How to Tell a Girl You Love Her Without Saying I Love You

Your woman wants to be a part your life. She wants to know how much and often you think of her. A woman’s desire is to be in your conscious and subliminal mind. If you can do that or show it, her heart will always beat for you.

How to tell a girl you love her

Some times telling a girl you love her may not be enough. Since many people don’t mean this words she wants to see you live what you say. If you are that person looking for how to tell your girl you love her without saying I love you, you are in the right place. Here are 11 secret ways to tell your woman you love her without saying I love you.

Send her good morning text message. Don’t travel or leave the house without her knowledge. Give her the attention she needs. Express your feelings verbally. Tell your woman you miss her and let your actions demonstrate it.  Tell her how beautiful she is.

How to Tell A Girl You Love Her Without Words

Come to think of it. Your girlfriend meets hundreds of guys everyday that are vying for her attention. They are all saying the same thing “I love you.” This is what you tell her too.

Who do you think she will give her attention to? The guy saying I love you every day without showing it or the guy that proves his love for her?

I think in many cases, she will give her attention to the later. That is why you should learn to how to tell your girl you love her without saying I love you.

Actions speak louder than words!

1. Send Her Sweet Good Morning Text

Starting her day with good morning texts can make her feel loved in the morning. These words make her feel special.

If she’s not with you, you shouldn’t forget to say hello every morning through text message. It will mean so much to her. She knows you are serious with her.

If you share the same bed, when you wake up, greet her. Before my mom leaves the house, she walks to everyone’s door to say hello.

Whiles this makes her the sweetest mom on earth; it also tells you how she would love to be treated.

Sweet good morning texts to your girlfriend

  1. Good morning sunshine.
  2. There’s this one comment I reserved for this morning. You looked amazing in your suit.
  3. Look at the bright side. You lose your job but you have me to take care of you until you find another. Remember I am always here for you.
  4. Stop worrying about tomorrow, tomorrow will provide itself.
  5. Whenever there’s a new day, I want to hear your voice and see your smile.
  6. Wherever there’s love, I think of you and me walking down the aisles on our wedding day.
  7. The same angels that watched over us in the night will keep watch over us this bright day. Have a wonderful morning darling.
  8. The day is bright, I wish you peace, hope and love. Have a sweet day.
  9. I never had a night like what we had, it was fun and full of wonderful memories.
  10. You know what? I am inviting you to my birthday party coming this Friday. There will be friends, families, laughter and there will be songs. There will be fun all night long.

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2. Don’t Travel or Leave the House Without Her Knowledge

My mother does not only greet you, she informs you of where she is going. If she’s going to the market, she tells you.

Again, you should be aware she would not be happy with the situation where you leave the house or travel without her knowledge.

Inform your woman before you leave the house. This is how you can express your love without saying I love you.

My father is a teacher and a catchiest. He’s busy with other things in the town because of his position. So, he goes to town 2 to 5 times a day or even more at times.

He never leaves without informing my mother.

  • Tell her exactly where you are going if you will stay long or go far
  • Tell her the time you will be home if possible
  • When you are back, let her know
  • When you are at your destination, let her know – if you travel far or went to work

3. Give Her the Attention She Needs

Women love a man’s attention. Giving her attention will make her know how you feel about her and how you prioritize her.

A woman wants to hold a special position in a man’s life. She does not want to be treated as afterthought.

A woman doesn’t want you to complete all the things you find important to you before getting to her.

During this Mother’s Day, I wished a friend happy Mother’s Day around 8pm.

She called and was nagging all over the phone. Although she was happy to receive the message, she felt she waited too long to receive it.

It felt like she was my afterthought.

  • Your woman wants you to need her like the air you breathe.
  • When she talks listen to her.
  • Ask follow up questions when you talk so she knows you are listening and interested in what she says.
  • Tell her things regarding you, don’t let her hear it from another person.
  • If you are looking for how to show a girl you love her without talking to her, give her attention.

4. Express Your Love Verbally

The hidden ways to say I love you to your girlfriend or wife is to tell her how you value her presence. Make her know she is important to you and tell her about how she brought joy into your life.

Also, mention the addictions you gave away because of her. And how she healed your broken heart.

Expressing your love verbally without saying I love you

  1. There’s no other woman in my heart apart from you.
  2. I will forever stay true to the love we have.
  3. Honey, it is a great opportunity having you in my life.
  4. Your presence in my world is a perfect timing. My life was chaotic when you came and you fixed me completely. Thank you.
  5. Just like the air I breath, strength I have, the life I live, you are important to me and I need you so much.
  6. You brought unimaginable joy to my life for that I say thank you darling.
  7. My heart was left broken on the wall. I was in so much pain. I never thought I could love again. Then you came and changed my story. I love you baby.
  8. I’m in love with a church girl. My friends used to laugh at me. You changed me with your teachings.
  9. Didn’t know I could stop smoking. But your love is stronger than my addiction.

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5. Tell Your Wife or Girlfriend You Miss Her

Telling your woman, you miss her is a way of expressing your love indirectly. It shows you care about her.

Texting or saying I miss you is a romantic way to impress a girl and make her fall deeply in love with you. If you are saying this genuinely, you can tell you are in love.  

Ways to tell a girl you miss her

  1. Hey baby, can’t wait to get home
  2. I’ll be late today, I have somethings to attend to at the office, missing you already
  3. Its two weeks since you travelled, how’re you doing there without me love – I am taking it had
  4. I am eating your favorite food for dinner
  5. I called 5 times but switched off. Are you ok
  6. I’ll be home 8pm, come let’s watch movie

6. Have You Tried Telling Her How Beautiful She Is?

Say it from your heart. Tell her she is your beauty queen a thousand times.

Don’t feel reluctant.

Your wife will age. So will you. This does not prevent you from seeing her beauty. If you look, you will see it.

If you are wondering what you can use instead of, I love you, you are beautiful is the cutest way to say I love you.

Say these words to touch her heart

  1. You are so cute I want to see you every day
  2. You have not changed a bit after 30 years…. God has really blessed you with beauty
  3. I never get tired starring at you
  4. Your neck is lovely to watch
  5. There’s something about your eyes that keep me starring – they are pure and honest
  6. Whenever I watch Rihanna perform, I see you – she’s got your forehead and that’s what makes her beautiful
  7. Eyes so sexy, lips so inviting and stop looking
  8. Come close let me hold your broad waist
  9. You look good in this dress
  10. What a nice handwriting
  11. Would you please share some of your incredible thoughts on this matter – I need your advice  

7. Make Her Feel Special

In your family gatherings, you want to be heard, at work you want to be important, among your friends, you want to be valued.

Your woman also wants the same attention you want from others. She wants you to make her feel special.

In order to make her feel special;

  • Give her enough time to express herself
  • Listen to her personal story and don’t be judgmental
  • Ask about her day
  • Ask about her wellbeing
  • Ask of her family
  • Answer her call and reply her messages

8. Acknowledge Your Girlfriend or Wife

Tell her how you value the time she dedicates to you, how caring she is and loving. Appreciating her often makes her feel loved without having to tell her I love you.

Ways to show appreciation to your wife

  1. I know most of the times I am away, you are a busy woman too but you take good care of our home. Thank you for everything  
  2. I just notice a new towel in the bath house, it looks nice
  3. Really appreciate you picking the kids home today
  4. Thanks for understanding my financial difficulties at the time – I know we will bounce back once we complete our new house
  5. Buy her flowers on your way home
  6. Take over the kitchen and fix her a hot plate
  7. Massage her before bed
  8. Understand her when she says she can’t have sex because she is exhausted
  9. Buy her new pair of shoes
  10. Give her a new phone
  11. Call her at work to check on her
  12. I know we’ve been arguing of late, just want you to know I am at fault. Having hard time with my boss at work and I’m putting it on you. Sorry
  13. Thank you for items you bought me

9. Spend Quality Time with Her

Because of our busy schedules today, we barely have time for ourselves or family. This robs us of spending quality time with our loved ones.

But somewhere between the busy line, you should find time to spend quality time with your wife.

Ways to spend quality time with her

  • It can’t happen every day. So, don’t turn your quality time together into argument.
  • Go for vacation
  • Play indoor games
  • Go out with your wife and kids
  • Date her again
  • Go for adventure
  • Sit in the couch and star each other without exchanging words for 20 minutes at least
  • Drive alone on a less busy road
  • Go swimming
  • Bath together
  • Dance on your favorite song
  • Go to the library together
  • Pick the kids from school together

10. Assist Her with the House Chores

No matter how engaged you are with other things, make sure you spend some time with your girlfriend to cook, wash the plates, clean the compound etc.

Assisting her with her chores is how you can tell her you love her without saying it directly. It’s one of the strongest ways to say I love you.

With this, you can melt her heart and make her feel attached to you always.

  • Cook for her
  • Prepare breakfast for her
  • Assist her prepare food
  • Help in arranging the room
  • Help in cleaning the compound
  • Take the kids to school and go for them
  • Iron her dresses
  • Polish her shoes

11. Get Familiar with Her Interest

In order to keep your conversations captivating all the time, get to know your friend’s interest. Things that interest her, subjects she wants to communicate about.

This is important because she knows you love her when you spend time discussing things that matters to her.

These gives you the opportunity to quality conversation.  

  • Make her laugh
  • Find out her favorite topics
  • Introduce new topics
  • Be yourself


There are different ways to say I love you. The real question is, do you mean what it? If you do; then don’t stop at saying it. Put your words into action.

The points above show that, you can show a girl you love her without saying it.

Find a creative way to express your love to make your woman fall deeply in love with you.

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