14 Dirty Words for Him During Sex (Boost His Confidence)

A guide to igniting passion and intensity in the bedroom through voicing dirty words for him during sex. Explore a range of phrases and expressions to heighten arousal and deepen intimacy with your partner.

Dirty words for him during sex

Whether you want to express your desires, boost your man’s confidence, or just have some fun, dirty words for him during sex will spice things up in the bedroom. So get ready to turn up the heat and explore the world of sexy talk with your partner.

A friend asked, Michael, my girlfriend does not talk dirty when we are intimate. But I heard others say their girls always talk dirty during sex. Sometimes they don’t even notice it.

Does it mean I’m not good in bed?

My answer is, well, I don’t know…… That’s me being honest. Maybe he is good but the girl is not that type. The only problem is that he’s been with different ladies and the situation is still the same.

The point I am driving at is that men care about your dirty words for them during sex.

These dirty words and sighs put them through the ceiling and they are willing to deliver beyond measure. If you want your man to go crazy over you, you are in the right place.

  1. I’m not getting tired of you, I want you inside of me all day long.
  2. I like it when you get hard.
  3. I like how you are moving ‘tsatsatsa’.
  4. I want your pride all inside of me.
  5. Let me be your slave tonight.
  6. Keep pinning me to the wall till I can’t breathe.
  7. Keep me close to your body, protect me with your might.
  8. Baby, take it fast, punish me like a bad child, I will understand.
  9. Am nervous, make me feel safe with you, please.
  10. Moving my fingers through your hair, it’s soft and long and it’s relaxing like a little girl playing with flowers in a garden.
  11. Who is this guy who wants to kill me?
  12. Do you want to kill me?
  13. You are heavy down there, no woman should mess with you.
  14. I want it hard.

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