What to Text After Sex [Naked Weapon for Men]

Women frequently lament the decline of romantic gestures and communication from men once they are in a relationship. What exacerbates the situation is the lack of communication, especially during and after lovemaking. Therefore, if you engage in open communication during these intimate moments, you will undoubtedly stand out.

What to text after making out

Now that it’s clear women appreciate hearing romantic words, you might wonder which words to text her and when. In this guide, I’ll provide you with hundreds of what to text after sex to keep your partner longing for more.

When Should You Text After Sex?

Texting within 15-30 minutes after sex, while you’re still fresh in her mind, is ideal. You can text at any time after sex, but ensure it’s not too delayed, especially if it’s your first time together.

The timing and type of text also depend on the level of intimacy during your encounter. For casual encounters, text promptly and keep it light.

However, if your connection was deeply romantic, you can wait an hour, a day, or even longer, and she’ll still remember you fondly.

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Facebook Comments Can Get You Started

Since Facebook is a popular social media platform, where people express their feelings about the pictures of their friends and loved ones, I thought it would be a nice place to get inspiration for things to text after sex.

Here are 85 amazing texts people shared about pictures of ladies that got their attention.

You can also share these words with your loved one after making love together.

  1. What a beauty!
  2. Gorgeous and beautiful
  3. Cuteness overload!
  4. So cute
  5. Nice pic
  6. You are really beautiful and elegant, my love
  7. You are so beautiful, dear
  8. So pretty
  9. You look so beautiful
  10. My favorite
  11. Aw so cute
  12. You look amazing
  13. Nice one there love it
  14. Good position
  15. Sweetheart I love you. Don’t worry
  16. Attractive
  17. Looking good
  18. Clean
  19. Come to daddy
  20. You look good absolutely beautiful
  21. Nice looking, my dear
  22. Love this photo, you look good
  23. Looks very nice dear
  24. Eeei [name] you are going to kill me with this body
  25. So sweet
  26. Good morning baby girl
  27. I like this style
  28. Fine lady
  29. The most beautiful woman I have ever seen
  30. Hi, dear, I like your style
  31. You are causing serious traffic here; some men will get into trouble
  32. Stunning
  33. Beautiful nature
  34. Nice look
  35. Wow so lovely
  36. Fantastic
  37. All for me
  38. Hi dear, still beautiful
  39. Good morning, baby, looking fresh
  40. Lovely and special back Tundra
  41. Hot stuff
  42. So flashy
  43. Nice bumper
  44. Originally natural beauty queen
  45. Simple and perfect
  46. More than beautiful
  47. Vim to bumper to bumper
  48. Looking very nice and fine, I love that
  49. Love this
  50. Too much, baby
  51. Supper, baby girl
  52. How are you doing, cutie?
  53. Hello baby girl!
  54. Congratulations [name of your partner] you have won a beauty contest
  55. So adorable
  56. Wow, you are on top of the world. Kudos, darling and keep it up,, sweetie
  57. Have a blessed and peaceful day
  58. If I see your picture like this, then I am dead in love
  59. You will kill me with your love
  60. Pretty angel
  61. Lovely and special face
  62. Good morning, beautiful one.
  63. [name of country] most beautiful lady
  64. Cute smile
  65. So sweet
  66. Beautiful, superb, pretty, gorgeous, adorable, and sexy
  67. Fresh girl in the universe
  68. God’s masterpiece
  69. Hi bae good morning
  70. Nice eyelashes
  71. I like the thing you have
  72. Love the way you are my dear
  73. Charming and angel
  74. You are such a beautiful classy woman and I just love you so much
  75. You are the best of my choice, your love and beauty have made me mad
  76. You are the epitome of beauty, you are looking good
  77. So sweet darling
  78. My sweetheart is beautiful, my super love is beautiful I like my love and the love of my life is so beautiful
  79. Oh yes, that’s so awesome and impressive babe
  80. You look attractive baby, enjoy your day
  81. My diamond, love you my darling
  82. I love it. You look great
  83. Hugs and kisses to you
  84. Fresh sweet hip
  85. You are the first lady of the week…….
  1. Imagine we are both together in a lonely room and looking at each other right now?
  2. You held me and I couldn’t move
  3. You made my pant wet
  4. I need you to come over to watch me sleep
  5. Am feeling so lonely, please come let me see you
  6. I just need someone to talk to
  7. You are cute when you lie
  8. Funny how you kept staring at my pants like a lost child – were you nervous
  9. If I’m not exaggerating, you’ve been warming up for this night for months – lol
  10. Hey I’m going to send you something breathe taking [send a none sensual funny clip]
  11. I like how nervous you were when I dressed 👗down
  12. Tell me your favorite moment last night
  13. Was that your favorite song you kept humming?
  14. Hahahahahaha, seeing you running everywhere was hilarious – there was no hiding place
  15. Want to dance?

Example of Flirting Conversation

Girl: I’ve taken my med and feeling sleepy, need someone to bath me.

Guy: Come to my place let me bath you

Girl: Come pick me up….

Guy: I’ll get you hot and you’ll sleep the whole day

Girl: And you’ll go to the grocery to get my items, you’ll wake me up for my med in the afternoon, and for the evening one too.

Remember you’ll wake me for dinner too.

Guy: Are you a soothe sayer, you just read into my plans…

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