Why is it Hard to Ask a Girl Out

Why Do I Find It Difficult to Ask a Girl Out

Asking a girl out doesn’t need to be SpaceX project or setting up Tesla working environment. Unfortunately, many guys find it hard to ask a girl out.

1. Failure to Make Time for Others

Physical interaction builds intimacy and attraction. As slow as it may be for some people, it definitely turns out good at the end.

2. Disappointment or Fear of Rejection

Because you are protecting your heart and feelings, you are not sure of openly asking a girl out. Since you don’t want to be hurt, you don’t want to engage in things that could hurt you.

What I had to learn the hard way is hearing no from a woman. And no from women doesn’t always mean ‘NO!”.

3. Not Knowing What You Want

Since you don’t really know what it is you looking for, you either end up with what you don’t want or end up by yourself.

Most of the times, people who find it difficult asking a girl out are suffering from noticing the type of woman they want or are having a hard time being decisive.

When you are such a type, you flirt with everyone or chuckle at all of them.
You may have the girls coming to you but still find it tough to make decision.

4. Inferiority Complex

Are you thinking you are not enough? Your educational qualification is not enough? Your money is not yet there, your physical look still lacks something?

There’s nothing more devastating and heartbreaking than waking up every day to face the world of not enough.
Not only does it stop you from approaching a lady; it also distracts you from noticing job opportunities because you never get the chance to try.

5. Anger

Some people don’t have patience to endure the hide and seek strategy of girls. They flip up quickly and begin attacking the person because they feel disrespected.

Dating is a choice, as men have the will to choose whom they want, girls are equally entitled to same choice. Learn to give the girl you want time to ponder over your request.

If it takes longer than you think, move on. There many girls out there to ask out. Don’t spend all your live waiting on one person to finally lose all her Mr. Rights before giving you a shot, but don’t get irritated neither because she has to spend time making decision.

6. I am Not Ready

How long you wait won’t guarantee your readiness. Of course, you don’t want to build on the level of pressure you have and introduce others to it, but every stage in life presents a new form of problem.
You may never be ready, just do it.

How to Ask a Girl Out

Be Sure of What You Want

I did this severally. Texting a girl, I want us to date, then, having a change of heart the next moment or day because my feelings dried out before I had a chance meeting her.

Exactly what my friend accused me of “you were not sure of what you said and it took time before you said it”.

Avoid Wasting Time

Why do you think proposing love has to be visiting the moon outline by NASA? I sure believe we should take time to investigate the girl, understand if she’s interested before you bring this subject but it shouldn’t take too long.

I can’t count the number of girls who asked me, why now? What took you this long? We were friends all this while you never said anything, now I am engaged and you bringing this up?

Take it from me, I am not the only one facing this tunnel journey in asking a girl out. Many brothers are still stumbling every day looking for a way to overcome it.

A solution before you today is, take advantage of the moment and go straight to the point.

Tell Her You Mean the Things You Say

Perhaps whatever you write or say sounds sexy, romantic and funny but lacks command. She may be thinking because you are friends you are only expressing how you feel about her but not ascertaining relationship.

Make sure your text messages and conversations send the right message. Tell her you are not just adding spice to the friendship. You are trying to establish relationship.

Create Awareness

“In out part of the world and culture, only few girls can boldly say that, and some also try to put it into action for the guy to notice them.”

“So, the awareness can be created by what we are doing now. Chatting or having discussions on such things and how they feel or think.”

The above statements were made by a female relationship expert who I established a conversation with on the subject.

Counseling many girls on relationship, she noticed a guy may only get to woo a girl when he stepped up. Because of our society, you may hardly find a girl who is willing to come out clearly to express her feelings vocally.

The highest level of expression may be through actions. Some others are likely not to show any sign. So therefore, it will be the guy’s responsibility to raise such topics during their conversations.

You create the avenue, then you can find out her state of mind about you then you begin to feature your thoughts gradually. After you notice she is at a good spot; then you fully bring it up.

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