How to Make Video with Photos in Wondershare Filmora 9

Finding ways to make a girl happy? This is a mega approach nobody is sharing on the internet. With Wondershare filmora 9 video editor, you can turn a few photos into a memorable video for your girlfriend which she will love you for.

The very basic foundation in video editing using Filmora that your girl will never forget. Find cute photos of a girl you admire, load them on Filmora video track, add a romantic sound, add romantic text, apply sexy transitions, add eye catching background and then export to your favorite video format and send over to her. Now let’s talk about how to get this video done with Filmora using beginners’ approach.

Improving Romantic Life with Video Editing [Wondershare Filmora 9]

In this beginners’ video editing guide, you will learn how to create a video with Filmora video editor to make a girl happy using photos, music, text effect and transitions.

Head Up

Program: Wondershare Filmora 9

Estimated Completion Time: 15 Minutes

Who can learn this: Beginners – this tutorial is very basic and made easy so that anyone who can use computer software will get along.

Note: This is not to turn you into a pro video editor but provide basic foundation in video editing to influence your relationship. To further the knowledge, you should take video editing course.

Step 1: Required Tools and System Requirements
Filmora 9, Windows PC or Mac.

Editing with Filmora

Launch Application

  • Double-click on Filmora’s desktop icon or click the Windows logo and type Filmora into the search box to launch the application.
Double click on icon
  • A welcome screen will be displayed where you create New Project or open Recent Project. As this is your first time, the Project Library will be empty.
Welcome screen
  • Select Project Aspect Ratio
  • Below the logo, you can drop down the caret and choose your preferred aspect radio. By default, it is set to 16.9 (Widescreen). Let’s maintain default aspect radio.
Aspect ratio
  • If you decide to change this, you may suspend this until the program loads. Click on File, Project Settings to have access to the panel.

Create a New Project

In Filmora’s welcome screen, click New Project to load the video editor. Loading the editor may take a while.

Importing Pictures

Import pictures
  • Select My Album.
  • Click Import button in the upper left corner of the editor to drop down import menu. You may use the ‘Import Media Files Here’s.
  • You can select Import Media Files from the import menu to select photos and the song to add to the project but in this case, I have created a folder which contains the photos so I we will be using the second option “Import a Media Folder.”
  • Select folder location from the window and click OK to load images.
Loading image

Organizing Your Materials

Organizing your files may not seem necessary since this is only a small project. But if you are running a commercial video editing, there is a need to organize your files for easy access. So, let’s do just that.

Renaming Folder

Renaming folder

To rename an existing folder:

  • Right click the folder.
  • Select Rename from the options.
  • Type new name and press the return key (Enter key) on the keyboard.

Creating Folder

Click folder icon
  • At the right bottom, click on the folder icon to create a folder.
  • Give a descriptive name to the folder

Deleting Folder

When I right clicked to rename My Album folder, you will notice my Delete option was not active. This is because I do not have permission to delete a default folder. The folder was created by Filmora.

To delete your own folders:

  • Right click on the folder
  • Select Delete Folder

Alternative to Deleting Folder

  • Select the folder.
  • Click the folder icon with the X at its bottom tip.

Saving Project

Saving new project
  • Click on File
  • Select Save Project As from the File menu
  • Name the project
  • Click Save

Adding Files to Video and Audio Track

Loading track
  • Open the folder containing the photos
  • Select all the photos
  • Drag them to the video track
  • Open sound folder as well and drag the song to the audio track

Creating a Background for the Video

Sample color
  • On the Media menu, select sample colors folder
  • Drag your preferred color to the video track or import your favorite photo

Adding Text

Adding text
  • Add tittle text to the video by clicking the Title menu and dragging your preferred title style to the video track to make the video interactive by sharing your thoughts as images slide one after the other.

Adding Transition

Filmora transition

Its time to make your images slide in beauty to make the video a lot more interesting. This effect makes photos start or end in a smooth manner.

  • Click at the beginning or the end of a picture you want to apply the transition.
  • Double click or drag the transition you want to use

Export Video to Share with Your Girlfriend

Exporting video

To be able to play the video in media players, or share with your sweetheart, you need to export it. To export the project, follow the instructions.

  • Click on Export button to open export dialog box.
  • Pick file format under Local. Default is MP4. We are going to maintain it.
  • Click in Name column to edit it.
  • For additional settings like resolution and frame rate, click Settings to open the dialog box. After selecting your options, click ok to apply settings.  We will leave all settings as they are and proceed.
  • Click Export to convert video.

Filmora is well equipped to help export videos in almost all video formats. You can select the device tab to pick the type of device you intend sending the video to.

For instance, you can pick Samsung Galaxy if that’s what your girlfriend uses. You can also upload video directly to Youtube, Vimeo or Burn to CD directly.


That’s it. You just learned how to use Wondershare Filmora to step by step create a video for your girlfriend to impress her. If video editing is not your thing, you can try working with graphic design.

I have a beginner’s guide on CorelDraw, teaching you everything you need to know to use graphic design to impress a girl. In this tutorial you will design a shinny heart for your girlfriend.

Here’s another CorelDraw lesson you may be interested in trying out to woo a girl. Get one of her best pictures. Follow the lesson to remove the background of the photo.

Pick a different background she will like i.e. a place she wants to visit or any nice environment. After cropping the image, replace the original background with the new one.

If you like the idea, here’s the link: how to make a woman happy with graphic design. I call it The Magic of Graphic Design.

Since this is not a professional video editing lesson, I will not be going into specs. To get all the specs required for pro video editing with Filmora; check what Wondershare requiresWondershare requires.