How to Create Shortcut Keys in CorelDraw

Creating shortcut keys in CorelDRAW is a powerful way to enhance your productivity and efficiency as a designer.

Shortcut keys in CorelDraw

Shortcut keys help us work faster as designers. By customizing your workflow to suit your specific needs and preferences, you can spend less time navigating menus and more time designing. In this article, I’ll guide you through how to create shortcut keys in CorelDRAW and also provide access to the default CorelDRAW shortcuts.

Pen Tool Shortcut Key in CorelDraw

In CorelDraw, if I decide to align an object to the center of the drawing page, instead of doing that manually I could select the object and press the “P” key to center align the object.

This not only speeds up productivity but also helps in achieving accuracy in our projects.

The shortcut key for center alignment in CorelDraw is “P.” If you press Ctrl+E it will open the “Export” file explorer.

Many tools were assigned a shortcut key in CorelDraw but the Pen Tool including some other tools were not assigned a shortcut key in CorelDraw.

To call these tools by shortcut key, CorelDraw provides a means to assign shortcut keys manually. Always make sure your keys are memorable.

We will assign a shortcut key to the Pen Tool in this exercise. However, the procedure is the same for all the tools in CorelDraw.

The shortcut key for the pen tool in CorelDraw is Alt+P. You should manually assign this key in the “Shortcut Keys” tab.

Go ahead and choose any key or key combination. We will be using the “Alt+P” key in this example.

Let’s assign a key to the “Pen Tool” to call it to action using our shortcut key. Since the “P” key is assigned to center alignment, we cannot use it.

That said, we can work around it by appending it to another key.

Let’s create a shortcut key for the pen tool.

1. Launch your CorelDraw and click the “Tools” menu on the menu bar.

2. Move the mouse to “Options” then click “Customization.”

click tools, options, and customization

3. Click the “Commands” tab in the new window.

Click the commands tab

4. Click the drop-down menu and select “Toolbox.”

Select Toolbox in the drop-down menu

5. Select “Pen” in the “Toolbox” menu.

6. Click the “Shortcut Keys” tab.

Shortcut keys tab

Before we assign our keys, you can try typing different keys in the “New shortcut key” field to check if the key is already assigned or available.

Try inputting “P,” CorelDraw will let you know that this key is assigned and will give you its assignment.

Key currently assigned

If this is not the case, CorelDraw will not return any value.

Let’s continue.

7. Input “Alt+P” in the “New shortcut key” field, and click the “Assign” button.

Leave the “Shortcut key table” to the default “Main” table.

Assign new shortcut key and click Ok.

Now you have assigned your “Pen” tool a shortcut key.

The “Current shortcut keys” field will be populated with our new value.

8. Click “OK” to apply the new shortcut key.

If you remember, I told you earlier that the “P” key is assigned but I have an alternative. The alternative is the “Alt+P” key. This value type is allowed in CorelDraw except the key is already taken.

So, whenever you want to use a key and it is assigned, append the key to any of these commands Shift/Ctrl/Alt if you are on Windows.

Note that, CorelDraw has assigned some of the tools using the above commands.

CorelDraw Shortcut Keys

CorelDraw has assigned many keys to its tools for convenience for designers. You have just learned how to create shortcut keys in CorelDraw.

Now, let’s learn how to view the keys CorelDraw has already created for us.

In CorelDraw 2021, CorelDraw has created a long list of shortcut keys. There are about 419 shortcut keys.

1. Click the “Tools” menu and select “Options.”

2. Click “Customization” and select “Commands.”

3. Click the “File” drop-down menu and click “Toolbox.”

4. Click “Shortcut Keys” and click “View All” to display all the shortcut keys as shown in the picture below.

5. Click “Export to CSV” or “Print” to save the shortcut keys to your computer so that you can access them anytime.

Shortcut keys

Here’s a list of the shortcut keys in the table below.

3Effects PreviewCtrl+P
4Straighten ImageF2
5Straighten ImageF3
6Add Column…Print MergeCtrl+AAdd Column…
7Add column ending valuePrint MergeCtrl+EAdd number ending value (Ctrl+E)
8Add column starting vluePrint MergeCtrl+SAdd number starting value (Ctrl+S)
9Add to Selection Group 0MainAlt+0Add to Selection Group 0
10Add to Selection Group 1MainAlt+1Add to Selection Group 1
11Add to Selection Group 2MainAlt+2Add to Selection Group 2
12Add to Selection Group 3MainAlt+3Add to Selection Group 3
13Add to Selection Group 4MainAlt+4Add to Selection Group 4
14Add to Selection Group 5MainAlt+5Add to Selection Group 5
15Add to Selection Group 6MainAlt+6Add to Selection Group 6
16Add to Selection Group 7MainAlt+7Add to Selection Group 7
17Add to Selection Group 8MainAlt+8Add to Selection Group 8
18Add to Selection Group 9MainAlt+9Add to Selection Group 9
19Align BottomMainBAlign Bottom
20Align Centers HorizontallyMainCAlign Centers Horizontally
21Align Centers VerticallyMainEAlign Centers Vertically
22Align LeftMainLAlign Left
23Align RightMainRAlign Right
24Align TopMainTAlign Top
25Align and DistributeMainCtrl+Shift+APrecisely position objects in relation to each other or to specific locations on the page.
26Align to BaselineMainAlt+F12Align to Baseline
27Alignment GuidesMainAlt+Shift+AEnable or disable alignment guides.
28Artistic MediaMainIAdd artistic brush, spray, and calligraphic effects by using freehand strokes.
29Back OneMainCtrl+PgDnMove object one level down in the stacking order.
30BoldTable Text EditingCtrl+BMake the text bold.
Shortcut in CorelDraw: 2021

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