141+ Things to Say After Sex – Make Your Partner Want More Sex

Several researchers have identified effective communication between partners as a vital component of overall relationship satisfaction (Montesi, Fauber, Gordon, Heimberg, 2010). This article will equip you with all the adorable things to say to make your partner blush and stick with you after spending the night together.

I was nervous, but like a gym instructor; you trained my muscles, so, I can lift the world. If I were a superman, I’d stopped the clock, so we could have the night forever. I love what you did to my body, although I can hardly explain how it feels. You are wilder than I thought, but I like it. I love the way you lie.

Flirty hook up texts Romantic words for him in bed
1. You turned my fantasies into reality, that’s a feeling I won’t forget. I love how you take absolute control of my body
2. Loving you was like sleeping on the bed of rosesLet me love you passionately tonight, my guardian angel
3. will forever wear your love as perfume of ‘the good old days’Your perfect skin chains me to your breath
4. I was lost in your passionYou are magic, extravagant and extremely exquisite
5. Gazed through the hedge surrounding thy flower pot and passed out, for thy presence is not a sight for a commonerWelcome to my paradise, a kingdom reserved for you and me, symbol of my love dedicated to you
6. Thinking of you, I want to bring you under my shelter, give you my name and treat you right at every ageYou are more than all I ever asked for, sort after, you are gently as a river and fiercely as wild fire
Table 1.1: Flirty hook up texts and romantic words for him in bed cheat table

Spice your romantic life by discovering the importance of waist beads in love making and know how to use beads to your advantage in 🛏️ bed.

  1. Your waist beads ornament you like a princess, makes you look hotter, playing with them makes me touch the ceiling.
  2. Woke up with a smile on my face – it’s been long since I had such morning
  3. If I show up with red 🌹 ‘roses’ at your office, just know I can’t get enough of you.
  4. Want to take my bath, would you mind to join?
  5. I’m not patronizing you, it’s rather had to get the night off my mind.
  6. I’m still on bed, come get me up if you still have some energy left to drive.
  7. What lingerie are you putting on?
  8. Do you feel for me tonight?
  9. Can you tell me your favorite moment yesterday?
  10. What have you done to me, I cannot concentrate on work.
  11. I miss your sexy lips.
  12. Don’t know why I can’t stop calling you – what did you do to me?
  13. It was really insane, I’m even feeling shy how I let off my guard without playing hard to get. I like what you did with me.
  14. Still thinking who had the night, it’s a puzzle I have going on in my mind, would you come over that we solve it together? I must have been the winner………
  15. A day without you is boring, I love you.
  16. Can we meet at the bar nearby for some soda after work? If you don’t mind.
  17. Imagine you are beside me, what would you do?
  18. Feeling myself between your chest was exciting.
  19. There’s something you randomly do, it gives me a strange feeling, you grip me hard with your hole when inside you.
  20. I enjoyed myself a lot but I’m more fulfilled hearing you did too.
  21. Do you really mean it when you repeatedly told me you love me after every thrust?
  22. Those 5 minutes were stunning
  23. You gave me a taste of love, and my taste buds yearn for more
  24. Did I look beautiful in your bedroom?

I Enjoy Making Love to You Quotes

Before going crazy on sending these love quotes, I want you to take a minute and go back to improve your communication skills made simple in how to text a girl whose number you got from someone else. This will make you even better, writing your own texts in a second.

Love making quotes
  1. The sound of your waist beads keep ringing in my 👂 ears and I want to see you right now.
  2. There’s only one person I’ve been with, I don’t care how the other hundred may taste, being with you is a thousand times honorable.
  3. The list goes on and on, recalling every inch all the way to the end was magic.
  4. I love how you take care of yourself, and that’s how you take care of me in the closet.
  5. I love it when you pull down your red dress and loose my buttons hurriedly like hurricane through a forest.
  6. Lying on your belly and raising that rounded soft back to the skies seizes my breathe.
  7. I haven’t said much of late, not because I don’t notice your body, just that I don’t have enough words to describe you especially when you get naked.
  8. Today marks a week since I first had you with me a whole day almost. Seeing you fully naked, looking at your curves and shapes. Listening to your voice, feeling your touch on my skin. Can’t describe the feel. I wish it never ends.
  9. Honestly, I want more of you around me, and oh thanks for eating with me, and feeding me too.
  10. Am glad you find me appealing, though, I can’t make you reach the skies.
  11. Right now, wish you were here with me.
  12. Thanks for the kisses, I can’t get it out of my mind.
  13. You’re mind blowing and awesome.
  14. When will I ever see my baby again, that I would show her how much I love her? Sleep well my love. I love you!
  15. Hey! Am writing an article. But it’s hard to concentrate. Am missing you badly. How’re you dear? Come back soon!!!
  16. Screaming like children on the playground was my favorite part.
  17. You carefully select your lingeries whenever you pay visit. Am really for the pink.
  18. I enjoy making love to you especially when you play hide and seek.
  19. Desperate for your love, eager to meet your demand, wondering if I can live to expectations, last night was Kung Fu class for beginners. Thank you.
  20. Every now and then you called my name, it drove me mad.
  21. Never tired having your body close to mine.

How to Express Love Making in Words

Love making words
  1. My head aches, it must be the hangover of your love.
  2. I spent hours on bed fighting to wake up, it feels you still here with me.
  3. I like how you tossed on the bed when I touched you.
  4. The weather is damn bad, do you like it?
  5. I wish you were here with me.
  6. I miss your pussy, its nice and hot.
  7. Your sound still plays in my head.
  8. I like the way you bounce.
  9. If you ever leave me baby, leave me an eraser that can erase the past.
  10. Your thighs are beautiful to gaze.
  11. Was thinking of you before you called, you saturating my thoughts.
  12. You were blazing through my skin like wildfire.
  13. Now I cannot hide my feelings for you. I thought I can keep up with the hide and seek forever.
  14. Am feeling cold can I use your bed.
  15. Can I get my clothes off, the room is hot.
  16. My body aches, can you massage me?
  17. Show me how to kiss passionately.
  18. I want something hard to eat in the dark.
  19. Stop looking at me like that. Like you’ve seen me naked.
  20. Went to the salon, while the hairdresser twisted my hair, was feeling my pant wet.

What to Text a Guy After Making Out

Making out text

Your sex life can go way better than now if you follow these 25 ways to improve relationship with your boyfriend.

  1. Slowly the wind 🌬️ blows pass my ears👂it reminds me of how you blew through me yesterday.
  2. It was painful, then, it was sweet, just like wedding 🍰 cake and a toffee I know. That’s how I love it.
  3. Is this the virgin? A virgin that burns your lips with kisses.
  4. Did you like it yesterday?
  5. How did you feel?
  6. Was it nice?
  7. Did you enjoy yourself?
  8. How do you want it next time?
  9. Can I come over tonight? Still on my mind.
  10. Where did you pick those moves?
  11. You still look like yesterday, making me want to draw closer.
  12. I had a dream about us last night. It was fun.
  13. Thank you for yesterday, I never had any moment like that before in life.
  14. How you touched and cling to me was amazing, I couldn’t get enough of you.
  15. I loved how you lead me to bed like a baby.
  16. You were so nice to me.
  17. I knew I was destined to live together with you ever since I saw you.
  18. Hope I didn’t embarrassed myself with all the screams.
  19. I don’t know, was feeling so honey in your room, it must be the paint. I’ll come get the rest if you still have it.
  20. Amazed with your finger work, it felt exactly like the dick, there was no difference.

Romantic Words For Him in Bed

Romantic words for him
  1. I’m not getting tired of you, I want you inside of me all day long.
  2. I like it when you get hard.
  3. I like how you are moving ‘tsatsatsa’.
  4. I want your pride all inside of me.
  5. Let me be your slave tonight.
  6. Keep pinning me to the wall till I can’t breathe.
  7. Keep me close to your body, protect me with your might.
  8. Baby, take it fast, punish me like a bad child, I will understand.
  9. Am nervous, make me feel safe with you please.
  10. Moving my fingers through your hair, it’s soft and long and it’s relaxing like little girl playing with flowers in a garden.
  11. Who is this guy who wants to kill me?
  12. Do you want to kill me?
  13. You are heavy down there, no woman should mess with you.
  14. I want it hard.

What Should You Say After A Hookup

“Effective sexual communication between partners is related not only to sexual satisfaction, but also to overall satisfaction with the relationship” (The specific importance of communicating about sex to couples’ sexual and overall relationship satisfaction).

Tell your partner how you feel about your time together. Be honest and sincere. Share your favorite moments and mention body parts that attract you. Also, explain your feelings after hookup.

  1. I love touching your body.
  2. I enjoy looking at you innocent eyes.
  3. It was fun cuddling and whispering to your 👂 ears.
  4. Can we meet tomorrow, just can’t wait.
  5. That waist you kept swaying in my face is waving in my mind like a freedom flag hoisted on independence day.
  6. Tell me the truth, did you like it?
  7. Quiet as stream, calm and chilled. That was how it all felt like.
  8. You explored my body as tourist.
  9. Lots of hard core moves coming from a first ⏲️ timer? Don’t kill me if you are a week into it.
  10. You moved like a river with curves.
  11. I never enjoyed this act like last night.
  12. Baby I want to spend the night with you, can I come over?
  13. My favorite part was when you were smiling and looking into my eyes lovely…… this made me climaxed.
  14. Thought you were innocent-lol.
  15. You made it seem like my first time ever.

Benefits of Calling or Texting After Sex

Why you should text or call after making out

“Communication has been found to be the bedrock or the heart in supporting and promoting relation satisfaction” (Communication, the heart of a relationship).

Speaking your mind after a night together makes you both feel honey, feel appreciated, be appreciative and expectant. It creates some level of trust and respect, also leading to strong communication and deeper bond. You both learn what satisfies you and what to improve for lasting sex life.

How to Tell Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend You Had A Great Time

If you don’t have a partner yet, here’s the most guaranteed approach structured in step by step guide for most effective use and results, how to approach a girl for the first time and get her number. There are tips available for people in relationship as well in this guide.

1. Keep it Clear and Simple

If this is your first moment, don’t say so much.

2. Be Friendly and Make Her Happy

Don’t be snobby, whether you texting, talking on phone or meeting in person another time, make sure the message doesn’t poke fun negatively at her even if she didn’t meet your expectations. You should sound positive.

3. Don’t Reply Your Partner with ok

Don’t act gentle and innocent if your partner wants to talk about what took place between you.

Instead of replying him or her with simple ok, mention something about the event and talk about how great the moment was.

4. Use Emojis to Describe Your Feelings

With emojis, let your partner know you still desire his lips, also, show that his heart is forever yours and you love him. You can even send emojis which shows a family, by that, you are saying you are committed.

5. Tease Your Partner

Remind him or her of some of the things he/she did during your moment together or how he sounds. If he’s ok with your jokes, he may play along.

6. Get Creative with Words

I bet she’ll love you for it if she’s a type that love reading romantic novels and poems. Create a poem describing your connection and she’ll think you’re smart.

Texts to Send the Morning After

Morning text
  1. Still picture you looking into my eyes
  2. Spent a heck of a time in the bathhouse cleaning myself up – it was a hell of a work
  3. Hey [name of honey], you up already – dreamed about us in a lonely room
  4. It was a perfect weather, perfect timing with the right lover
  5. You love like crazy – had to stop you from tearing me apart in your theater
  6. Did I make you want more?
  7. Your lips taste as good as 🍯 honey
  8. I want to spend another 🌃 night with you if you will let me
  9. You made my heart tick like a clock while you followed the rhythm
  10. There’s nothing fulfilling than being with you
  11. Thank you for last night
  12. I really appreciate how you made me feel

What to Say After Hooking up with a Friend

Hookup with a friend
  1. I’d give anything to have you forever
  2. These few minutes were intriguing
  3. Just can’t stop thinking of you or should I say your thing
  4. If loving you is a crime then I’m guilty
  5. Lie beside me, I’m not tired of you – spend your special moment with me – I want you more than ever
  6. I have not regretted this and I won’t ever
  7. Each stroke was gratifying and I just don’t want to stop thinking about it
  8. No one ever touched me the way you do
  9. Did you mean it when you said you love me, or you were only touching the skies
  10. You are such a good kisser

What to Text a Guy the Morning After

Text to a guy after
  1. What a great moment to be in your lovers arms all night long
  2. Didn’t realize your strength until you grabbed me like a lion gripping his prey
  3. It’s safe being in your arms
  4. Last night, you showed me you are the man of the house
  5. I still feel you inside me
  6. You are a bad guy
  7. If I were to score base on performance, I’d give you 90%
  8. You were sweeping through styles I couldn’t imagine – one after the other
  9. What a perfect night with a perfect guy
  10. If I never told you you are awesome, I’m sorry – this morning, I want you to know you are
  11. You set my body on fire and I tossed on your bed minutes without words

Text After Spending the Night

After spending the night
  1. Mom asked where I spent my night, I lose my mind and told her I was with my lover weeping wild all night
  2. You getting me into trouble, I keep mentioning your name around involuntarily
  3. Didn’t know I’d beg any man in my life, you made me scream for help
  4. I keep telling myself I will never let lose again but my body keeps giving up quickly when I see you
  5. The feeling is evergreen, so is our love – let’s grow old together
  6. Can’t wait to see you naked
  7. Your hands performed more magic than anything else I encountered
  8. Those little moments were defining moments
  9. Am crazy about you right now
  10. You forgot your red wine on my table – you could come get it this evening – I’ll be home 8pm

What to Text Someone After a Night Together

  1. You look perfect with your clothes down on my floor.
  2. Ya awesome.
  3. I want another night together.
  4. Can I spend the night with you?
  5. Sorry for waking you up, can’t stop thinking of you.
  6. Had a dream we were about making up and my mom called me.
  7. Ya one in a million.
  8. Tell me am not demanding, still feeling for you right now.
  9. Henrietta, I found the pant we were looking for last night. It’s under the bedspread.
  10. Didn’t imagine anything fantastic as this, what a night together.
  11. Can’t define the joy you left inside me

Should I Text After a Hookup?

Texting after a hookup is assuring your partner you want more than a one night stand.You mean to take the relationship or friendship to next level and you enjoyed the moment with him or her. So it’s necessary to text after a hookup.

Sweet Long Messages After Making Love

Sweet things to say

I completely drowned in your love. You took me to a location many girls would only dream of

1. Something I Never Got from any Lover Except You

The way you touched me, how you kissed me, made me feel helpless but safe in your arms.

You looked at me like a lost child in the middle of the street and I want to fly over heavy trucks like a supergirl to save you.

Your touch is like a dagger through my chest but I trust the process so I lay still counting on you.

How you loved me is something I never got from any lover except you.

See full list of sweet long messages after making love.

2. What a Sweet Thing

You have the best shape, lips made of honey, and you flow like a stream.

Watching you gasps for breathe, reached out to my face to feel the lines.

You taste like a morning 🍷 wine. What a sweet thing you are and a mild lover.

3. Trapped in The Web of Your Coyness

Web of thy coyness

Trapped in the web of your coyness.

Thy soft-spoken voice liquified the iceberg Titanic couldn’t escape.

Thy silence created a flower garden around my age.

You touched, and girded my loin with sensations.

You played me my favorite tune on my birthday with the beads on your waist.

A multitude of great sigh parade our paradise, a sigh of relief from a princess.

Looking in thine eyes, my body could not disobey thy authority.

You made me breathe from my belly and thine scream plucked a star to guide us through the dark night.

You got me thinking in the middle of the night as a prisoner of love.

We shared ourselves as communion on a sacred day.

My blood rages as storm in thy presence.

Willingly surrendered to thy witty Taoist crafts.

As thine arm belted out the bar firmly, and thy head resting on the other tenderly, I crawled, the stairs as beggar to find grace in thine sight



Researchers have argued that better communication helps explain the fact that some couples remain satisfied with their sexual relationship in the face of changing desires, differing sexual scripts, and sexual difficulties (Byers, 1999; Meston & Trapnell, 2005).

People vary, according to what Beginners Dateguide found after talking to different lovers; your wife or husband may not want to talk about the event afterwards.

But it is a very good practice to exchange intimate words after sex in order to build upon your skills and also create emotional and sexual connection to maintain your relationship.

If it feels uncomfortable sharing such passionate words with your partner after sex, try pillow talk. Pillow talk is an intimate, authentic, unguarded conversation that occurs between two lovers,” Healthline.

According to the article written by Sara Lindberg on Healthline which was medically reviewed by Janet Brito, Ph.D., LCSW, CST, pillow talk can be experienced before or after sex when you and your partner are relaxed and comfortable.

Sara also stated, pillow talk enhances emotional intimacy and creates a safe environment which can enhance sex.

Pillow talk is beneficial in that, it makes partners feel emotionally safe, understood, and connected which then make sex become more loving and better.

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