What Turns Women Off

things that turns women off easily

Could it be that your action or inaction turns women off than what you come to believe that girls don’t admire you? Often times, I hear friends say to me, girls like you but despise me. Let’s look at 11 things that may be blocking your romantic life.

Are you busy building invisible barrier between you and girls? It’s time to take down the wall. Sending romantic text too soon can be a turn off. Proposing sex few days after meeting. Looking desperate for relationship. Her class or appearance intimidates you. Being boastful. Keeping dirty cloth and room. Hugging with bad scent. First impression cannot be over emphasized.

11 Biggest Mistakes Guys Make Dating

Its not only about money and good look, of course they are important. Focusing your strength and time practicing the wrong thing is killing your chances of landing a date or making it pass first date.

Women are hard to understand and pleased. What works for her today may not apply tomorrow. But there are general turn off rules you must avoid when you want to make a girl admire you.

1. Super male dominance exhibition

Girls want to date a brave man. That is why they want tall thick muscle men. As this may be true, she is not looking for dictator. She wants a protector and a hero.

She wants you to be in charge, but not a person that curtails her freedom. Is she avoiding you because you are overprotective? Let her have her space.

2. Keeping Conversation About You

Doing the talking all the time is so bad. You mention something about your past, come to present and turn to the future. Then you talk about how good you are and how others cannot live without you.

You get the idea already. Always navigating her through your life. When you don’t make girls feel heard, they will go away. She doesn’t think you are genuine if you sing your own praise all the time.

3. Having bad hygiene

Keep your body and cloth clean. If you are inviting a woman into your apartment for the first time, try to keep some fresh air around and tidy up the place even if that’s not how you do it.

She may not use the bed, peradventure she feels sleepy and wants to use the bed, you do not want her to meet dirty bedsheet and pillows.

4. Flirting with other girls

Perhaps you always manage to woo the girls of your choice but cannot figure out why none keeps your company after some time. if you are wondering why they don’t stay; maybe they found out you are a joke.

Don’t make it a habit to call every other girl sweetheart or darling in the presence of your girlfriend or a girl you are trying to woo. Strictly avoid anything you do with her that turns her on to other girls in her presence.

This is a red flag in a relationship. She does not trust you, and when she feels insecure; she will quit without a word.

5. Demanding for sex too early in the relationship

Getting sexually intimate with girls when you just met them is a negative approach. Either proposing it openly or hiding it in a text.

Suggesting sexual intercourse few days after meeting a girl will chase her far away. It makes her think all you care about is having her body.

6. Confessing love

Psychologists have concluded that the need to feel loved is a primary human emotional need. Gary D. Chapman. She wants to be loved, just as you want to be loved.

Just that, she thinks you are a jerk telling her you love her and can’t do without her only meeting in a week. I heard of love at first sight, she probably felt so before, but hold whatever you feel to yourself a little longer.

If you don’t want a girl to take you for granted and stop looking your way; then, avoid this approach. There are different ways to tell her your intention without saying you love her.

7. Texting long messages too soon or frequently

I’ve been guilty of this for years and can’t tell if am over it yet. Years ago, a college girl whom I was helping edit her project work stopped answering my calls and replying my messages because I was over texting.

One day we met and she lamented how my texts were on her nerves. I was so shy and sick in the stomach.

Do not text too often. It makes you needy. And don’t send long text messages or call frequently. She will get fare up

8. Leaving dirty towel, bad smelling shoe, dirty socks on the floor

If you don’t wash your towel often, it will smell badly. When you share this with your girlfriend as she pays visit, it will speak bad of you. Also, clean and dry your shoe. Discard torn socks and singlets. Maintaining hygiene will make girls admire you and want to keep your company.

9. Being dishonest

If you are not reliable, you cannot keep friends. Saying one thing and doing another. Giving room for her to doubt your actions. Lying about everything, even things that don’t cause for telling escape stories.

10. Making mountain out of molehill

Instigating argument all the time. It doesn’t matter the gender; it is disturbing to keep up with people who fights all the time.

There was a friend who’s contact I was forced to remove. She was a time bomb. Two-edged sword ever ready to strike.

11. You are not generous towards her

Fact checked! You don’t need cash to woo a woman, your appearance, attitude, how funny you are, how you make her feel comfortable and doing anything that makes her feel at home will keep her eyes on you.

But you need to be generous as you get deeper. Lack of money may be a factor you struggling with women. If you are guilty of any of these, it may be the red flag chasing women out of your life.


There’s no guarantee that practicing the opposite of these points will correct things, increase your odds of attracting girls and help you have a stable relationship but these are things many girls mentioned turns them off.

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