5 Most Important Things in A Relationship?

What are the 5 Most Important Things in A Relationship?

When talking about important things in a relationship, we are looking at the healthy characteristics that constitute to building a healthy relationship.

A healthy relationship shouldn’t be a secondary matter, rather forecast of a relationship. Healthy relationship practices foster healthy lifestyle for individuals in the relationship and other family members. We will talk more on benefits of healthy relationship.


Things get complicated as we grow together. If you fail to understand your partner from the onset of your relationship, it may be a dark side of what you building.

There’s a need to be well informed about who you are bonding with. You can’t get it all, but have an in-depth idea of the person’s believe system and values.


Failure to communicate in relationship can be destructive. Finding ways to talk about each other’s feelings and how you want things get done. Having good communication doesn’t mean having a perfect communication, but it helps both sides know what their partner wants.


At the center of any long-lasting relationship, there’s trust. Once the trust disappears even the most magical enthusiastic relationship damages. It’s hard to regain trust for people once it’s tampered with.

Reasoning Together to Solve Problems

Problems are bound to come, how we handle them determine our maturity. To have a healthy relationship, we must accept problems, not play blame game but identify solid solutions.

Implement solutions not to take credit but for the good of the relationship.



Once you wow to be together, you must understand the need to share each other’s burden. Helping put the kids to sleep is a form of support. Cleaning the dishes is support.

Encouraging each other and sticking out for your partner when others disrespect them.

5 Benefits of Having a Healthy Relationship

Fostering Individual Happiness

A good or healthy relationship encourages happiness among individuals in the relationship, family members and friends.
Relatives don’t have to be settling disputes between you. The time and resources spent resolving issues may be channel to something else.

Responsible Children

A healthy relationship encourages children to be responsible as both parents are united.

Increase in Productivity

Healthy relationship encourages or promotes productivity. When both parties come together, they produce effective results to help their family and community at large.

Less Stress

Healthy relationship reduces psychological, social and emotional stress.

Longer Life

Longer Life

Married people live longer than single and the gap is growing, U.S. Government Health Statistician Report.

If this is true then, you may want to have a healthy relationship to benefit from marriage.

How to Have Good Communication

Be a Good Listener

Learn to listen to each other. Give your partner time enough to express his or her feelings.


Though you can have casual conversation now and then, you should allocate time to speak on matters concerning your relationship. Make your future plans plain, discuss your kid’s healthcare together.


Do not castigate words from your partner. Take into account what your partner says. It doesn’t stop you from providing a second thought to the opinion.

Let it Simmer

Let it Simmer

If you are not pleased with an attitude of your partner, before you open your mouth on it, let it simmer. Give it time to boil and settle. By so doing, you gain a positive approach to dealing with the matter.

Your instant response may endanger your 3 year or 25-year sacrifice.

Don’t Play Innocent

No need playing smart about issues. Trying to find someone to blame. Look at the way forward to build a better relationship.

We Are Family

We Are Family

We fight every day to secure our future
Wake at dawn to plan the day
We go to school to gain knowledge to manage our lives

We get hurt trying
But we never give up on our dreams
We grow stronger by the day

No matter how many times we fall, we get back up again
It does not matter the adversities of life
In all, we stand strong to face our fears

This seasoned resistance, and rebelliousness, gains its root from one thing
Sooner or later, we will discover our desperate attempts to win is all for our parents, siblings, husband, wife, children and friends

Our desire is to make our family proud
Bless them with who we are

Today, we are here smiling broadly, affirming our unity and love
Nothing will ever take us down
Because we are one and we are family


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