13 Signs a Woman is Sexually Attracted to You

Yeah, finally you have won the heart of your crush, and you are the happiest man on earth. But wait a minute, you are not sure she is sexually attracted to you.

Signs a woman is sexually attracted to you

For some reason you were able to win her over but whenever you engage in sexual intercourse, things look dry between you.

This may be because you are not pleasing her the way she desires, so the appropriate thing to do is ask questions. Find out how she wants to be handled.

If she is a shy type or finds it difficult to open up, look for subtle ways to make her communicate her wishes. Also, follow her signals, her body movement, eye contact, and sound to understand what works best for her.

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With that said, let’s look at possible signs that may suggest that your wife or girlfriend is sexually attracted to you when making love.

How to Know a Woman is Sexually Attracted to You

1. Willingness to Engage in pillow talk

According to Sara Lindberg, pillow talk can make you feel connected to your partner physically and emotionally. When you engage in pillow talk, you become open and vulnerable with your partner.

When your partner is not ready to connect with you, she wouldn’t be committed to such kind of conversation.

A woman who finds you attractive and wants to spend more time with you will create the chance to have pillow talk. This kind of talk can happen before or after sex.

2. She leads you on when you touch her sensually

One way to find out if your girlfriend loves you intimately is to touch her. When she is attracted to you, she will touch you back or permit you to touch her sensitive areas.

As you have intercourse, she can direct your hands to parts of her body she wants you to hold.

3. She will kiss you passionately

If a woman loves you, she is willing to have passionate kiss with you. At times she may instigate the kiss. If she doesn’t allow you to kiss her passionately,

If the problem is not from you, she may not be into you.

4. She smooches you and draw your body closer

She spends time on your body, hold you close and becomes eager for your touch. She touches you romantically and allows you to do same. During sex, glues herself to your body.

5. She whispers sensitive phrases in your ear

A woman in love surrenders herself to her partner to experience ultimate love affair. And if the man really satisfies her desire, she may whisper romantic words in his ears. She may even speak these words loud.

Not every woman will do this, at times, some may want to but lack what to say to their partners.

6. She agrees to try different sex positions

She is ready to explore. One thing that will show you that your girl loves you is her willingness to try other sex positions with you.

She is eager to satisfy your sexual pleasure by changing positions when you make love.

7. She is fluid and accessible

If your woman is always rigid when you want to touch her sexually, she may not want you intimately. She may have her own reason for not allowing you to have sex with her, so, try to find out from her before concluding.

8. She moans

Moaning during sex comes naturally but not for everyone. At times, it depends on the man’s ability. Sex happens between 2 people, if the other partner is not ready for it, the experience lacks the right chemistry.

So, if she is not into you and does not want you to have her sexually, she will not be present in the moment.

9. Directs you to her erogenous areas

This goes back to what we’ve being saying from the beginning, if she is sexually attracted to you, she wants you to be the one to satisfy her. So, she directs you to parts of her body that will give her pleasure.

10. She takes down your clothe

One of the things you may experience with a woman who really wants to engage in sexual activity with you is, she goes ahead to loose your button to take down your cloth or ask you do this to each other simultaneously.

11. She leads you to bed

When she wants you sexually, she initiates the process. When she pays visit, instead of using the sit or watching television, she jumps to the bed and asks you to join her.

At times, she may drag you to bed when you are not making any attempt to join her.

12. Engages in dirty talks

She is quick to start dirty talks with you when you are conversing. A woman that finds you sexually appealing will likely say things that will turn you on.

Looking for dirty talks before or after sex to keep your partner always in the mood? Here are 141 and more emotional and romantic words you can text or say to your partner.

13. Sends you flirty materials

When a girl likes you sexually, she will send you sensitive texts, images, videos and she is likely to draw your attention to romantic movies and objects.

She uses these things to initiate romantic thoughts and indirectly communicate her feelings for you. It may be sharing her experience with her ex or how she may want to be satisfied.

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