8 Ways to Attract A Man Emotionally

8 Ways to Attract A Man Emotionally

Have you met a young handsome man you are enthused with but don’t know how to draw him closer? In this post, you will learn how to succeed your mild plan.

Initiate the connection. Follow up on him, and engage him in a conversation.You should be sure your first communication makes a great impact. Be open with your intention. 

Exchange Contact

Make sure you take his contact. Show signs to make him aware you interested in communicating with him. If its hard to impress him at first sight, or you don’t want to give away too much information, tell him you want to discuss something.

Send Him Your Photo on Social Media

Send him your picture on WhatsApp and add a note reminding him of where you met.

Call Him at His Leisure Hour

Find out about his free time and call him.

Raise Emotional Topics

Raise his romantic antenna. Ask if he took his shower. Say things like, you imagine how great he’s smelling.
Joke with things like “then the girls must be in trouble tonight or your wife”. If he has someone in his life, he will let you know.

Seek His Advice on A Project You Want to Do

Once the conversation started, you should think of how to maintain it and keep it going. More importantly, make it interesting.

It shouldn’t be a one-sided communication. Find a way to get him involved.

This is where you ask for his opinion or advice on a project you want to embark on this month, next year or the near future.

For instance, you have two businesses on mind, ask him which of them he finds more lucrative or easier to commence.

The appropriate approach you should take to establish the business.

It mustn’t be a business, it could be a job advice, educational advice about best college to apply for or program to profess in the university.

Discuss Future Plans with Him

How would you want him to fit in your tomorrow?

Speak to him about things you’d like to do and what you want to become.

Ask Him Over to Your Place to Talk About the Project

Tell him to come over to your place that you have more talk over the project you mentioned.

Or arrange a meeting at a public location.

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