6 Ways to Tell A Woman You Love Her Without Saying I Love You

6 Ways to Tell A Woman You Love Her Without Saying I Love You

Don’t you think she really wants to know how you feel about her? The word I love you is always in the ear of every girl. If only you can tell her how much she means to you than just saying I love you.

Number one: good morning text message. Number two: don’t travel or leave the house without her knowledge. Number three: give her attention. Number four: express your feelings verbally. Number five: tell a woman you miss her. Number six: have you tried telling her how beautiful she is?

How to Show a Woman You Love Her Without Telling Her

Your woman wants to be a part of your life, she wants to know how much and often you think of her. A woman’s desire is to be in your conscious and subliminal mind. If you can do that or show it, her heart will always beat for you. Do these simple things to woo her.

Good Morning Text Message

If she’s not with you, you shouldn’t forget to say hello every morning through text message. It will mean so much to her. She knows you are serious about her and take her serious.

If you share same bed, when you wake up, greet her. Before my mom leaves the house, she calls everyone to say hello.

This does not only create an impression that she values us, but it also tells us how she would love to treated.

Don’t Travel or Leave the House Without Her Knowledge

My mother does not only greet you, she informs you of where she is going.

Again, you should be aware she would not be happy with the situation where you leave the house or travel without her knowledge.

Inform her before you leave the house. This, is a demonstration of your love.

Give Her Attention

Women love a man’s attention. Giving her attention will make her know how you feel about her and how you prioritize her.

A woman wants to hold a special position in a man’s life, not to be treated as afterthought. A woman doesn’t want you to complete all the things you find important to you before getting to her.

During this Mother’s Day, I wished a friend happy Mother’s Day around 8pm.

She called and was nagging all over the phone. Although she was happy to receive the message, she felt she waited too long to receive it.

It felt like she was my afterthought.

Your woman wants you to need her like the air you breathe.

Tell her things regarding you, don’t let her hear it from another person.

Express Your Feelings Verbally

Tell her how her presence in your life means a lot to you. Make her know she is important you.

Tell her about how she brought joy into your life. Addictions you gave away because of her. And how she healed your heart.

Tell a Woman You Miss Her

Forget how she reacts when you say so.

She does appreciate it whenever you make such statement. She may not show it but she is really happy about it.

Love is reciprocal, so therefore, you may wait on her reply. A reply she may not give. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t appreciate it.

Especially in early relationships, women don’t feel safe exchanging such words. Give her time.

Don’t let that prevent you from telling her how much you miss her.

Have You Tried Telling Her How Beautiful She Is?

Say it from your heart. Tell her she is your beauty queen. If she is physically attractive to you, you will definitely tell her a thousand times. Don’t be reluctant.

How do I Make a Girl Fall in Love with me Through Chatting and Calling?

The goal of relationship is not to stay on the phone all day and night. As lovely and risk free as it may be, if you want to establish a real-life relationship; you should surely meet up with your online or phone crush.

Speaking on phone is different. Exchanging SMS is different. Although it comes with so much fun, if you choose to grow a solid love affair, try as much as you could to meet in person.

Nevertheless, you can build interest on both sides through the phone by saying the right thing and doing the right thing.

If you want to prepare your crush’s mind and emotions before meeting in person one day, do the following:

Be Plain with Your Intension

After you have a successful introduction and everything seem fine, you should come clean with your intention. If you just want to be friends with her, then, go ahead and tell her. But if you want more than that, you should let her know your motive from the beginning.

Don’t Invest Your Time and Money in The Wrong Stuff

Be sure you are both on the same page. In case you want a relationship, make sure you have a solid idea of what she is looking for as well.

It may be difficult for her to accept your proposal based on images via the internet and electronic words. But if she happens to care about you and show some level of interest, then, it is likely you are both good to go.

Be Smart

This is purely an imaginative studio you have established home. For her to have a clear vision of who you are, you should be smart enough to build that through your text and calls.

Be Caring

Even on the phone, you can be caring. Provide her emotional needs. Console her when she is depressed.

Find Out Her Favorite Topics

Since this is entirely distance attempt to woo a woman and win her love, you will have to give the conversation high priority. To do this, find out the subjects she enjoys most and engage her on these topics.

By doing so, you allow her to participate in the conversation than making it a one-sided conversation.

Make Her Feel Important

How will that be possible on the phone? Of course, it is.

Give Her Enough Time to Express Herself

Listen to her personal story and don’t be judgmental.

  • Ask about her day
  • Ask about her wellbeing
  • Ask of her family
  • Answer her call and reply her messages
  • Give her attention

Be Considerate

I am not asking you to pretend on the phone, but you should be thoughtful. When she says something, you disagree with, tell her in a polite manner.

Even though you are both apart, before you engage in an activity which will occupy you and prevent you from chatting or talking over the phone, let her know.

Don’t take things for granted because she is not around to see what you do or know places you visit. And don’t be careless with your actions.

Acknowledge Her

Tell her how you value the time she dedicates to you, how caring she is and loving.

Be Yourself

Don’t hide behind the phone and sell things you don’t have to her. If you are jobless, tell her you are still looking for a job. If you don’t leave in your own apartment, don’t tell her you have a house.

Be everything you will be when she meets you. If you put up a different live on the phone, she will be disappointed in you when you meet. Do not photoshop your images to cover your blackspots.

Should she admire you for who you are on the phone, she may love you more when you meet in person.

Introduce New Topics

For your chat not to turn obsolete, and boring, introduce interesting ideas and subjects to make her pay attention to you and want to always listen to you. Let your conversation make her happy that she will want to come back for more.

Learn Her Habits

In order to keep this phone friendship captivating all the time, get to know your friend’s habits. Things that interest her, things she loves to communicate with her friends, etc.

Make Her Laugh

If you can make her laugh, she will definitely give heed to your call and text messages. She will always want to be on the phone with you after hectic work hours.


  • Indeed, telling a woman you love her can be thunder striking.
  • What if you can express this phrase practically or find alternatives to tell her? It may lift a lot of burden off your shoulders.
  • This is a reason you will want to express your feelings towards her by other valuable means.
  • Besides, women think the phrase is a catch and throw ball among men today.
  • Before it gets the recognition, it deserves, it should be coming from someone they trust and believe means what they are saying.
  • And to get there, only time will tell. Your endurance, how she gets to know you and how you know her.
  • Getting to know each other will take some time.
  • It wouldn’t come effortless, you should be inquisitive, ask her personal and romantic questions to understand her view on these subjects.
  • Know more about her attitude, personality trait and be sure she is the right life partner for you.
  • Take note: don’t underestimate the power of conversing on the phone. When you do this for long, you can be fond of each other. And one of you may get hurt when the other person decides going for someone else.
  • If this is just for fun, make sure you are both aware.
  • If you ever insist on getting more than just friendship out of it, then, you should definitely take things off the phone sooner and meet her.
  • Arrange a date, see your dream girl face to face, listen to her real voice and touch her real skin.