41 Good Night Texts Your Partner Wants You to Send

Let your affection shine through every word, ensuring a restful night’s sleep and dreams filled with the warmth of your love. Send a good night text tonight and let your partner drift off to sleep knowing they are cherished beyond measure.

Good night texts

Good night texts shouldn’t always be your final words to your partner. They can lead to slow and sweet conversations that carry both of you deep to sleep. They can be in a question form, but make sure they don’t lead to an argument. They can also be words of affirmation of your love, trust, and faith in your partner.

Your good night texts can be a short story, lullaby, short poem, romantic phrases, words of faith, encouragement, blessing, and confirmation of your love for your partner.

  1. The night will not change my undying love for you
  2. I will always be your princess here and in the land of fairytales, sleep well my love
  3. There’s nothing more compelling than your smile
  4. I’ll be right here watching your beautiful face
  5. Tell me something nice before you sleep
  6. Give me a kiss before you go
  7. May the heavens bless your night with love and peace
  8. Good night lovebird
  9. Would you stay another minute if I ask you to ……
  10. You are my Superman, the man with the big ‘S’ on his chest
  11. Sleep without fear, anxiety, and worries about what tomorrow will bring
  12. Go on and sleep, I’ll be your guardian angel
  13. Sleep without a cough —- lol
  14. I love how you made me feel this morning, it was enjoyable
  15. Tell me one thing you will miss about me tonight
  16. Baby I don’t want to go, I’m enjoying you so much
  17. My mom keeps asking you ……. she wants to know if you are okay
  18. I’m feeling sleepy, but if you ask me to stay on the phone with you I will
  19. Your family is so lovely to me
  20. I want you to stay in my life forever
  21. I will be the first to say good morning, so when the first cockcrows, that’s my sweet message to you
  22. I’ve been thinking about you the whole day, it’s hard we couldn’t meet
  23. The first thing I’ll do in the morning is to dial your number to listen to your voice and see how you are doing so keep your phone close
  24. There’s nothing I wanted more than seeing you that night, I hate you have to travel uninformed
  25. May the stars 🌟 guide you, my love
  26. I want to see you Beatrice am missing you
  27. Do you know what’s on my mind …… the famous last night 🌃
  28. Lying on my lonely bed 🛏️ thinking about you, where are you now
  29. Dream a thousand dreams but dedicate a special one to me
  30. I had a dream this afternoon, you were hitting my buttocks and I woke up so wet
  31. I can’t sleep missing you dearly
  32. If I have wings, I’ll fly to Florida to be with you this night
  33. I have a dream, a song to sing to help me cope with everything but I can’t cope lying here without your arms around me
  34. The night is here, I have many words on my mind to tell you, if you were here I’d 😘 kiss you….. since you are not, I’ll save it for tomorrow, and for the words, I’ll only say one – I love you
  35. Getting addicted to you sleeping beside me
  36. I’m so much into you I can hardly feel myself without touching you
  37. Who’s loving you tonight……. your phone is dead, didn’t hear from you the whole day, if you happen to see my text, I am dying to hear your voice
  38. Saving the best for tomorrow
  39. I called a thousand times and the voicemail was all over, where have you been
  40. The 🌟 stars are up, crickets singing, watching the shadows of lovers dancing through my window, it’s like nature is teasing me – sorry for hurting you
  41. I need you here tonight

11 Rules to Observe when Writing Good Night Texts

  1. Keep it simple and short
  2. Keep your message clear to understand
  3. Stay away from texts that start an argument
  4. Confess your love and faith in your partner
  5. Encourage them
  6. Send messages that will bless them
  7. Make them feel safe with you
  8. Send short poems e.g., romantic poems
  9. Be funny with your message
  10. Build your texts on theirs
  11. Be polite and bold


Send goodnight and sweet dreams text before you go to bed. There’s something really special about it for women. It makes her trust you and connect with you on a deeper level.

Look at it this way, it gives her a sense of security and sweetness. Women want a man that can protect them. So, if she sees this in you, you are forever her pick.

Just a quick one will do. It doesn’t have to be long. Once a while, you can send a long one but make it catchy and romantic.

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Final word about personal development, if you have something occupying you, you don’t throw all of your focus on her. Making you stay in charge and control of your emotions.

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