21 Broken Heart Quotes for Your Crush and Love

  1. If you don’t see my seldom calls, which you deliberately avoid, keep in mind I have always loved you.
  2. How I wish I could stop thinking of you like you did.
  3. I want to forget you but my sheepishly heart and fragile head is disallowing it.
  4. You possess qualities I can’t give up on, and watch you leave without a fight.
  5. I am hurting inside when you are not here.
  6. Can’t really figure out what it is I love about you, but I do know you are gorgeous
  7. I am aware we are worlds apart, yet I see through the mirror of love
  8. You are a lady with flawless skin and complexion, highly educated, elegant and soul nourishing.
  9. First time you walked through that door, you stole my emotions, locked me in your world, I struggle each time to get over the taste of love you left in me.
  10. You constantly rejected my unadulterated love. Wagging your head as tail in disapproval anytime I show at your door, yet I love you.
  11. I painted my heart with your favorite color which am allergic to, now it chokes me to death yet I hold firm the pillar of love and wave the flag of Valentine just to show how much I love you.
  12. In all of my effort, you have not recognized my unwavering dedicated love for you, I won’t bother you anymore.
  13. I raised the dead as modsith in Legend of the Seeker as a prove I’ll stand between you and the gate of hell. In all, you matched out on me, leaving a sound of Donald Trump’s dream soldiers on my mind, scaring me from knocking on your door.
  14. There are ample tears in my eyes, but I covered them with feign smiles, loud screams in my many frustrated voices you can’t listen to, for I fight to maintain sanity around myself by soundproofing my inner man.
  15. How much I desire to overpower who you love, take over your noble and sober heart.
  16. I want to stay around to watch that peaceful shy mild face all my life.
  17. If you don’t see my random text anymore, remember I love you from the jump start.
  18. If you don’t see my seldom calls, which you deliberately avoid, keep in mind I have always loved you.
  19. Take care of yourself. I love you. Always.
  20. I gave you my time and you wasted it. I gave you my body and you turned away. Gave everything I ever had but you offered nothing but pain.
  21. Every day I see myself on a road to your heart, but you keep nullifying my effort.

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