Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

Questions to ask your girlfriend
  1. Do you plan on supporting your family outside of marriage?
  2. Who do you expect to handle the payment of bills?
  3. Would you be ready to get a second job if we had financial problems?
  4. How much money do you earn?
  5. What are we going to teach our children about money?
  6. Do you plan on having any inheritance?
  7. How sure are you about moving forward with this relationship?
  8. What kind of parent do you hope to be?
  9. If you have children, how do you plan on educating them, i.e., public, private, or homeschooling?
  10. How do you like to be supported?
  11. Are you open to going to couples counseling before, during, or after marriage?
  12. What are your expectations when it comes to house chores, i.e., cooking, sweeping, cleaning, etc.?
  13. Is being close to extended family important to you?

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