Top Reasons for a Woman to Cheat in Marriage

What Makes a Woman Cheat in Marriage?

In every marriage where there is infidelity, men are accused. It is almost rational for men to be polygamous while considered impossible for women to have multiple affair.

What’s the difference when women go outside marriage for affair and men chasing after other women? They are also humans, right?

And they have feelings too. So, what’s the big deal here? Why criminalize her and turn to over look men dishonesty.

Factors that Justify Male Infidelity in Marriage

Before we finally address our main issue, let’s look at how society has a long-established value chain about relationship.

A Man is the Head

Because males are esteem higher, which is a generational foundation, men are believed to make the call but not women. If a man feels there’s a need for second wife, or have sexual attraction towards another female, he can approach her.

Women Don’t Ask a Man Out

As a woman, it is considered inappropriate to ask a man out.

Though there’s a shift around this, it is still not easy for a woman to ask a man out. This somehow justifies a man pursue for other women since the males must make a move. So, therefore, proposing to a female is legit whether the man has a partner or not.

Men are Padded on the Shoulder

A woman cannot mention more than one involvement with a man without being slapped at the face by relatives and friends. Society condemns the act and frown upon it. While men are applauded for finding more women and considered weak if they cannot win over girls.

A Man does not Move into the Wife’s Home

After marriage, both are expected to cliff to each other. On the side of the woman; she has to pack her belongings to the husband’s house. Obviously, you cannot bring another man into your husband’s home.

If a woman considers going for another man, she is supposed to divorce and completely move to the man’s house. Since this is the man’s home, society does not see anything or much wrong with bringing in another female.

These and many, have are factors which promote promiscuity among men as a whole.

Take note, husbands cheating in marriage isn’t an acceptable behavior. It can lead to unstable and broken home.

5 Reasons a Woman Cheat why a Woman Cheat in Marriage or Relationship

Data has shown us time and again that men go for sex with whoever is ready. For men, sex is about pleasure. But some women kinda view same scenario in different way.

They think there should be some sort of attachment. They keep looking for connection and chemistry.

Lack of Chemistry

When a woman’s emotion connection level drops, they begin looking for it in another male. If a woman is not intimately connected to her husband, she is not motivated to play nice in the bedroom anymore.

This therefore takes her on the quest of looking for the so-called bond in some other man. When she does find it elsewhere, her heart remains there.

Tit for tat

Some women admitted seeking additional relationship when they discovered their husband cheated. The quest for revenge lands some wives in having affair with other men outside marriage. The question of whether they get satisfied or not is another thing on its own.

Statistics shows many women who rush into another hidden affair for revenge always regret and find it difficult to forgive themselves.


When a woman turns to work at certain position which exposes her to people with higher financial status, they give in because the men lure them with gifts.


Women with issue of neglect at home are likely to turn themselves in. Because of work, some men abandon their wife, while others chase after different girls and leave their partner lonely.

A woman forsaken is a woman who can seek outside affair.

Sexual Problems

Home is on fire when a man fails to kickstart the home with love affair. Intimacy means much to women. And when the house lacks that, they go wild looking for another electric source.

Women may be shy and not allowed to approach a man for relationship, for what they actually seek inside is someone who wants them dearly, a man who will love and desire them.

Women with wild taste of sensual desire run off seeking other potential males who can make them feel satisfied in bed.


Though a woman may want sex badly, but in the right way. Whenever they feel the man is pushy and demanding, they go out looking for an alternative.

Also when the man screams on them, disrespects the woman or physically abuse her, she turns to find solution outside the marriage.

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