How to Remove the Background of a Picture in CorelDraw

flirting with graphic design

In this tutorial, you will learn how to remove the background of your girlfriend’s photo, replace it with her favorite location using CorelDraw X19 to make her happy.

There are unlimited ways to make a woman happy. Unfortunately, we only know of a few. We know how to spend money on her, how to take her shopping, and how to be a man in bed etc.

If there’s anything I have seen made women happy which surprised me again and again is the trick I’m about to share with you. (The Magic of Graphic Design)

Take this design for instance. It was a design I made to wish my friend happy birthday. This was the same time I was writing a quick guide to CorelDraw -2021. How to impress a girl with graphic design.

birthday card

I was completely unaware of the article while creating this simple design. At the close of the day; she called and showed much appreciation. To be honest, I was amazed how happy she was.

Well, I added a little text message too. You can also learn how to woo a girl by text.

Photo Editing: Removing and Changing Background in CorelDraw to Catch a Girl’s Attention

How to Use Pen Tool in CorelDraw

As a pro CorelDraw user, you may skip this part. If you are not, you may want to stick around the following topics.

The first six minutes will be spent learning Pen and Shape tools.

Pen tool is used in this tutorial to sketch the portion of the photo where the person shows, while Shape tool is used to smooth the edges before dropping it on our new background.

Enjoy your lesson!

Drawing Straight Line with Pen Tool

  • Select Pen tool

select pen tool

  • Click an empty or blank part of the worksheet
  • Mouse the mouse pointer to the right and click (you will notice the line is jerky)

drawing with pen tool without keyboard

To draw a straight line without it looking bumpy:

  • Select Pen tool
  • Click an empty or blank part of the worksheet
  • Hold the Shift key down on the keyboard
  • With the Shift key down, move the mouse pointer to the right and click (you will notice the line is straight)

drawing straight line pressing shift key

How to Create an Enclosed Shape with Pen Tool

drawing enclosed shape

  • Select Pen tool
  • Click an empty or blank part of the worksheet
  • Hold the Shift key down on the keyboard
  • With the Shift key down, move the mouse pointer to the right
  • Click to create a connector
  • Move the pointer downwards and create next connector
  • Move the mouse to the left and click
  • Finally, move the mouse pointer upward and click inside the first connector to join the lines

Drawing Curves with Pen Tool

  • Select Pen tool
  • Click an empty or blank part of the worksheet
  • With a finger on the Shift key, move the mouse pointer to the right
  • Click to make a point
  • Now, slant the mouse pointer downwards
  • Long click the left mouse button, drag the mouse to create a curve

creating curve

  • Release the button after getting the right shape
  • Move the mouse downwards and click once to draw a straight line
  • Slant the mouse pointer downwards but now to the left
  • Long press the mouse button
  • Drag mouse to create curve
  • Release the mouse button
  • Move the pointer to the left to draw a straight line (this time, the line should be a little longer than the top line)
  • Slant the pointer a little upward
  • Create a curve
  • Draw another line, but now, upward
  • Slant the pointer towards the right
  • Click inside the top left connector and drag the mouse to create another curve
  • Use the handle to adjust the curve

final shape

Looking carefully, you will notice one of my curves is not perfect.

You can keep trying until you get the right connections or use the Shape tool to finetune the edges.

Next, we will be talking about the Shape tool.

The shape on the right in the above picture was drawn without the help of the Shape tool. But the one you will see soon is the previous object adjusted with the help of the shape tool.

These topics are to help you master the use of Pen and Shape tools for the upcoming topics that heavily used these tools.

Repeat each process until you are familiar with the tools before proceeding to next topics.

How to Use Shape Tool in CorelDraw X19

getting to know nodes

As a pro CorelDraw user, you may skip this part. If you are not, you may want to stick around the following topics.

Unlike Pen tool, Shape tool has couple of additional tools you need to learn about. These additional options support the tool to deliver massive results.

Before we dive into shaping our previous object, lets look at the options that comes with Shape tool.

Click on Shape tool and select the object in the previous topic. You will notice 8 additional light blue items. Two items on each corner, top and bottom.

The item is actually called Node.


  1. It can be created or added
  2. It can be deleted
  3. It can be edited
  4. It can be moved around
  5. Nodes can be joined

Types of Nodes in CorelDRAW

types of nodes

Nodes can be changed from a type to another e.g., line node to cusp. There are four node types in CorelDRAW.

To access them, click the Shape tool, select the object and the options to manipulate the object will be displayed on the Property bar below the Standard bar.

  1. Cusp nodes: make the node’s intersecting line take on the shape of a corner or point when you adjust
    the position of the node’s control points.
  2. Smooth nodes: make the node’s intersecting line take on the shape of a curve. Each control point can
    be shortened or lengthened independently, giving you smaller or larger angles to work with.
  3. Symmetrical nodes: make the node’s intersecting line take on the shape of a curve as well as intersect
    the node at exactly the same angle.
  4. Line nodes: let you shape objects by changing the shape of their segments. You can make a curve
    segment straight or a straight segment curved.

Source: CorelDRAW: The basics Overview

An object converted to curves may have multiple nodes, to get exactly the shape you want, you may need to add or delete them.

In addition to add and delete, you can find other options which can help modify the object. These are the four node types we looked at in types of nodes; Cusp nodes, Smooth nodes, Symmetrical nodes and Line nodes.

Let’s take a moment with this line segment to study line nodes and how to convert a line to curve.

  • Using the Pen tool, draw a straight line.
  • To complete the line, double click or press escape or spacebar on the keyboard. You will notice the tool is deselected.
  • Next, click on the line and select Shape tool

Since this object is a straight line; we will be converting it to curve.

  • Click on the arrow on the right side

Before, the options were all greyed out – after clicking the end of the line, you will notice the Convert to curve option is active.

  • Select Convert to curve

converting to curve

  • Drag the left handle which appeared after converting the line upward
  • Drag the one on the right downward

creating arc

This will create an uphill shape from a straight line. You can convert it back to straight line.

uphil shape

To convert the shape back to straight line:

  • Click on the left arc
  • Click on the line segment option on the Property bar to convert back to line

convert to line

Refer to photo below to convert to line.

Finally, let’s work with our previous object.

I have made a little change to the shape for the purpose of the upcoming topic.

We will be reshaping each corner to look perfect.

  • Select shape
  • Select Shape tool
  • Click below the bottom node

adding node

  • Click the add node button to add node
  • After creating the third node, click on the middle node and select smooth nodes type

using smooth nodes

  • Double click the node to get rid of it

reshaping edges

You will notice our corner is almost perfect.

To tidy up things, we will add a new node at the top as it looks a little jerky.

Follow the image to clean things up.

add new node at the top

This time, the Smooth node option will not be active. You don’t need it, just double click as in photo to remove node.

Repeat around to have something similar to the below photo.

This looks a lot like the perfect shape we created using the Pen tool.

To get a clean shape; you must practice severally and master the tools. It takes time and practice.

final shape

How to Cut Out an Image in CorelDraw X19

In this quick guide, you will learn how to cut out an image to change the background in CorelDraw to make a woman happy using Pen and Shape tools respectively.

Going forward: This page contains affiliate links to CorelDraw. I do earn commission from referring traffic to them. You could choose any other graphic designing software to practice what is taught in this tutorial and get similar result. I prefer CorelDraw and its being my best graphic designing software for 10 years.

If you are a new graphic designer and wants a professional graphic designing software where your imagination is the limit rather than the software installed on your PC, then, CorelDraw is my best offer for you.

Head Up
Program: CorelDraw X19 – X6
Estimated Completion Time: 15 Minutes
Who can learn this: Beginner & Advanced Designer – you should have basic knowledge in using Pen tool and manipulating Shape tool.

Note: the lesson is not to equip any designer with professional designing skills even though it may.

Step 1: Required Tools
All versions of CorelDraw will work just fine. In this tutorial, we will be using X19 on Windows 10. Check the NEW CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021 for unlimited designing options.

Design in Part

design procedures

Step 2: Creating a Worksheet or Work Environment
Straight to the field.
Launch CorelDraw.

  • Click New Document from Welcome Screen

creating new document

From the Create New Document Window:

  • Type a custom name at ‘Name’ field to replace Untitled-1
  • Leave default document ‘Size’ as A4
  • Change orientation to landscape
  • Click ‘Ok’ to create new document

Step 3: Import Image to Work with

Our working environment is now set for work.

Let’s import the photo we will be editing.

  • Click on File
  • Click Import on File menu

importing photo

  • Select image from dialog box

choose photo to import

  • Click import to import image
  • Click an empty space to complete the process

imported photo

Step 4: Working with Pen Tool

  • Choose Pen tool

select pen tool

  • Click the upper part of the image
  • Draw a shape in form of the picture you imported

sketch the photo with pen tool

  • Click exactly the starting point of the shape to connect shape
  • Highlight both shape and image together and click intersect

intersecting photo

  • Separate sketched photo from original

separate new photo

  • Remove the shape around the cropped photo

separate image from shape

You will notice only the portion marked by the Pen tool is cropped. With this, it is easier to work with the image and give it a new background.

If you are new to the Pen tool; and skipped the beginning of the post, you can know everything you need to know about it and how to use it here.

Step 5: Working with Shape Tool

  • Now, shape the image using the Shape tool. This is the second tool after the Select tool, upper left corner (Shortcut: F10)

working with shape tool

There are many nodes generated. To create smooth edge and make the photo look natural; you have to delete some of the nodes and also convert others to curves.

  • Click on a node
  • Select the curve tool to convert to curve

convert line to curve

  • Click on the delete button to remove node

deleting nodes

  • Move the mouse pointer to the arrow upward or downward
  • Drag it to create a curve at edges that are rounded e.g., shoulder, cheek etc. Learn how to use Shape tool here

using handles to shape photo

  • Final look of the shaped image

after shaping photo

Step 6: Opening Background Image

Its time to import the background that will best fit our image.

  • Click on File
  • Select Open from the File menu

open background image

  • Choose image from the dialog box
  • Click Open
  • Adjust the image you cropped on the background until it fits

flirting with graphic design

Try with different backgrounds for best match.

Final Stage

Now you are done with your design to impress a girl. All you need do is export, share on social media or print it, package nicely, add to a love letter and send over.

How to Export the Picture You Designed for Your Girlfriend in CorelDraw

  • Click on File menu
  • Select Export

exporting design

  • Give the file a name in File name field

naming file

  • Drop down Save as type panel and choose JPG

choose JPG as file type

  • Click Export to export the JPG file

click export to export design

  • Click OK
  • Connect smartphone
  • Locate image and copy it to phone
  • Send to your sweetheart

Having challenge sharing on WhatsApp? Here’s an article that will teach you how to go about it: sweet things to say to your boyfriend in text.

One thing you should take note of; once you introduce a woman to something, you should be ready to continue the process.

If she happens to like your design, she will be expecting such gift from you e.g., if it is a birthday gift; she may want to receive another one on her subsequent birthdays.

Failure to deliver may be a bad signal. She may think another person is occupying her space. That shouldn’t stop you from giving “The Magic of Graphic Design” a try.

It’s worth it.