8 Topics for Couples to Talk About to Have Happy Home

Things couples talk about at home

Do couples practice healthy communication all the time? What do they talk about in private? What do they discuss with their children?

Happy couples share their strength and weakness. Discuss future plans together, plan parenthood and share past events.

Planning Parenthood can be a Game Changer


Children are blessing. All married couples want to have their own children. It’s a dream come true when this happens. Family members and friends share their joy together.

Before they begin to replenish the earth, couples talk about number of children, gender and season to start childbirth.
Among young couples where they are still in the process of building a career; it becomes important to them to graduate college or university or complete trade before engaging in childbirth.

Others decide to go about it fast and furious, while later have ample time for life time business.
In some advanced homes, they take further step to approach physicians for medical advice concerning family planning.

Sharing Future Plans Together

Sharing Future Plans

Moving to your dream house in five years to come can be your future plan you’d be excited to share with your wife or husband.

The best thing that could happen to an individual is pairing with someone who cherishes introducing them to their dreams. How beautiful is it to live in a home where couples share aspirations, future plans and work towards them as partners?

Couples that share their dreams build a happier home.

Discussing Sex Life

Sex Life

Bedroom talk matters in every intimate relationship. Lack of sex or quality sexual life in marriage can lead to many unforeseen situations.

“Whenever I try discussing my feelings with my husband, he thinks I’m spoilt and turns deaf ears to them. But the man I cheat with is great. He pays attention, we both practice different skills. I hate going back to my husband.” Married woman.

Discussing sex life can reduce the risk of a woman cheating in marriage or the man. Many at times some couples ignore this simple bedroom talk and it escalates to public discussion.

The good news is, many couples today, talk about their sex life. They discuss time, sex positions, family planning, safe and unsafe sex and techniques to improve sex life.

Church, Spirituality and Religion

Church, Spirituality and Religion

My dad is catechist, mom a Sunday school teacher in same church. This should make matters of church, spiritual topics and religion a lot easier in our home.

It gets dicey at times when both belongs to different denomination, or the other isn’t a believer. When couples grow with different ideology or believe about a certain religion or spiritual matters, talking about them becomes difficult.

Earlier the better. The sooner you sit up to discuss this important subject the better. When you open up, your partner listens to your view and adjust themselves.

Tunning in on Health Care

Health Care

Health care is no exception to the popular topics brought to the table at home. Once a while, a member of the family will face ill-health.
How their ailment is treated and how to prevent sickness then becomes a frequent topic of discussing.

Health care topic involves herbal medication, type of hospital or clinic, location, Health Insurance, settling hospital bills and over the counter medication.

When there are children involved, healthcare receives vivid and frequent attention. This is a topic which voluntarily and involuntarily makes way to each home.

It is important each family adds healthcare to their priority list to battle Six Killer Diseases (measles, poliomyelitis, diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), tetanus and tuberculosis), childhood morbidity and mortality and malaria.

Discussing Parenting


People familiar with parenting knows it comes with whole lot of issues. Single parenting can be more tedious and frustrating. Two heads are better than one. When both parents live in the house, they discuss how to raise the children.

Shelter: Parents provide shelter for themselves and their children.

Education: Couples discuss their children’s future. Select their school, talk about tuition fee, books, attend to assignment, pick kids from school.

Clothing: Parents look at the things their children wear to school, church, public gatherings and family meetings.

Healthcare: Again, couples talk about their children’s health.

Friendship: They monitor the kind of friends they choose and advise them on kind of people they accompany.

Career: After school, parents help their children to make right type of career decision. They provide career guidance.

Governance and Politics

Governance and Politics

Democracy gives everyone a taste bat. Couples express their thoughts on how government should manage the country’s affair. They also speak about their political affiliation.

Governance and politics today, brings confusion and division to many areas of life including homes. In homes where couples employed healthy communication, they discuss this topic amicably.

Sharing Past Events

Past Events

Sharing past events with people who trust you at times can be destructive. Sometimes we do things which can bring pain when shared or distrust.

Whenever you engage in speaking a past event, make sure your partner is ready if it contains damaging elements.

Putting that aside, there are many memorable childhood and sweet by and by moments we collect along the line. Sharing these with our intimate partners create fun and bring joy to our homes.

My mom talks about how she used to be great a caterer at middle school. She shares the recipes she prepared at home science class. The entire family listens with joy. And she is still a great cook today.

Talking about Financial Plans


Lack of money can cripple even the happiest home. There’s therefore, the need to talk about how they intend using their money for financial liberation.

While male ego gets in the way of money, it is a good practice for both partners to reason about how they invest their money.
Both rich and unprivileged homes, money is discussed.


Communication is key in everything. Staying silent over matters may only back you in a corner of frustration. It is a healthy practice to speak your views to your partner.

Remember to be polite as well when you discuss these important matters. Saying please alone is not enough. Your tone also matters. Creating a healthy relationship benefit couples. It gives them sound mind, makes their children responsible in the society.

All couples communicate. Make sure you are using communication to build your home not tear it down.

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