84+ Simple Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend: To Make You Win

Building a strong and meaningful connection with your girlfriend involves not only sharing your thoughts and feelings but also delving into deeper conversations that help you understand each other better.

Questions to ask your girlfriend

Asking thoughtful and engaging questions is a fantastic way to foster communication and strengthen your bond. In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of questions designed to spark meaningful conversations with your girlfriend.

From exploring her dreams and aspirations to understanding her perspectives on love and life, these questions aim to deepen your connection and create lasting memories together. So, get ready to embark on a journey of discovery and intimacy as you explore these questions with your girlfriend.

Let’s dive in.

What are the Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend?

Getting a conversation to start can be difficult, but what can be more brain wracking is keeping the conversation flowing. Girls can be hard to get on the table to communicate.

To keep conversation flowing between you and a girl, ask questions. Ask the kind of questions which lead to different questions. Find out subjects that interest her most.

  1. Do you plan on supporting your family outside of marriage?
  2. Who do you expect to handle the payment of bills?
  3. Would you be ready to get a second job if we had financial problems?
  4. How much money do you earn?
  5. What are we going to teach our children about money?
  6. Do you plan on having any inheritance?
  7. How sure are you about moving forward with this relationship?
  8. What kind of parent do you hope to be?
  9. If you have children, how do you plan on educating them, i.e., public, private, or homeschooling?
  10. How do you like to be supported?
  11. Are you open to going to couples counseling before, during, or after marriage?
  12. What are your expectations when it comes to house chores, i.e., cooking, sweeping, cleaning, etc.?
  13. Is being close to extended family important to you?

Personal Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

The only way to know someone is to hear them out or watch what they do. When you chat your girlfriend, you want to hear what is on their mind, by so you can please them also help them in your best way to keep the relationship alive.

  1. What is your last name?
  2. Do you have a middle name?
  3. What name do your family call you by?
  4. What’s your age?
  5. How would you prefer your life at age thirty?
  6. Do you intend working at your current job for long? Why would you want to work there for long?
  7. How do you take bad jokes?
  8. What is the relationship between you and parents? Mother and father.
  9. How do you relate with your siblings?
  10. How many siblings do you have?
  11. Would you own a business should you have the opportunity?
  12. Why did you choose this career? Was it forced on you by your parents?
  13. How fast do you adjust to new environment?
  14. What do you know about yourself?
  15. What do you think of working outside the country?
  16. Are your parents from the same country? City or town.
  17. Are you a believer?
  18. Where do you worship?
  19. Do you love machines? Are you into technology?
  20. Tell me your favorite computer program.
  21. Which office program are you good at?
  22. Apple and Android which do you prefer and why?
  23. Why do you choose trade over college?

Health Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

Discussing health problems with people can get dicey. Be careful what you ask your girlfriend. For people to discuss their health with others they ought to trust them.

You need to grow and gain that trust to ask such questions.

Don’t mock her or use these things against her in the future.

  1. Have you suffered from any sexually transmitted infections (STIs)?
  2. Were you ever admitted at the hospital?
  3. How do your body react to cold weather?
  4. Orthodox and herbal medication, which do you prefer?
  5. Are you lazy at taking pills?
  6. Have you ever taken contraceptive?
  7. Are you a pro-life or pro-choice?
  8. Please have you ever removed a baby in any circumstance beyond your control?
  9. How often do you report to the hospital or clinic for checkup?
  10. Do you know your blood group?
  11. Do you wear spectacle? For fun or eye health?
  12. Do you hate visiting the hospital?
  13. Can you attend to the sick?
  14. Are you allergic to any food?
  15. Do you exercise?
  16. Would you prefer prayers over hospital?
  17. Would you choose over-the-counter drugs instead of visiting the clinic?

Household Questions to Ask A Girl

It is important to know how your girlfriend will want to be treated in the house and how she will treat you.

Things she is willing to do or sacrifice when you both finally made it as married couples.

Here are a few questions you can ask her to know her mind.

  1. Will you cook for me if I ask you to?
  2. Which food do you find easy preparing?
  3. Do you cook?
  4. Would you have me buy you food from the bar instead of cooking?
  5. How often do you wash?
  6. Are you lazy to wash?
  7. Would you be okay to have my mother home with us for a week if we are married?

Questions to Ask a Girl to Make Her Laugh

Making your girl laugh can be a very strategic thing to do to enhance your relationship. Everyone is different.

What may amuse a girl may not amuse the other.

Try finding out things that trigger laughter when communicating with your girlfriend or a girl.

Check this list.

  1. Do I look like your father?
  2. Do you think I’m boring?
  3. Do you find me attractive?
  4. What is your favorite Mr. Bean movie?
  5. What was the funniest thing your mother said to your dad?
  6. I am having a weird feeling you are in love with me. I’m I right?
  7. Why are you keeping me on a waiting list?
  8. What situation made you lie when you were young?
  9. You are just amazing and you look beautiful. Do you know?

Romantic and Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

  1. Do you prefer to be on top?
  2. How big was your ex?
  3. What is your wildest dream?
  4. If there’s anything to change about my look, what will you?
  5. Does it feel like there’s something inside you when you do it?
  6. Where did you give away your innocence?
  7. Did you ever make love at an open place?
  8. How long will you take to accept a guy?
  9. Have you ever been to a night club?
  10. How often do you have sex?
  11. How would you describe a perfect relationship?
  12. What do you want in a man?
  13. How soon do you want to marry?
  14. How many babies do want?
  15. When will you want to start having babies? Which age, will you want to graduate from the college or have a trade?

101 Things A Woman Will Do if She Really Loves You

“If she wants you, she will put a bid in your direction. The most common bid is direct eye contact. A smile. Repeatedly glancing at you and away from you. These are the signals; what you do with them is up to you.” John Gottman, PhD, Julie Schwartz Gottman, PhD

1. She asks you to trim her nails

When a woman loves you, she wants to have romantic moments with you. One of the best times you can have together is cutting nails for each other.

By this, you can have access to her body. And if she is willing to grant you this much access to her body and also wants to touch you, she must be in love with you.

2. She takes your cloth to laundry or do manual washing

While we still fight over whose job it is to do the laundry; a woman who really loves you will not mind washing your cloth even though at times she may need some help with it.

Some women can have bad feelings when you do not allow them to wash your cloths. At times they may feel you do not love them or trust them or think they can’t wash well.

3. She finds out who calls when you put her call on hold

A little amount of jealousy is healthy for your relationship. Imagine if you stop by every girl in the city and she only laugh over it and move on, or she doesn’t mind whoever you speak with?

It wouldn’t look like she cares about you and the relationship. Would it?

4.When she really loves you, she calls or texts regularly

Any woman in love with you will check up on you frequently no matter her busy schedule. This may change along the line but she will still find some space to hear from you.

If she doesn’t call or text often, you may be in the friend zone. You get me, right?

5. A woman who loves you stays on phone with you longer

She doesn’t only want to hear from you often; she wants to be a part of your life.

If you don’t stay at the same place, she wants you to know about her daily account and she wants to know yours too.

6. Calling your parents in-laws when she asks of them

If you are not already married and she often joke with the word in-law, it may be a sign she is really into you and she wants to be a part of your family.

For example; she asks of your siblings or parents by saying how are my in-laws doing?

7. Making friends with your immediate family

She wants to get closer to your nuclear family. She makes friends with your sisters and brothers. Call them on phone or visits them. Extend greetings to them.

8. When she speaks with you, she looks your way

One flirting rule by relationship experts is the opposite partner paying close attention to you while you talk. And this is general in our daily lives.

When people are interested in what you say, they watch you instead of scanning the room for their lost needle.

9. She lets you in on her little secrets and daily activities

Women are good at reporting on daily events in their live. When she loves you, she wants you to know what is going on with her and not just that, she tells you her secrets.

Believe it when she says no one else knows about this.

10. If she really loves you she wants to cook for you

Wise men say the way to a man’s heart is the belly. She wants you to see her cooking skills, most of all, she wants to take care of your stomach. She wants to be your mother.

11. She doesn’t mind you touching her

If you are not sure what her mind is, try touching her, not in sexual way. Keep your hand on her for a while to see her reaction. If she is fine with it, then she may be into you.

12. She wants to be seen with you in public

Actually, women are secretive but one thing they don’t mess with is the guy they show up with in gatherings.

They just want everyone to see him if they think he’s that one person they want.

13. She wants to show you off to her family

One thing is to get the pass to public and the other is coming into the family house. When both facts are checked, you have done a great job.

14. She introduces you to her friends

Friends can be a big influence on mate selection especially when it comes to females. If she feels ok bringing you in front of her friends; then, she really loves you.

15. She spends her resources on you

We know all about the man spending on a woman. It is normal. What doesn’t often happen is the woman spending on her man.

When she spends her time, money etc. on you, she really loves you.

16. Travels miles to visit you

She wants to see you not only hear your voice on phone or read dummy text on social media.

17. She is willing to resolve conflicts

Regardless of the situation, she isn’t pompous to resolve conflicts. She wants to burry the past and move on with you.

18. She is intimate both emotional and physical

Willingness on her side to get to know you more and spend time with you and also be so close to you.

19. She wants to eat with you

Yes! She will want to eat with you. This is a moment you can get intimate and cheerful.

20. She accepts your look

Every woman is different, they have their individual taste, whether people consider you hot or not, if she loves you, she doesn’t mind.

21. Loves you regardless of your financial status

Whether you have a job or you are a middle class, she wants to spend the rest of her life with you. That is true love. A woman willing to help you grow and develop together.

22. Understand and respect your culture

When I say culture, I mean your immediate family way of life. Every household has a culture.

And yours may differ from hers. But if she understands and she wants to roll with you, she loves you.

23. Respects your choice of faith

You may want to pay attention to religion when choosing a partner. Because it plays an important role than we think.

But if she wants to spend her life with you despite coming from a different faith, she really loves you.

24. Gives you signals and cues on what makes her happy

If she loves you, she will make you know things that will make her want you more and stay connected with you.

25. It doesn’t take her long to reply your texts

When it takes long before she replies your text, she may not be thinking of you as you are. There are exceptions to the rule. Perhaps she is busy, which you can be too etc.

26. She returns your call quickly

When she happens to miss your call, she returns it quickly. It shows a sign of interest.

27. She doesn’t want to share you with anyone

Oh yeah! You heard me right! A little jealousy is healthy for your relationship. Who wants to share his woman?

28. She shares everything with you

My mom shares everything with us in the house. Even if we all have a bottle of wine, she still wants you to taste hers even though it’s the same drink.

That’s what a woman in love does.

29. Gets carried away with things you say

Have you ever had lady in your life who just get lost in every word that comes from your mouth? This may be a sign she really loves you.

30. She believes in you

If she loves you, you will know it because she will believe in you. Note: you should do things that are worth believing in.

31. She will call you gentle names

There she goes with pet names, first name, Mr., last name, dear, darling, sweetheart, and all the fancy words and phrases that makes your head big.

32. She talks about marriage

Very important thing you should expect from a woman that loves you is marriage. Whether you are ready or not, whether she wants marriage now or later, she will talk about it.

Make plans for it.

33. She plans your future together

Exactly. She draws vacation plans, honeymoon calendar, talk about saving attitude.

34. She talks about having kids together

She talks about having children with you. The school they will go, how you will both take care of them. Who will be available for them and all child related plans.

35. You miss many calls from her if you are not with your phone

When you left your phone in your bedroom to take a walk, by the time you return, you have a long query to answer.

You have to explain where you were and what you were doing before you couldn’t answer her call. That’s a sign she is in love.

36. Gets worried if she did not hear from you

The reason for the many missed calls on your phone is the worry of not hearing from you.

She is wondering what is happening to you, what you are doing and where you are and who is with you. You know right?

37. Gives excuse to her parents to see you

If she stays with her parents, and she needs to see you, she forms things to tell her parents just to make it to your end.

38. Wants to spend all her time with you

Just as she wants to talk to you all day long, she wants to spend all her time with you. She wants that connection. She wants to be sure you are for her and she is for you.

39. Pays attention when you talk

Everything you say makes sense to her. So, she wants to listen to you. It is important you say things that matters.

40. She supports your dream

If she doesn’t support you then she is not for you. If she is not for you, she is against you and she doesn’t love you.

So, move on. Any woman who cannot support your dream is not in love with you.

41. She doesn’t compare you to others

When you see her comparing you to her ex, uncle, dad, especially in negative way, that relationship does not stand a chance and she really doesn’t love you.

42. She buys you cloth

She wants you to look good that she can take you to public places and show you off to family and friends.

43. She treats your family members well

Oh yeah! She treats her in-laws with respect, and even if she isn’t already in the family, she wants to be nice to them.

44. She is concern about your wellbeing

She wants to know how you are doing. Your health is her primary goal.

45. Empathizes with you

She shares your feelings and try to be in your pain when you are hurt or something bothers you.

46. Respects your physical boundaries

In every relationship it is important to respect each other’s boundaries. If she loves you, she gives you that space to be yourself.

47. Respects your emotional boundary

She allows you to have a moment with yourself to be able to grow and develop independently and also as couples.

48. Laughing at any small joke you make

Ladies love humors. If you find her laughing at your jokes, she may be in love with you. It is beyond the jokes, it is a matter of the heart.

49. She shows compassion

She shows concern for things that involves you daily.

50. If she plays hard to get and you walk away, she draws closer

Whenever you chase her and she is difficult to get, don’t try too hard. It doesn’t work! If she is into you, she will chase back if you give her space.

51. Bath together with you

She wants to join you in the bath house. Which means she wants to share her body and vulnerability with you.

52. Sets romantic dinner

She makes it up to you to share hot light dinner together on occasions.

53. Invites you to her place of worship

Any lady who is a believer wants you to know her church or place of worship. Also, it is a way of introducing you to the church members, pastor, friends and family.

They also want to know your way of worship.

54. Feeds you when you eat

There’s nothing more romantic during dinner when you face your partner and eat together then you both attempts feeding each other. So lovely.

55. Shares your towel

When she shares your towel, it is a sign of connection.

56. She wears your cloth

She puts on your cloth to show you she is deeply connected to you. Both physically and emotionally.

57. She sings for you either in person or on phone

When she is a music type, you will hear her often making good music for you on the other side of the phone. The woman who doesn’t want you won’t have such time for you.

58. She snaps lots of selfie with you

She wants to be in the photo with you to share memories with you and show off to her friends.

59. Shares your photograph on social media

Sharing photos of both of you or you on social media.

60. She invites you into her space or environment

A woman who doesn’t have time for you won’t bring you into her space. Don’t haste for anything sexual when she does.

61. She leaves the door open for you

When you mess up, she doesn’t blot your name off her book easily. When you delay, she keeps the door open waiting on you. While giving signals that she is available.

62. Constant repetitive eye contact

Psychologist Monica Moore, PhD, of Webster University after observing 200 women at singles bar, restaurants, parties, and other places observed that, women send nonverbal cues to men they are interested in certain ways.

One of them is constant eye lock and looking away, then repeating the process. When you see this, she may be into you.

63. Asking you open-ended questions

When she is into you, she wants to know you. And one way to do so is asking questions that reveals your personal identity. When she does, take advantage and get to know her too.

64. She breaks away from group to be with you

Instead of being with her friends, she prefers spending time alone with you. That is a sign she loves you.

65. She tries to get you away from your friends

If she is not breaking away from her friends, she is doing something radical by causing you to break from your friend chain to be with her.

66. She extends greetings to you through her friends and relatives

If she meets people who knows you, she sends you greetings.

67. She tells your relatives to take care of you

With this, it is bonus for you. When she is able to voice out to your family to take care of you for her; it means she has already registered herself as a member of your body.

She asks friends and close relatives personal questions about you

It is about getting to know you on a personal level but trying to find more genuine answers and information about you.

It isn’t playing FBI but it is an appropriate way to hear it all. This is because she wants more than friendship. Step up your game when you see things of this sort.

12 Nonverbal Flirting Signs and Cues of a Woman

According to Dr. Gottman, before a man approaches a woman, he receives signals from her. Women determine who wins their heart, failure to notice these signals cause disappointment.

68. She frequently smiles at you

One cue stated by Dr. John Gottman in “The Man’s Guide to Women” is, women smile to flirt with the man they admire and see as potential mate.

69. Tilts her head as she gives short glances

Also, Psychologist Monica Moore, PhD, in her study, observed that, women will tilt their heads as a way of flirting. When you are sure this is your call, follow the lead.

70. Run her fingers through her hair as she pays attention to you

She also observed that, women run their fingers through their hair while giving you constant glances.

71. Lick her lips when looking your direction

Psychologist Monica Moore, PhD, again noticed that women will lick their lips in attractive way to flirt. When you see this sign, try to look for nearby cues to take a step.

72. She exposes her neck in a way of subtle flirting

If she looks at you and exposes her neck, looking your direction, try to approach her to find out what is going on with her.

73. Showing her palms to you in a subtle flirtatious manner

Also showing her palms can be a way of showing interest in you.

74. Hiking up her skirts a bit while giving quick glances

This is one obvious cue Psychologist Monica Moore, PhD, observed in her study.

75. Revealing more of her legs

If she is not hiking up her skirts, she is revealing her legs or doing both to get your attention.

76. Turns in her seat to draw your attention

This is like, hey am calling you out for a conversation. If you can, come over lets have a little chat in my office. Simple!

77. She caresses an object sometimes in sensual ways

Pressing her fingers against any object in her hand or around in more sensual way.

78. Walking across the room and swaying her hips

She may shake her back to invite your attention.

79. She pays attention

Dr. Gottman talks about how a woman who is not interested in you sends signal letting you know she doesn’t want you.

If you insist and approach her, you may yawn, lean on something instead of leaning forward or turn away to talk to a friend or look at something random while you talk.

If you approach and she is not doing any of those but listening, you may be the lucky guy.

80. Displeased for failing to visit her

If she loves you, she wants to spend time with you. If you happen to go to her neighborhood and failed to see her, she gets upset about it.

This means she wants to have you around.

81. She asks how you spend the night

Lovers do this all the time. They want to know how your night was.

82. She wants to know if you eat

Trying to find out what you eat. It’s a way of checking on you.

83. She brings gift to her in-laws

Bringing gifts to in-laws or in-laws to be when she visits.

84. She comforts you when you are troubled

This is a sign she cares deeply for you.

85. She is not demanding

She doesn’t want to see a million-dollar golf shoe on you to be with you. She doesn’t put pressure on you to buy her things.

86. Shares her favorite things with you

She shares her favorite movies, stories and books with you to make you stay connected.

87. Wants you to be pivotal

She wants you to be the man. She wants to hear you make the decision that affects both of you.

88. Before she travels, she lets you know about it

Telling you her whereabout.

89. Makes phone call with you when she is with her friends

Because she wants her friends to know she has someone special, she will be bold to make call with you when she is with them.

90. Tells you she loves you

She will say it boldly that she loves you. Just like that.

91. Tells you she misses you

If she loves you, she will miss you and will say it.

92. Loves to put her arm on your shoulder as you walk

Yeah, she wraps her arms around you from time to time to keep you close.

93. Loves to play with your body

Loves touching you. Fixing your shirt, your tie, hair, eyebrow etc.

95. Makes funny jokes when she is around you

She gets funny and playful any time she is with you.

96. She doesn’t want to hurt your feelings

Like walking on eggshell. She is gently with you. Time will change things but she will still respect for you.

97. Makes you jealous to see if you love her too

She wants to be sure if you are really feeling what she feels for you. So, she will try to use other guys to make you jealous.

98. She finds out if someone else is in your life

Once a while she wants to know if there’s any special girl in your life.

99. She feels lonely without you

Whenever you are not with her, she becomes lonely.

100. She frequently talks about you

Bingo! Talking about you often. Citing example with you.

101. She doesn’t mind touching you in the presence of others

Women can get deep with love. If she is into you, she will not care keeping her hands on you no matter who is around.

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