Sweet Long Messages After Making Love

According to Doug Fields, marriages usually don’t collapse overnight. They become bankrupt gradually because they lack daily deposits of love, communication, and affirmation. Romantic messages can bring back the romance, fun, and joy in your relationship.

Because of our busy schedules, it can become hard to think of the right romantic messages to say to your partner. Here are several sweet long messages that I have spent months working on, feel okay to modify them to suit your partner.

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The world does position things where they belong, all about you is placed at the right location. It is what makes you the most beautiful girl. You are beautiful out, and beautiful at heart. You have a very tender heart, soft spoken like nature, shy like baby. You possess qualities I can’t give up on and watch you leave without a fight.

1. Painless Mountain

Looking at your being, I’m moved to draw you with my words as an artist.

But my ink suffers a great defeat because you are a lot to paint with a drop of ink.

My fingers weary and whiten as leper.

The great wall of China was built by awesome brains,

Burj Khalifa was created by magic brains,

The unimaginable ingenuity nature of human

Brought to fruition the Egyptian pyramid.

All of those are the most fearful emissions of humans but you,

You have outwitted each work laid on the ground.

There you go again, stepping majestically;

Across the street and your shape occupying the road as Black Star Square.

Your back is fortified as the army of Alexander the great.

You carry a painless mountain.

I desire your mountain to quake on me, somewhere in a peaceful battlefield. 

You make my heart crawl the floor of romance,

I strive to leap over to your cherished abode,

But you are surrounded by the beauty of nature, so therefore,

My heart coils and freezes whenever I attempt reaching you.

You are a true reflection of let us make man in our own image.

Who is this glittering as stars in the skies?

Illuminating my world as sunny days in Africa?

2. Dripping with beauty

Smiling broad and wide to cut asunder my slime heart.

Long arms which can reach my face in a distance.

Fearfully, carefully, marvelously designed and built.

Bones well architecturally formed by her maker.

And flesh laid exactly where they belong without a missing or broken link.

Lady, you are magic, you are extravagant and extremely exquisite.

3. I Speak My Love for You into The Microphone

Woke up early in the morning and I run to the studio

Got a lot on my mind I wanna speak

But your love is so heavy on my voice, I can only whisper

Baby don’t be shy

Today, am going to let the world know how I feel about you

Be my prince charming, my knight and shinning amour,

Be my superman, my ready to ride

4. Strange lovers

Sunday morning, we fell in love.

Monday morning, we broke up.

Tuesday, I left her a note; asking of my shoe lace.

Wednesday, we ran into each other, we left speechless.

Thursday, we were far from sight.

Friday evening, I needed somewhere to clear my mind, then we ran into each other at the club; dancing to the same tune.

Saturday, we swore it was over.

Sunday morning, we were hiding behind the same curtain.

After an hour, I called her a whore, she slapped me and called me a flirt.

But she gave me a grand, can’t tell why.

Next Sunday, I’ll go to church at dawn.

5. Your beauty is charming

Ultimate power is in the hands of the Most-High.

And He built you in a way that made you too beautiful for the human eye.

Garnished you with fine container, chose you a skin color which sparkles in the dark.

The more I gaze, I want to hold firm and draw you closer to my dark skin to share your light.

Every night I dream, and we’re so much in love, we can’t let go each other, we kiss down to the throats and look in amazement.

What a magic you are? If I lose you, I’ll shed tears of sea.

To you, it is another carefully crafted lyrics.

Sure, it is, yet they came from the heart which long for you, waited to find someone like you.

6. Shy face

How much I desire to overpower who you love

Take over your noble and sober heart.

Stay around to watch that peaceful shy mild face all my life.

Always to know before I wake up; there’s a woman who’s heart beats for me.

First time you walked through that door, you stole my emotions, locked me in your world,

I struggle each time to get over the taste of love you left in me.

7. Save the Date

Pull me, hold me, let me sit on your thighs.

I love you, need you, you the only one am into.

Many men came along, they wanted this noble heart; never did I give them the key, but when I saw you, I knew you the one I want.

So, pull me, hold me, let me sit on your lap, feed me, play with me in the blue atmosphere.

I will give all of me.

Welcome to the blue paradise, a kingdom reserved for you and me, symbol of my love dedicated to you.

Let me in as I did, promise you will never leave my heart broken on the wall and redecorate my face with pain.

Dear, look into me, there you will find a strong woman, who will bind your wounds when sliced by the blade of love.

Let us dance in our favorite color, on our favorite tune. Sing the song we learned at two and tease our bodies with love written in blue.

8. Virtuous Woman

When I knocked on your door, you opened it.
Thank you for letting me in, do you have a space for me in your heart?
Tell me am not asking for too much

Your presence melts mountains, your speech makes me go silence.
Every time I close my eyes, I see you, you are my dreams when I sleep
You are the firmament that curve over me

My shade, my sight and my breath
Fair as princess, pretty as virtuous woman
Your wisdom is light

When I am with you, all I feel is eternity
I taught I lost my life, of course I did
But with you, the world is a better place

Thank God who directed your path to mine
Oh, my day, my light, my brightness over my darkness
Gently press your tender lips against mine and stay close to my heart

You are the treasure fortune hunters seek
The world may be crazy, but not you

9. Love on the Bed of Roses

Am forever waiting for you, loving you is like sleeping in roses.
Never wanna wake up from my dream.
Tell me how much you care for me.

Will you stay with me till the end of time?
I promise I will never leave your heart broken on the wall.
I will bring you under my shelter, give you my name and treat you right at every age.

Its love on the bed of roses.
Give me your hand, never hold back a thing.
Its love on the bed of roses

Write your love across my heart, write it bold.
Stitch it on my forehead, tattoo it on my neck.
Will forever wear your love as perfume of ‘the good old days’.

10. Something I Never Got from any Lover Except You

The way you touched me, how you kissed me, made me feel helpless but safe in your arms.

You looked at me like a lost child in the middle of the street and I want to fly over heavy trucks like a supergirl to save you.

Your touch is like a dagger through my chest but I trust the process so I lay still counting on you.

How you loved me is something I never got from any lover except you.

11. What a Sweet Thing

You have the best shape, lips made of honey, and you flow like a stream.

Watching you gasps for breathe, reached out to my face to feel the lines.

You taste like a morning 🍷 wine. What a sweet thing you are and a mild lover.

12. Trapped in The Web of Your Coyness

Web of thy coyness

Trapped in the web of your coyness.

Thy soft-spoken voice liquified the iceberg Titanic couldn’t escape.

Thy silence created a flower garden around my age.

You touched, and girded my loin with sensations.

You played me my favorite tune on my birthday with the beads on your waist.

A multitude of great sigh parade our paradise, a sigh of relief from a princess.

Looking in thine eyes, my body could not disobey thy authority.

You made me breathe from my belly and thine scream plucked a star to guide us through the dark night.

You got me thinking in the middle of the night as a prisoner of love.

We shared ourselves as communion on a sacred day.

My blood rages as storm in thy presence.

Willingly surrendered to thy witty Taoist crafts.

As thine arm belted out the bar firmly, and thy head resting on the other tenderly, I crawled, the stairs as beggar to find grace in thine sight

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