41 Words to Close a Letter with Love

Just as you must start your love letter with love, you should end the letter with love. Closing your love letter with love wins over your partner or crush.

  1. Already in my thoughts
  2. Forever appreciate you
  3. Ready to love always
  4. My dearest ever
  5. See you soon
  6. Cannot do without you
  7. My sincere feelings expressed on paper
  8. Show me how to love you more
  9. Always on my mind
  10. To my one and only
  11. I cannot do without you
  12. Sincerely yours
  13. No other one like you
  14. Hearts were never meant to break
  15. Cradle to the grave
  16. I will always love you
  17. Till death do us apart
  18. We are unbreakable
  19. When I need love, I just close my eyes and I am with you
  20. My world evolves around you
  21. Can’t live, can’t breathe without you
  22. The apple of my eyes
  23. Write your name across my heart
  24. It feels great to have you in my life
  25. Nothing can replace you
  26. Queen of my heart
  27. My knight and shinny amour
  28. Mighty glad you came
  29. We look perfect together
  30. Let’s walk down the aisle in love
  31. Cheers to love
  32. Without you my heart is empty
  33. I will never leave your heart broken on the wall
  34. Nothing else matters but you
  35. Other girls will come around but you are my choice
  36. You occupy the most valuable space in my life
  37. Thanks for saying yes
  38. Let’s celebrate another anniversary like this next year
  39. Together we are strong
  40. Your love
  41. Till we meet, missing you

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