7 Ways to Text a Girl Whose Number You Got From Someone Else

Texting a girl first time

Severally, you take a girl’s number in person, making it easier to text her. But on few occasions, you may have to ask a friend. While the later seems intimidating and needy; there’s nothing wrong with it. Here’s a step by step guide that’ll help you text her in a minute.

Text a casual message to avoid sending bad signal. Don’t be emotional. Introduce yourself in a short sentence. Don’t sound like stalker, and text her about who you got her number from.

1. Text a Casual Message to Avoid Sending Bad Signal

Make sure the message doesn't send a bad signal

For fear that your message could be ignored, replied harshly, or any unforeseen factor that could lead to disappointment, you become agitated. This could lead to sending a message that leaves a bad signal.

Before proceeding, if it’s difficult for you approaching girls, I have a post just for you which removes all mysteries surrounding approaching a girl for the first time and getting her number. It’s about time you become a man.

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  • Instead of going all out, be mindful to send only causal text i.e. your name and greeting
  • When you chat over social media, you may add your photo to the text
  • You may ask about her family and work if you are friends
  • Feel free to mention the work you do and where you live
  • If you are not sure she remembers you, go on to mention things that will remind her
  • When she didn’t reply text for 24 hours, text again checking on her or call
  • When she does not answer or call back after 3 times reaching her, move on
  • To make things easier, ask questions on something she’s good at to start a conversation (Hello, it’s Richard from Liverpool. I need help with a recipe)


  • Do not text sensitive message
  • Do not send long message
  • Desist from talking about her look
  • Stay away from any sexually motivated word
  • If you call, don’t speak for long, stay with basic information
  • If she’s an old friend, the conversation may take minutes, don’t wait till she excuse you
  • Don’t talk about how much you earn and don’t share too many personal details
  • Do not text or call at odd time especially if you are not sure of her relationship status
  • Do not ask of her marital status or speak about yours unless the conversation happens to go that lane and this was raised by her
  • Don’t keep sending many texts if she fails to reply

How to Avoid Messages That Send Bad Signal

Pause for a moment

If you feel tense:

  1. Do not send text
  2. Write a few texts in a book or on paper
  3. Read them out loud to your hearing to listen to how they sound
  4. Think of her as a sister or a friend with no emotional attachment

This should give you confidence and prepare you to send a message that will produce positive result.

2. Introduce Yourself

Tell her who you are

Include your name in the text. Signing the text with your name or adding it at the beginning of the text is very important because it helps her identify the sender.

Don’t send anonymous text. You’ll look like a stalker and a coward.

  • It’s Joe from Mexico
  • [Text] …. Jefferson

3. Don’t Sound Like a Stalker

Don't sound like a stalker

If you think going all out with your feeling is going to win the lottery, think again.

Sharing too many details only makes you look like a jerk. You heard me right.

Your message needs to get her feelings but talking about your emotions won’t carry the right message.

It only makes you sound like a stalker.

  • When you text her, avoid talking about how long it took you to get her number
  • Don’t mention how you admire her
  • Don’t confess your undying love
  • Make compliment on personality not look

4. Don’t Try to be a Gentle Man

You’ll be amazed how your gentleman and nice text will turn her off quicker than asking for loan.

  • Do not use please in your text
  • Do not sound childish
  • Avoid statements that implies you are not in control of things
  • Be decisive
  • Send straight forward text
  • Don’t text her what she wants to hear but tired of hearing e.g., I love you.

5. Ask Your Friend to Inform Her Earlier

To make things easier, before you text, ask your friend to inform her especially if you never had any formal interaction.

6. Find Out About Her Relationship Status

Knowing her relationship status can give you a sense of relief.

So, ask your friend about her relationship status or head over to Facebook to read her profile.

7. State Source of Information

This is what has been keeping you confused 🤔 with your text box for weeks or even months after getting her number from a friend.

Wondering what you should say if she asks where you got the number.

In my personal experience, most girls don’t care.

So this should be your less worry.

But if you want to or she demands, be honest with her.

If your friend prefers to remain anonymous, use Facebook or any other social media as excuse.

This should give you confidence and prepare you to send a message that will produce positive result. If you still have challenge at this point texting; I recommend reading how to get a girl to like you over text.This will give you absolute control over your first text and subsequent ones.

What to Text a Girl After Getting Her Number

Texting a girl for the first time can be intimidating, but not when you are equiped with the right information.

Examples of Correct/Incorrect First Text

Correct first text to send a girl after getting her numberWrong first text to send a girl after getting her number
Hello! This is Adam. Your course mate at Border College. Just got your number from one of our mates.Hello! This is Adam. Your course mate at Border College. Ever since we left college, you have been on my mind and I wish we meet any time soon.
Hi, its Michael. We talked over the phone few days ago. Dziedzorm’s brother in-law.Hi, it’s Michael. We talked over the phone a few days ago. Your voice keeps ringing in my memory. I watch your photograph each day. Dziedzorm’s brother-in-law.
Hey, its Henry. Thanks for coming to the birthday party. Got your number from your friend Tina to say hello!Hey, it’s Henry. Thanks for coming to the birthday party. Got your number from your friend Tina to say hello! I was thinking if we could get to know each other and get closer.
Hello, I’m Jason from the bar. Have a nice day!This is Jason, forgot to take your contact. Had to ask around. Stay in touch.
Good evening, was the one that fixed the lamp for you. Hope its still working. Ferguson.If you fail to save this number, you will be missing out a lot. The most handsome guy in LA. Text back soon!

When to Text a Girl After Getting Her Number

Stop procrastinating

Text her within 24 hours after picking the number. Depending on the effectiveness of your first impression, 3 – 4 hours is appropriate. If you created a strong connection on first day, waiting anywhere between a day to two won’t break the link.

Texting a girl is not a Billing Basal body temperature method for family planning.

Are you marking days of the week on your calendar; looking at the day you picked the number and when the appropriate time would be to reach her?

It’s normal to feel so. But it’s now time for action.

Send your introductory message the first day after getting her number. When the first day seems inconvenient, send it on the second or third day.

While there’s no one fit for this, you do not want to waste much time texting her. Remember your first message is only an attempt to make her get your number and be aware you are interested in following up on the last meeting.


How to Text a Girl Who Doesn’t Know You Have Her Number

How to start texting
  • Elsie, how is your day going? Just picked your number from Facebook. Reagan.
  • Good morning sunshine, this is Stephen, it’s been a while.
  • This is your coursemate Fedrick, just found your number in my diary, checking if it’s still available.
  • Hey was asking of you from Fortune Maxwell today, I took your contact to say hello. How are you doing? Kingsley.
  • Hello there! Before I had the chance to take your number, you were already gone, had to ask your friend. Anthony, the guy’s birthday party you attended. Thanks for coming, hope you enjoyed it.

How to Text A Girl If She Doesn’t Have Your Number

Steps for texting

Remove the mentality of fear of rejection. Do not sub-communicate anything that shows eagerness. Use texting as a way of making a simple connection, asking quick questions, and arranging dates.

1. Stop Being Scared of Rejection

Your nonverbal signals will betray you, miles away before you approach the girl of your dream. If you are not confident, a girl can tell by how you stand, your body movement, and so on.

In texting, there’s no way to show bravery or timidity through nonverbal cues yet these can be revealed through the coded language behind your text.

Girls are naturally blessed with communication skills; they can read between lines and figure out all hidden pieces of information which you may not even be aware of yourself. So before sending your first text, put your fear under control and go ahead and send your text.

2. Use Text to Make Simple Connection

Before you plan on doing back and forth texting with a girl, the kind of text that takes many hours, you need to have that personal connection with her.

Your first text should be that exact channel that creates the opportunity for that connection. While you wait on meeting again sometime, after it been your first-time handshake or preparation for second date, “Texting is the bridge between when you see her, and when you see her again.” Chase Amante.

So, when you write your first text, let it serve as a bridge between when you see her and you’ll meet again not as in the way you will talk to her in person or on phone if you already establish a personal connection with her.

3. Avoid Messages Without Emotion

Don’t send lame texts like “what’s up?”, “how’s the going?” Research shows that messages like this end up giving the recipient a mental load.

And what happens? Instead of replying, she ignores it all together to avoid the stress of figuring out what to say back.

When you text, make your intention clear in that she hears you out loud and clear and knows what to text back.

4. Arrange to Meet in Person

Before you type your first letter, know that: “A girl’s text message inbox is one of the most efficient “guy screening” tools ever invented.” Moe Abbassi.

Find a link to start a conversation with your first text. Feel free to state your reason for texting. Keep your text friendly and plain. Talk about how you got the number.

You don’t need to come up with witty lines or the perfect meme. What you need is to create a channel that grants you the link to ask her out on a date.

So you don’t screw your first date; here’s a guide to hold her hand first time.

“Hey Sarah, thrilled by the brilliant display of knowledge at the quiz competition this weekend at the community center. You should take on a champion like me as well, but before then, you need a refreshment. Let me know when your schedule’s clear, and let’s set it up.”

While you continue to weigh the option of texting, let me introduce you to another effective optionwhich feels more personal. Here, I talk about a step by step guide to writing a love letter to your crush. If you prefer a video, visit Beginners Dateguide YouTube channel.

How Soon Should You Text a Girl After Getting Her Number?

When to text

Text her the very day you got her number. Wait for a few hours after getting the number to avoid looking desperate and also save yourself from sending a bad signal. Wait 24 hours after sending the first text before following up if she hasn’t replied.

How to Start a Conversation with a Girl You Just Got Her Number from a Friend

Start conversation

Read how to start a conversation with a girl when you get her number from a friend.

  • Use her online status e.g., WhatsApp dp, Facebook post, Instagram picture to start a conversation.
  • Reference a previous experience you had with her to reconnect with her.
  • Start the chat by talking about the friend who gave you the number. ‘This morning I run into Elsie, your college friend at the mall. I took your number to see how you are winning at your area.’ Mathew.
  • Share her special moment with her e.g., you are enjoying your birthday all by yourself without me. For not inviting me, you owe me a chat – lol, Stephen
  • Avoid texting hi to start the conversation or any word which does not trigger her emotions.
  • Keep your text brief and concise to avoid error.

What to Text a Girl When You Get Her Number

Strike conversation with first textAsk her out with first text
Nice meeting you. Patrick.What a get together weekend. Too crowdy this weekend for me. Next one I want an escape from bunch of friends. A place for one-on-one conversation. If you have some friends to hide from, we can use my refuge. Let me know early so I make time for it.
Happy thanks giving day! Glad you made it. Henry.There’s something about your Instagram images that tells me you work relentlessly to achieve the best shot. I have a photo studio and we work like hell to provide only the best. This is a place you should be for another killer shot. Nothing but professional output awaits you. Its your call. Halla me if you in.
Hey damsel, its Quincy from AT&T. Are you home yet?
Beatrice, it’s been thousand years. Where have you been? Got your number from Isaac. Festus.
Hey ya! Found you on Facebook. Armstrong.

First Text to a Girl After You Get Her Number

  • Hello Cynthia, this is Alfred. Talk to you soon.
  • It was fun last night. Cephas.
  • Am guessing you’re preparing for the birthday party this night. I’ll invite myself – Lol – Happy Birthdayfrom a new friend, Michael Truth. Saw the wishes on your sister’s status and I want to say hello and get to know you more. Save me a champagne Mavis…

How to Text Someone Who Doesn’t Know You Have Their Number

Mention the source of the number, tell the person your name that they are aware of who they’re replying to, and say greetings. Mention where you know the person or where you met.

If you met at a gathering, or a party, school, he/she is a family let them know. Introduce yourself for easy identity.



Alternatively, ask the person who has the number to inform her, if she gives the go-ahead, then you can take the number and it will be much easier to reach her.

Whenever you send text message for the first time, stay away from using romantic words. Do not write lengthy text, as she will feel bored. You are likely to make mistakes when you write more text.

Remember to keep text short and simple, text where you met, mention your name, and do not sound needy. In short, do not leave a bad signal.

As texting may play proportional role in relationship; newly established ones equally need physical interactions. So therefore, don’t hide behind text messages to build a relationship. Talk on phone and also arrange date.

Only speaking over text do not build intimacy. You should spend time together outside technology, get to know each other. This way, you are creating room for deeper emotional attachment.

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