What to Text After Sex

Things to text after sex

No matter how you are tempted to make your text simple after sex, avoid words like ok, and what’s up when texting or replying her text after sex.

Don’t take too long to text her if that’s your first time together. Just as sending generic text will make her feel bad, delaying your text won’t make her feel any better.

That is why I have taken my time speaking with a number of couples and attaching my personal experience to compile a rich list of things to say after sex.

Get this free 141 and more intimate things to tell your partner after sex to make them want more.

  1. Imagine we are both together in a lonely room and looking at each other right now?
  2. You held me and I couldn’t move
  3. You made my pant wet
  4. I need you to come over to watch me sleep
  5. Am feeling so lonely, please come let me see you
  6. I just need someone to talk to
  7. You are cute when you lie
  8. Funny how you kept staring at my pants 👖 like a lost child – were you nervous
  9. If I’m not exergerating, you’ve been warming up for this night for months – lol
  10. Hey I’m going to send you something breathe taking
  11. I like how nervous you were when I dressed 👗down
  12. Tell me your favorite moment last night
  13. Was that your favorite song you kept humming?
  14. Hahahahahaha, seeing you running everywhere was hilarious – there was no hiding place
  15. Want to dance?

Example of Flirting Conversation

Girl: I’ve taken my med and feeling sleepy, need someone to bath me.

Guy: Come to my place let me bath you

Girl: Come pick me up….

Guy: I’ll get you hot and you’ll sleep the whole day

Girl: And you’ll go to the grocery to get my items, you’ll wake me up for my meds in the afternoon, and for the evening one too.

Remember you’ll wake me for dinner too.

Guy: Are you a soothe sayer, you just read into my plans…

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