7 Reasons Why You are Single

Why am I Alone and Single?

First of all, you should notice the speed at which people chase out or curse singleness is overrated. Singleness is amazing stage. Like youthful stage, when singleness is managed well, it can be more of blessing than the curse we hopefully find it.

To be alone is synonymous to creativity. Your alone state in life prepares you for the corporate world. Relationship with self, determines relationship with others. If you cannot manage yourself, you cannot manage others you invite into your life. Before you jump off inviting anyone into your life, do a deep assessment on yourself.

Is it normal to always be alone?

Depending on who is asking and the age. As said, there’s nothing wrong being single but if it is not traded well, it could be a bad business.

Simply put, it is normal to be alone.

No body was born pair. Twins have individual life. Staying alone does not make you abnormal. Again, when the state of singleness is not efficiently managed, can become frustrating.

Perhaps you are at the age of marrying but still without soulmate. If you are worried and want to know the possible reasons, here are some key causes.

1. Parenting style

As a result of parenting style, people become I walk alone. I am personally singleness freak. I come from a home where our parents kept us from the outside world. They were overprotective I guess. We are home alone.

Since I was not exposed, it is hard for me to make new friends and try tough deals to survive. I adapted to how I was raised. I am not complaining but this way of life makes it hard for me to associate and hard to ask a girl out.

2. Hopes and Dreams

Ambitious people find it difficult inviting people into their life. They are too worried about how to accomplish their future plans and get lost in single life.

They consider dating or speaking to a girl on phone or sex waist of time.

Some people spend too much time working and get stuck on the road of singleness.

3. Long List

Are you messing with your mind and emotion? The problem with ambitious people is they want everything they do to be about their business. They turn to have a long list of the type of man or woman they want to be with.

This does not only apply to ambitious people. There are others who fight the world to get to a special somebody they’ve drawn on paper. They spend all their ages looking for that special one until they turn 30.

Life on paper is different from life in reality. Stop messing up with your real life with television images.

4. Writing People off too Easily

My name is Mr. “deletor” I delete phone numbers off my phone and people off my mind quicker than speed of light. I can’t stand been ignored. I am used to be by myself. Anytime I try bringing someone into my life and I don’t receive the attention I need, I coil back to my home alone state.

I know this state. Here, your heart is not broken, no body abuses you, you don’t feel embarrassed or disrespected. It is between you and your books, computer, music and your ambitions.

You are safe with yourself. I am having affair with myself. And I don’t say no to me. I am pleased with my body, I am fine with my height and complexion. I don’t have issue with my level of education.

Singleness becomes a cage. This is your anchor and refuge. The least you make me uncomfortable, your number is off my phone. After all, I don’t need you to survive. With this attitude, you may remain single forever.

5. No One Worthwhile is Interested

Lack of self-esteem provisions you for singleness. You don’t think you are enough for anybody. You don’t think they even want someone like you.

6. Scared of Rejection

I hate no from girls. Few years ago, a nurse told me, if you don’t want to hear no from a woman then you are not ready to have a woman. Simple. Girls say no. It is in their gene. Women were raised to say no to prove their strength and value.

Few girls accept proposal instantly. That scares some men, we are used to no at first time. When you say yes without hesitation men begin to doubt you.

It may be culturally inappropriate for girls to approach males to express intimate feelings, if you are interested, give it a try. Show signs.

Talk about it. There’s nothing to lose baby.

Thinking of your reputation? If you are 30 and single, your reputation may be suffering more from the public.

7. Financial Difficulties

Committed people fear entering into relationship without financial strength. This mind of having enough to take care of their partner and children, prevents them from engaging a woman in intimate relationship.

Committed people keep waiting on financial tensions going down, to get a partner. By the time they notice, they are 30 and single.

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