How to Compliment a Guy After Making Out – 101 Tricks to Know

Get ready to master the art of post-make out compliments and enhance the intimacy of your relationship.

Compliment a guy after making out

Thinking of what to text a guy after sleeping with him? Here’s a free guide to writing a seductive text to a man after making out. After writing many guides on this topic that generate thousands of page views every month, I can assure you that this guide will not give you anything less.

After making out, reminisce on your lovemaking. Let the feelings saturate your thoughts. Then write him sweet long messages. Text what you admire about him, how you feel, and how you pleased him.

Perfect lines to text a guy after making out

  1. The more I moan, the more you hit that spot, then you whispered, is it in? It made me grip you firmly.
  2. Today is the happiest day of my life.
  3. It feels like you’ve been a part of my life for ages.
  4. I’m thinking about us.
  5. Slowly the wind 🌬️ blows past my ears👂it reminds me of how you blew through me yesterday.
  6. It was painful, then, it was sweet, just like a wedding 🍰 cake and a toffee I know. That’s how I love it.
  7. It was a roller-coaster ride.
  8. Your bed is an amusement park. I was taken back to my childhood.
  9. I was trapped in your bed and you had me for breakfast.
  10. You charmed me with your smile. You looked at me, then you smiled, then you caressed me. My heart was beating faster.
  11. My favorite part was when you treated me like a woman.
  12. Your size is scary.
  13. Had it not been that my brother is spending the night with us, I’ll come over.
  14. You are so good.
  15. You almost killed me, dude!
  16. You were breathtaking.
  17. I will buy you an egg when we meet again.
  18. Forgot my pant on your bed. Went home without putting on pants.
  19. Wish I didn’t have to go home. It was full of fun.
  20. You know how to have sex.
  21. You still look like yesterday, making me want to draw closer.
  22. I had a dream about us last night. It was fun.
  23. Thank you for yesterday, I never had any moment like that before in my life.
  24. How you touched and cling to me was amazing, I couldn’t get enough of you.
  25. I loved how you lead me to bed like a baby.
  26. You were so nice to me.
  27. I knew I was destined to live together with you ever since I saw you.
  28. Hope I didn’t embarrass myself with all the screams.
  29. I don’t know, was feeling so honey in your room, it must be the paint. I’ll come get the rest if you still have it.
  30. Amazed with your finger work, it felt exactly like the dick, there was no difference.
  31. What I didn’t know about you was how good you are in bed.
  32. I wanted you so badly and I had you this afternoon.
  33. I want sausage.
  34. Next time I’m not going home.
  35. I was just sleeping the whole day.
  36. The bigger the better [only say this if he’s big].
  37. My thighs hurt badly.

Questions to ask after making out

  1. Tell me was I loud?
  2. Did you find my waist beads attractive?
  3. Did your brother hear my scream? Just hope he didn’t. Did he say anything?
  4. Did you like it yesterday?
  5. Hey sex god…… woke up yet?
  6. How did you feel?
  7. Where did you pick those moves?
  8. Was it nice?
  9. Can I come over tonight? Still on my mind.
  10. Did you enjoy yourself?
  11. How do you want it next time?
  12. Bad boy, how are you doing this morning?
  13. Did you know I was coming over? You seem prepared.
  14. What will you do to me if you have me naked? I am naked on my bed.

What to do after making out

  1. Ask him for a date.
  2. Send a goodnight text
  3. Send a naked picture of yourself [do this only if you trust him]
  4. Send a short clip [erotic film/music video]
  5. Send a love song
  6. Sing for him on the phone
  7. Telling you to love him
  8. Prepare him breakfast if you live together

Things to say to a guy when making out

I talked to 10 girls, this is what they say to their guys when having sex.

Things to learn from the poll

You can supercharge your guy when you know the right thing to say, the right thing to do, and the right sound to make when making out.

If you are looking for how to give your guy pleasure while making out; the template below is your guide. While this template is a great help, you don’t need to memorize it.

  • The most important thing to do is to allow yourself to enjoy the moment
  • Let go of your ego
  • Respond to your feelings
  • Don’t hold back your emotions
  • Express your feelings
  • Act on your feelings (touch erogenous areas, kiss, etc.)

What girls say, do & the sounds they make when making out

  1. Eeeeish, Mom he’s going to kill me.
  2. Aaaah aaaah do you want to kill me?
  3. You are so sweet.
  4. I love you.
  5. Your skin is perfect.
  6. I can’t live without you.
  7. I can’t have enough of you, babe.
  8. It’s not hard, I want it hard.
  9. Tear me apart.
  10. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!!!
  11. Hmmmmm Hmmmm this is so good.
  12. Should I lift my thighs?
  13. Babe, I want to carry your baby.
  14. I can feel it here. Eeeish now it’s here [moaning]
  15. Don’t push all in.
  16. I want you to touch me [mention area].
  17. Come on, give it to me.
  18. You are amazing.
  19. You are my prince, my world, and my joy.
  20. Tell me how to please you more.
  21. It’s paining me!! It’s paining me!!!!
  22. It feels like honey.
  23. Put it all in.
  24. Deep all in my mouth.
  25. Oh no this one you just want to hurt me.
  26. Take it slow, I’m fresh.
  27. Haven’t healed since yesterday. Take it easy on me.
  28. Ash! I’ll remove it
  29. Kiss him passionately.
  30. Caress him and stroke his erogenous areas.
  31. Tell him you want to be on top.
  32. Describe his manhood
  33. Talk about how you want it (fast, slow, hard, etc.)
  34. They scream their mother’s name for help
  35. They hold their men close
  36. Change position
  37. Giggle
  38. Talk about the performance of the man
  39. They talk about the position they feel the man’s organ

How to compliment a guy after kissing

  1. Is this the virgin? A virgin that burns your lips with kisses.
  2. You are such a good kisser.
  3. You do it like a pro.
  4. I felt it under my feet.
  5. You kissed me passionately and I got wet.
  6. Feeling shy looking at you. I was out of control.
  7. Didn’t know my earlobe is so honey.
  8. I will never forget this day in my life.
  9. My legs were shaky.
  10. Send him emoji [lips, heart, flower, ice cream, carrot]
  11. Send him a video [couples kissing, lady kissing the air, lady beaconing]
  12. Send him a photo [ bra, a pant, flower, heart]
  13. Send him a cute photo of yourself.
  14. Design his name and send him.
  15. Text him I love you.
  16. Text him thank you.
  17. I want another one.
  18. I’m shy.
  19. I enjoyed your lips [describe his lip].
  20. I don’t want to clean my neck.
  21. So how long have you been kissing? Haven’t had anything like it.


Texting after making out is very important. Love-making is one process, retaining the chemistry after spending the night together or hooking up is another.

You want to send the right kind of message to your boyfriend or husband to make him feel wanted and appreciated.

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