How to Make A Girl Fall in Love with You

Making a girl fall in love with you starts with your personality. Engage in habits that improve your social skills. Women value intelligent men. A man who is up to something profitable. Keep polishing your skills even if you are unemployed. Put your right foot forth and do what ablaze a female heart.

How to make a girl fall in love with

Are you falling for her and want her love back? It’s common to feel so and nothing is wrong with feeling like that. But remember not to be obsessed with a girl. It doesn’t end well. In this article, I will teach you how to win her love.

1. Confidence Attracts Arrogance Repels

“Confidence will attract a woman. Arrogance will repel her faster than you can say, “Help me shave my back,” says Gottman.

In a female’s eyes, confidence and arrogance are two separate characteristics. Many men confuse one with the other. Being obnoxious to others doesn’t make you any cute to your date.

A woman expects you to lead the way but not impose. She wants a flexible man who can stand his ground and fight for him and her when necessary without being loathsome.

  • Don’t be full of yourself
  • Show interest in her and others
  • Become sensitive to matters that don’t concern you directly
  • Be tough to handle situations
  • Avoid being rude to others
  • Do not always chase after your own pleasure
  • Make time for her
  • Explain why you cannot see her or talk to her
  • Do not spit your achievements in front of her always
  • Have good intentions and be self-assured in your decisions

2. Connect Through Physical Touch

Touch is magic! It can turn things around when done properly and with the right timing. While asking for permission to touch her can be an act of respect and thoughtfulness, it is not romantic.

Instead, give heed to her nonverbal cues to know when she wants a kiss, when she wants you to touch her lightly or profoundly.

  • It is ok to touch her shoulders briefly
  • It is ok to brush her elbow and lower back
  • It is ok to cuddle her as you talk and there’s a moment of silent
  • It is ok to hold her hand gently but don’t hold to it for too long
  • It is ok to press your hands against her hands for a while and smile
  • It is ok to drop your voice and whisper into her ears – you can do it holding her hand – don’t try to talk about sex – a compliment isn’t bad to consider

3. She Needs You to be Honest

Be strong enough to tell the truth to your partner. Hiding things only compound matters at the end. Nothing stays hidden on earth.

Do what you say you will do. Do not say this and do the other. Come clean and tell her what you think about your relationship. If you only want to be friends and she is rushing things, tell her.

If you are losing interest in her, tell her. If there’s something you are not ok with, it is better to voice it out than keep it to yourself and play silence.

4. You Must Show Empathy to Her

Women approach life quite different from men. How they perceive things are just different. Matters men would close their eyes over and move on is what women complain about.

They handle problems and fear differently. This is why you should show more empathy than looking forward to providing solutions whenever they show at your door with a complain.

If she has issue with her girlfriend, don’t try to make things light or address the matter hastily.

Rather pay attention. Listen to her and make her understand you know how she feels.

5. Avoid Making Dates About You

When you are on date, or you are just having a conversation during office hours, don’t center the moment around yourself.

She wants to be heard. Putting yourself first makes you self-centered. Ask questions about her.

Make the conversation a common ground, so you both can participate to connect and build trust.

6. Little Things Mean the World to the Opposite Sex

  • Send flowers after a date, send text message or email to say thank you for the date. I enjoyed the time with you. Appreciate her for her time on the phone with you.
  • Call her from time to time. Not an invasive call, but make sure you call. It will let her know you are interested and you are not just playing with her.
  • Open car doors, they say only few men do this even though it is written everywhere in love guides. That means, you stand a chance of being seen a the special one if you do.
  • Fix things now and then with your own hand. Like her laptop cable not connecting to the socket and she thinks she needs a technician. Or the kitchen sink is chocked and you performed the plumber’s magic.

7. Become Part of Her Life

  • Show interest in her life. Giving information about job vacancies, helping fill out online forms for job, writing job cover letter and resume.
  • Sending SMS to check on her. Calling to find out how her day is going. Asking of her parents and siblings and her education.

All of these are ways to become part of her life. They may not look big like handing her the latest car key or 3-bedroom apartment keys but they are worth doing.

Remember, little things mean the world to the opposite sex.

8. Hijack the Kitchen and Prepare Her Dinner

This is not to say you should always run to the kitchen to prepare food. But it will be nice if you can takeover the kitchen and mix your own stuff, serve her and watch her enjoy your hand work.

If you are not that good of a chef, run online, find a recipe blog, learn one simple recipe and show off.

Not all men will hijack the kitchen, so if you can do it, she will have an eye for you.

She will never forget that moment even if you don’t do it frequently.

9. Make Time to Have Fun Together

Research has shown that, having fun together can help couples feel positive emotions, which can increase relationship satisfaction, help couples to unite in order to overcome differences and give hope when working through difficult challenges.

  • Sit and plan fun activities together
  • Decide where to go for a retreat
  • Plan type of food to eat on your fun day
  • Plan where to camp and things you will carry along
  • Engage in indoor games and do not make it about who wins
  • Take a walk when the moon and stars are up
  • Tease each other in a light fun way
  • Play with your body together in jovial manner
  • Cut nails for each other

10. Become Romantic with Words

Not all of us will become William Shakespeare, but if you can speak or write your common language fluently, then, you qualify for this.

From time to time, say something really romantic or write sensitive words to her. If you are good at poetry, you can makeup some lines for her.

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