Master Jay Fashion Home Organizes Clean-Up Exercise at Ho Police Depot

Master Jay Fashion Home, a renowned tailoring shop in Ho, took the initiative to organize a clean-up exercise at the Ho Police Depot’s third gate.

Master Jay Fashion Home

Led by Mr. John Ablorsu, the master of Jay Fashion Home, the event aimed to maintain cleanliness in the area.

Mr. Ablorsu emphasized the importance of upholding cleanliness standards, stating that the clean-up was essential for preserving a neat environment. Shop owners residing in the vicinity joined forces to participate in the initiative, demonstrating a collective commitment to keeping the area tidy.

Some of the apprentices highlighted Ho’s reputation as the “Oxygen city,” underscoring their motivation to contribute to maintaining this esteemed status through their involvement in the clean-up efforts.

Master Jay Fashion Home specializes in tailoring both men’s and women’s clothing, showcasing expertise in garment creation and design. With a team of approximately 15 apprentices, the shop is dedicated to providing quality services to its clientele.

The collaborative effort received praise from participating shop owners, commending Mr. John Ablorsu for his leadership in organizing the clean-up exercise. In a gesture of appreciation, Mr. Ablorsu supported the volunteers by providing five bags of sachet water to keep them hydrated during the activity.

Master Jay Fashion Home is conveniently situated at the Ho Police Depot, adjacent to Wembley Restaurant, serving as a prominent landmark in the area.

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