Why Do We Feel Hurt When We See Our Crush with Someone Else?

I was looking for a headline for my blog post and came across this Quora question (Why Do We Feel Hurt When We See Our Crush with Someone Else?) Funny, interesting views and real-life stories followed this question. I laughed through reading the answers, then, I remembered; I once hard a crush.

Today, I want to share my thoughts on Why Do We Feel Hurt When We See Our Crush with Someone Else? Not many of us were fortunate to have our crushes paying same attention. What hurts more in crush world is mostly, the person doesn’t know you have feelings for them so they live without you.

9 Reasons We Feel Hurt When We See Our Crush with Someone Else

  1. It hurts because your crush doesn’t include you in his/her world
  2. Your crush does not pay same attention to you
  3. Unrequited love hurts
  4. Because our pride gets hurt
  5. Because you are fighting a battle that does not exist
  6. Because your situation is emotional and you cannot explain
  7. You feel someone is snatching your love from you
  8. You blame yourself for cowardice
  9. You feel you are not enough that is why your crush couldn’t notice you

Why Do We Have Crush?

Our world model love, romance and relationship. We grow watching romantic movies and reading or listening to love stories. These stories or movies tell us how people fell in love at first sight. “Love at First Sight”.

It creates magic inside our memories which we unconsciously deliberate on.

Some people nurture these images until they become part and parcel of them.

We do not gain these things from the movies or stories alone but from the community we live. There’s always this Romeo Juliet kinda love around us. In school, among adults and our age mates. Though some of us failed to have a real physical love, we pick someone and fantasias about them.

When alone, you day dream, even see them in your real dreams from time to time. You hand pick the kind of life you want to spend together. You and your crush travel places, eat together and have all the fun in the world.

Your heart beats faster when you run into them. You turn blue at their sight. Everything is perfect and sweet in crush world.

One reason you find it hard to approach them and profess your love is, you don’t want to lose them if things go wrong. You are not sure of their reply. So, you keep things going on in Disneyland.

At the end, two things happen.

  • Your crush falls for another person
  • Your crush gives you tough time or rejects you. Mostly, rejects you.

It hurts than you can express.

Your crush may only remain your crush because the crush world is associated with some form of respect, admiration, and reverence. This makes it almost impossible to approach him/her.

How Do I Stop Liking My Crush?

A lady recently asked me, what do you do when you have feelings for someone and the person doesn’t feel same about you?

My answer: Move on
Her reply: Do you know it hurts?
My answer: I do

The only solution is to move on.

If you are crushing on someone, gather courage and approach the person. Confess your love to them and if they don’t reciprocate your feelings; find someone else.

You can stop liking your crush by doing the following:

  • Avoid romantic movies
  • Avoid love story books
  • Read motivational books
  • Watch educational videos
  • Solve math if you are still in school
  • Play computer games
  • Go out with your friends to avoid being alone
  • Stop looking him in the eye
  • Engage in religious meetings or read or watch religious materials
  • Avoid relationship talks
  • Exercise
  • Listen music
  • Go for shopping
  • Play with your pet
  • Start a backyard farm or garden
  • Engage in learning new language
  • Read a history book
  • Prepare food when your feel lonely
  • Go to the movies with friends
  • Chart with your family
  • Avoid looking his direction when in same class
  • Encourage yourself when you are alone
  • If you are a writer, turn your feelings to poems
  • Play with children
  • When feeling lonely, swim
  • Ride bicycle
  • Go for a walk
  • If you are home, rearrange items in your room
  • Go for music concert
  • Watch your favorite sport
  • Depending on the relationship with your mother, talk it over with her. She can give you a better idea of how to deal with it
  • Cry about it if you feel to
  • Try telling your crush your mind. Be sincere to him/her about your feelings

Finally, you don’t need to be in relationship to be happy. You need time with yourself before engaging someone else, or inviting others into your life.

Get at your future projects and build a happier life. There’s so much to do for yourself than lamenting over a dream man or woman.

Learn how to be happy as a single man or woman.