What to Say After Sex – The Forbidden Template

Sex is a natural, intimate act that can be both physically and emotionally fulfilling. After sex, it’s common to want to bask in the afterglow and share a moment of connection with your partner.

What to say after sex

While everyone may want to express their feelings after sex, not everyone knows what to say after sex. In this article, instead of listing a bunch of things to say after sex, I will rather teach you how to flirt with your partner after sex.

Now if you need a list of words to say after sex, rest assured the links below will give you hundreds of texts after sex, sweet long messages, romantic words, and many more.

Today, let’s look at the type of messages you should send and how you should go about them.

1. Write a short poem to compliment her

If you love poetry, create simple romantic poems to vividly describe how you feel about her.

It doesn’t have to be professional, write in plain English to make her imagine your words and enjoy them.

You can use the example below as a test.

If Walls Could Scream

If walls could scream, they would scream your name a thousand times a day, seeing a gorgeous, splendid, well-built, and astonishing lady in front of them

Nothing compared to the figures they have seen over the years

Your smile crushes walls, and your speech marks anniversaries to come

I’m struck with fever as you walk the arcade

On several occasions, I thought you were beautiful, today; I searched for words to describe the angel before me but nothing would make it

The architect who designed your body is the smartest of all

He decorated your forehead with colorful future

A chest of milk of life

Arms shaped to shield in winter

Your legs brought me to my knees

And thighs set my heart on flame

I am not sure what came to mind when I saw you

All I know is, your look is out of the ordinary

Pretty as picture

Ravishing as clouds on sunny days

My soul could not translate what it felt, leaving my fingers stumbling for befitting words

My body is too light to contain the energy from your aesthetic shape

You are printed on the first page of my mind

Your costume accentuates the magic of a woman

Thank you for walking through that door

2. Make up a story for her on special occasions

Take things to the next level by making up your own story about her during her birthday or special occasions to celebrate her.

It could be a romantic story or a story of bravery. You could also make the story up based on her photo.

You can edit the story below to fit your wife or girlfriend.

The Beautiful Warrior

Once upon a time, there lived a brave girl in a little village somewhere in Africa.

Her name, Atawa, and she was as beautiful as the stars. She was so brave she made friends with the wildest beasts in the jungle.

The villagers loved her for her kind heart even though she was a warrior. She would challenge all the violent men who traveled from nearby villages to attack them.

Atawa, matched with soldiers to fight to defend their small village each year. The only girl with such a bold destiny.

Her parents and siblings were worried she would get into trouble but she always returned a conqueror. During dry seasons, food becomes scarce; the villagers starve severely.

But Atawa gathers other brave men to go hunting to feed the entire village, especially the old and sick. She was named Nunyola for her love, generosity, and kindhearted nature.

As the years passed, Nunyola grew into a full woman and decided to move to another village but far from home to help women and children.

She has a large heart, and she is brilliant too. Somehow, she had access to books at home, so, she learned a lot. She now lives in her new village, where she educates both elderly and young people daily.

If you want to know; she hasn’t forgotten her charitable destiny at all.

Today, da Atawa is blessed with another new age.

And her parents, siblings, family, and friends are so happy to watch her grow in the love she was raised in her mother’s arms.

3. Send good night messages

It is easy to get carried away by life struggles, worry about utility bills, hospital bills, rent, and children’s school fees, and walk past each other as total strangers.

A quick good night text message can add flavor to your romantic life and reassure her that you are still with her.

Send these sweet dream messages to her before you sleep.

Pillow Messages

  • Don’t be nervous when I seem a little off, I am still here for you.
  • We are in this together, I noticed how distracted I have become, but my ❤️ heart has not left you. Sorry that I have become a stranger in our own home.
  • I have not stopped loving you.
  • If I haven’t told you I love you this month yet, this night I want you to know I love you so much.

4. Send her genuine compliments

Pass genuine comments about her looks and the things she does.

  • It’s beautiful watching you sleep
  • You are a great cook
  • You look beautiful in those glasses
  • I have no regrets about choosing you

5. Use emojis to express yourself

The reason we celebrate World Emoji Day is because they have come a long way to change how we communicate. They brought so much value into texting. An emoji could speak a thousand words.

Add emojis to your chat to create a great impression. Send photos that reveal your feelings without writing a long sentence.

Alright, that’s it, family. We have come to the end of what to say after sex. I hope you learned something new. Let me know in the comments which point you will be using this night. Will you add emojis to your text, or write a poem?

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