150 Deep Things to Say to Your Boyfriend Over Text

Saying passionate things to your boyfriend will strengthen your bond.

Deep things to say to your boyfriend over text

Looking for cute things to say to your boyfriend over text or deep things to say to your boyfriend to make him cry and fall deeply for you or do you want texts to make him laugh himself out and stay glued to you? Then read to the end.

Baby, I’ve been thinking about you all the way home. We made it this far for better or worst. I’m drunk with your love and can’t think of myself. You love me once, I love you twice. We found love in chaos and purged it. I need you more. Let’s take our time, I’m not going anywhere, will be here until you are ready. I know you are fighting to get us to a better place, remember, I am always here for you.

Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend in a Text

  1. Darling, I value your presence so much, you are so dear to my heart.
  2. I feel lucky to have you.
  3. I loved you once, love you still
  4. I promise you will kiss this lip all night long when we get married
  5. I am sorry for keeping you waiting for this long
  6. My lips are sexy
  7. My eyes look sexy and wet
  8. If there’s anything I’d like to change in our relationship, it is the way I love you, you deserve more
  9. Every morning I wake to a new realization of how much you care for me.
  10. Didn’t know I will find love so honest and real
  11. Please I am feeling so lonely, can you hug me now
  12. Dear, run home to me. I want to see you
  13. How long are you staying on this business trip? Am missing you already
  14. What will you eat today?
  15. My sisters think you are cute
  16. Baby, I’ve been thinking about you all the way home.
  17. We made it this far for better or worst.
  18. I’m drunk with your love and can’t think of myself.
  19. You love me once, I love you twice.
  20. We found love in chaos and purged it.
  21. I need you more.
  22. Let’s take our time, I’m not going anywhere, will be here until you are ready.
  23. I know you are fighting to get us to a better place, remember, I am always here for you.
  24. What poison have you fed me? Am so addicted to you.
  25. Please don’t hang up now, want to keep listening to your voice.
  26. I’ve been loving you all-day
  27. I would stay if you told me to stay
  28. I’m not like the other girls
  29. Can I be your woman?
  30. How I’m I supposed to pretend that I don’t want you?
  31. I adore you every minute
  32. There’s something special about you baby, you take over my mind each day like wildfire
  33. I’ve spent my life looking for a man like you
  34. Is it okay if I can wait to see you?
  35. I can barely catch my breath when you are around me
  36. A woman in lust wants chocolate, a woman in love wants a diamond, I want your heart which is as pure as diamond
  37. When you are here, all of my dreams, come true, and I can see us dancing in the middle of candle lights
  38. You are my heart protector, my soul defender, and my one in all
  39. You are my joy, love and you will be the only father of my kinds
  40. Where do I begin to answer the questions in your mind? I don’t know where to start or end, I plead with you to hear this one thing, I love you
  41. Let’s walk the field of green as we used to do when we first met
  42. The presence of you still lingers around
  43. If I knew there was a man like you, I’d wait for you. It hurts me I didn’t wait a little while
  44. Hold me so close and reassure me you will forever stay
  45. My heart told me there was you all these while, so, I kept searching
  46. Hold me so close that I can feel your love in my chest
  47. I found love the hard way and I’m never going to break your heart
  48. You are the only one that makes me see stars
  49. You are such a darling
  50. I’ve never loved anyone but you

Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make His Heart Melt

  1. I’m not prepared to lose you
  2. I will always love you
  3. I will never leave you
  4. I don’t want to lose
  5. I want to be the girl you looking for
  6. I want to be your dream girl and take care of you as your mother
  7. I’m ready to fight anyone who comes between us
  8. Whatever I did, I did it for love. Am not expecting a reward
  9. I will never leave you alone
  10. Am sorry dear. I don’t mean to hurt you
  11. If I ever stop loving you, I don’t want to love you again with my heart
  12. No man has ever touched my heart
  13. Thank you for helping me through it all
  14. Let me show you how much I love you
  15. I promise not to leave you alone again
  16. Baby, we will live forever, love forever
  17. Let me love you like I feel inside, please
  18. Stop pushing me away, let me into your heart
  19. It breaks my heart to see you cry
  20. Sometimes, I’m just foolish and careless with words, and regret afterward

Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend Over Text at Night

  1. Don’t go to bed without sending me a kiss
  2. Dream about us
  3. I hate to pass the night here alone, can’t wait for the 🌞 sun
  4. May the night give you peace
  5. Don’t fall asleep too soon, want to hear your voice all night
  6. Said I wouldn’t text but the evening’s freaking cold here
  7. This is such a special night for us tonight, so let me love you with all my strength
  8. I know you’ve been wondering, asking questions if I do love you like I say all the time. Tonight, I want you to know my soul and body are all yours
  9. Love me in your own way and I promise to let you love me as you wish
  10. You are the only one who can take me back to where we started, where our love was solid as a rock, pure as a dove, and genuine as the truth
  11. I’ve been empty, I’ve been heavy inside for a long, I need someone to fill me with love and take the burden away
  12. Love me gentle, love me kind, love me slowly, I don’t want this to end
  13. Love me strong, love me, loud love me like glue
  14. I belong to you with every breath I take
  15. I look into the skies and every star I see represents us
  16. Do you know what I love about you? You tell me the right words at the right time
  17. I want to sing for you, I want to sing you sweet songs that will make you sleep with my name on your lips
  18. If you were here I’ll be holding you to sleep in my arms
  19. Sound sleep my dear, sleep well and sweet dreams
  20. I’m just texting to say I love you

Deep Things to Say to Your Boyfriend Over Text

  1. I can’t help smiling when I look at you
  2. When was your last time sucking your mother’s breast? Do you want to suck mine?
  3. Please you must try to pay me a visit. I need to see you
  4. Your line was busy, I’m jealous
  5. You are too busy, let’s have fun today
  6. Why do you love me?
  7. Is it okay with you if I text you something bad?
  8. Am feeling honey tonight
  9. Don’t even know what we fighting about, can we think about us
  10. Thinking about you all the way home
  11. Don’t think for a second am giving up on us
  12. I will find you attractive at every stage of life
  13. I don’t know much but I know I love you
  14. You are so blessed with inspiration
  15. I like your energy toward the future
  16. Loving you is like swimming in the morning
  17. I don’t know why I love you this much, I have never given my heart to anyone like this
  18. If you ever suffered a blade cut, you know how it hurts, that is how it feels when you hurt me
  19. Let me lay my head on your shoulder
  20. There’s more to life than what you see, don’t let life pressure put you down

What to Text Your Boyfriend When You Are Bored

  1. I hate how my girlfriends look at you. And you better try not to start admiring any
  2. I am not feeling well, but your presence will be fine
  3. My phone was off, sorry you had to call a thousand times
  4. I will make it up to you
  5. Whatever you wish dear, I’m all yours
  6. Smile though your heart is aching
  7. I would be lying if I say I’m fine, I’m sick, I’m missing you
  8. Can’t hide from the truth that I know, thinking of who you are with when you are away
  9. I have this feeling down deep in my soul I can’t deny, I’m lonely without you
  10. I need a friend to talk to now, can’t think of anyone else
  11. The memories of those sweet yesterday spent with you keep coming back whenever I close my eyes
  12. We are here anyway, let’s act like lovers even if you don’t want me anymore
  13. I’m sorry, I will never break your heart again
  14. We used to be unbreakable, tell me what happened to us
  15. I know everything is going to be alright
  16. I wonder if I ever cross your mind for me, it happens all the time
  17. Every little thing that you do, baby I’m amazed by you
  18. I want to spend my life loving you till the end of time
  19. I’ll always be there through weakness and sorrow and I will love you with every bit of my heart
  20. For your happiness, I will give my last breath

Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make Him Laugh

  1. You are a gentleman, I don’t see anything wrong with you. I like how you look
  2. Don’t be hard on yourself, you can make it
  3. I am not willing to give you up
  4. I have never been loved like this
  5. Your life is an open door, I’ve been watching you since 5
  6. I’ve never been this close to anyone
  7. Loving you just keep getting better
  8. I want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side
  9. You touch every place in my heart with your words
  10. My whole world changed from the moment I met you
  11. You changed my life for the better and I’m not ready to let go
  12. They say wishes don’t come true but sometimes they do and you are my prove
  13. As long as I live I will always love you
  14. All we need is just the two of us
  15. It is amazing when you whisper into my ears
  16. There’s a truth in your eyes that you will never leave me even if we grow old
  17. The smile on your face lets me know that you need me
  18. If I have to live my life without you near me, the days will all be empty
  19. I love you just the way you are, I don’t want to live without you
  20. I looked for you for a long time, and now that I found you, I’m not letting go

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