11 Ways to Choose the Right Life Partner

11 Ways to Choose the Right Life Partner

Looking for ways to choose the right life partner or real-life proven steps to woo a woman and win her love? It is obvious the word marriage is becoming frightening. Marriages build for over 7 years, 25 years or 27 years appear in front of newspapers or internet with sad news “divorce”.

Divorce rate makes you think through the decision to get married. Are you going through life setting the right time to do the right thing? What if what you’ve been waiting on is the right information to choose the right life partner?

Here are 11 Ways to Choose the Right Life Partner

Avoid Irrational Decisions

Many people spent years dating a person they’re hopeful will change and become what they envisage one day. They live in abusive relationship thinking one more sacrifice will make their husband or wife to realize how important they are.

At the end, they are more miserable than how bright they thought things will become.

There are others that date guys or girls who can’t just stay with one person and keep hoping when they marry; things will change.

People don’t easily change even if they want to. Giving up addiction isn’t like drinking a cup of coffee.

No amount of sex can cure fornication or adultery. Marriage is not a solution to cheating.

You can have 10 husbands or wives and sneak out to see another person.

There’s no amount of gift that can change a sex addict. So, don’t think if you can buy her more gifts then you will keep her forever.

Do I mean people cannot change? Far from that. The truth is, when it comes to marriage, keep your soul winning spirit aside and face life as it is before you.

What you see is what you get.

Change is a process, it may eventually happen, by then, you are too seek and tired to stay around.

Be Realistic and Choose What Is Real

Stop playing movie scenes repeatedly in your mind. Choose a partner who is available in reality, who will care for you and love you. Those silly images on the TV screen don’t last past 3 months in marriage.

They just look cute and sexy. Plus, rich. Be realistic about what you want but choose what is real.

Choose Who is Understanding

There’s no pitch perfect in marriage. But don’t go for people who refuse to reason with you.

If the person is not thoughtful, they will not consider what you value. They make the world evolve around them, that is no relationship to sign up for.

Avoid Nagging Adults

If there’s anything that will make life difficult for you in a relationship, especially after marriage, is having a nagging wife or husband. Excessive complainers always find fault with everything you do and they hardly provide solution.

Willingness to Share

Choose the man or woman who is ready to share themselves and what they have with you. Make friends with people who share their ideas and are willing to listen to yours as well. They share your joy and pain together.

A long-term partner should be able to show genuine support for your life plans and encourage you to achieve your ambitions and goals.

Are you on the same page?

Is he or she thinking like you? What kind of future is she planning on building for herself and children? You both must be a type willing to create a better future for your family.

Freedom to Communicate

No one should trample on the other’s right to speak their mind. You both need to maintain that individual side of you where you can boldly contribute your mind and it will be heard without fear of abuse.


People who disrespect your family members and friends are not actually going to make life easy for you after marriage. If your family is not good enough, then you are certainly not good for them.

Don’t Rush Things

Avoid getting married too early without or little information about who you are binding with. Be sincere this is who you want to spend the rest of your life on earth with.

What is His/her Focus?

Is this a long-term friendship or some sort of sexual intervention? Is he or she marring you to get at someone?

Does she talk to you often when her numerous boyfriends disappear for the time being and go into hiding once they return to the scene?

This is obvious she is only using you to satisfy her emotional needs. You are not actually her focus.

Don’t Pick Sexaholic

Don’t go for someone who loves sex while you barely give attention to bedroom matters. Some people love to touch and be touched. If you are not a romantic person, avoid such relationship.

Final Thought

Seek help from a marriage counselor, friends and family when choosing life partner. Investigate the background of the person; following your instinct.

Don’t be pressured into marriage for any reason. Feel free to exit even at the time of counseling.

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