go alone. So let me know if you are a pizza freak too that we can hit that joint perhaps tomorrow.”

6. Treat this as a Number You got Online

Quickly run through her Instagram page then hit her up saying: “Hey there, I’ve been following you a lot on Instagram and I kinda like what you up to, I’m really occupied but would check my schedule to make time for a hangout. Hit me up. Jamal Abdul.”

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