10 Ways to Make A Girl Admire You

Every girl is different. They have their individual preference, and who they call their ideal man. You cannot be every girl’s go-to, but you can position yourself to attract the right kind of mate. To make a girl admire you, be a likable person. Be a good listener and a problem solver. Light up people’s…

Make a girl admire you

Every girl is different. They have their individual preference, and who they call their ideal man. You cannot be every girl’s go-to, but you can position yourself to attract the right kind of mate.

To make a girl admire you, be a likable person. Be a good listener and a problem solver. Light up people’s world with your presence. Note that little things mean the world to the opposite sex.

How to Make a Girl Admire You

Things to do How to do them
1. Do little things at the right timeTell her your name, Where you live, What you do for living, Asking for her contact
2. Act normal and friendly around girlsStand properly when talking, control your voice, and body language.
3. Take little things into account and practice themSmile at her, Wave her, Greet any girl you walk pass, Compliment her
4. Be kind to other peopleOrganize birthday party for her, Help elderly person with their luggage, Open door 🚪 for others
5. Be bold and courageous when you talkDress neatly, Raise your head while you walk, Exercise to be active all the time, Apologize when you are wrong
6. Assist her in her gardenPrepare the land, Help nurse seeds, Help harvest
7. Keep your body fitSleep well, Eat balanced diet, Drink lots of water
8. Light up people’s worldBe kind to people, Speak on relevant topics, Be funny
9. Build your careerLearn a trade, Make friends with like-minded people to start a business, Start an online business
Table 1.1: How to make a girl admire you cheat table

1. Do little things at the right time

To opposite sex, little things can mean the whole world. And timing can make or break relationship deal. This is why you want to do every little thing at the right time.

To make a girl admire you, it is necessary to have the right timing. Knowing when to talk and when to listen 👂.

When to guff around and when to be serious.

For instance, touching a girl sexually first time meeting her would the worse timing ever!

Imagine a girl asking you for money on first date? How would you feel like?

Things you can do on first day

It is natural to meet people first time and share a brief autobiography:

  • Telling her your name
  • Where you live
  • What you do for living
  • Asking for her contact
  • Texting her: ”hi it’s me Michael, the guy from the bar, call you soon”

Learn how to send your first text to a girl after you get her number.

How to have the right timing with girls

It can become difficult to do the right thing no matter what you read because you are used to bad practice.

To filter out the bad practice, do these things.

  • Find a quiet place on a leisure hour
  • Take pen and paper
  • List all the moves you made on girls that failed or passed
  • Separate the failures from the winners
  • Look at the number of times you practiced each
  • Also consider how you felt afterwards
  • Reconsider those that looked outrageous and those that looked commendable
  • Consider the time factor involved in each
    If those that succeeded were done at the appropriate time, then keep them on the checkmate list
  • Those that were done at the wrong time, promise never to go with them at the wrong time again
  • Now, position each of them at the time they were most effective
  • Finally, whenever you meet any girl at all, not at the age of consent. Try out your best shot without the mind of winning.

Just for test. Repeat that a number of times until you are used to doing the right thing.

You will find out your world is becoming a magnet to beautiful girls.

2. Act normal and friendly around girls

Instead of focusing on giving something to get something or hasting to take her contact, focus on acting normal and friendly.

Say a few words, if you can, escort her. Ask where the mall or boutique is located. Ask her to see you off to the mall to help make some selection if she could.

Taking first impression seriously, considering your posture before talking to her, how you control your voice, and your body language.

Read this article to know what to say and how to conduct yourself the first time you meet a girl.

3. Take little things into account and practice them

We talked about doing little things at the opening section of this topic.

Remember the last time a girl smiled at you? How did it feel like?

I do this a lot. Sometimes I just want to lighten up people’s morning so I flirt around a little. It works like magic.

When I see a car drive by and a nice girl is looking outside; I just wave as if I know her.

Some waved back like the world is on their side. At times I smiled and make sure the person noticed, and they smile back so broadly.

It makes be so happy and I know they feel good too. What I’m I saying? Little things mean the whole world when it comes to opposite sex.

Here are little things that makes a girl admire you.

1. Smile at her

There is no bad or good timing dealing with smiling. Only that, there are few effective ways to do it.

  • When you smile, look into the person’s eye to draw their attention
  • Smile subtly a few times
  • Then smile more noticeably for long when their attention is fully drawn and they seem to be interested

2. Wave her

This is another spell. Don’t do this if it will make you feel odd. The thing’s when your morning is so light up, you won’t even notice. You just go about waving all the beautiful girls in the neighborhood.

3. Greet any girl you walk pass

While greeting cards will be perfect, you don’t want to give people you are not familiar with greeting cards.

So, a verbal acknowledgement of their presence will be great. Greet girls when they are alone and you are about to walk past each other. Or you walked to the office.

Greet like you mean it. Fix your eyes on her before saying the word(s).

4. Compliment her

When you meet a new girl, be careful the compliment you give. Talking about her body may sound different in her ears.

She may think you are only interested in her body. The other thing is, you may be making her feel bigger and she may think you are regarding her above you.

Compliment according to the timing. When you just met, and you talked for a while, you may compliment her for her eloquence or something that doesn’t have to make her take it negatively.

If you are familiar, you can speak of her appearance freely. Practice makes perfect. Take note of how the response goes and how long your friendship lasts as you practice various kinds of compliments.

Just met:

  • I like your accent
  • I’m glad you are open minded about the subject
  • You sound positive
  • Wow you seem familiar with the city, you must be the mayor or? (Saying something funny)
  • I definitely want to stick around for long, you are mind blowing

Acquaintance or friends:

  • I like watching your forehead, looks like Rihanna’s
  • Hello, how’s your big back doing tonight?
  • I like your smile
  • We will be perfect together

Hardcore little things to do to make her Fall for you

When I say hardcore I mean hardcore. And this is mainly for people with girlfriends. To not end up with any lawsuit, practice only on your girlfriend.

1. Touching her body without permission

A relationship Youtuber mentioned that, she loves it when she is wearing jeans and walking by then her guy grabs her ass in a gentle way.

Touching a woman unlawfully can come with consequence, but girls love to be touched. And if you are both on that term, play with her body. She may never ask you to do so but she will love it and be grateful you did.

Alternatively, you can tell her how nice her ass looks. And she will be happy hearing you praise her body.

2. Kiss her in public place

Long ago, I went to the internet cafe, then one guy came into the room and met a girl who was already seated. First thing the dude did was kissed her.

It wasn’t the deep thing you thinking of but I noticed the girl was so cool with it. I was like, what? Later realized she was his girl. She stood and kissed him back. It was beautiful.

3. Be supportive

We were 4 in a room. A girl we both somehow crushing on each other. I like her and she seem to like me too.

A guy said something, not an abusive statement but she was not in support so she said, it won’t happen.

So, she asked me to tell the guy that what he was saying wasn’t going to happen. I didn’t say a word. She replied, you won’t say a thing? You support him?

I saw it in her eyes she wasn’t ok. I had my own intention not speaking a word but the point is, she wanted my support.

It meant much to her. Doing that means you are on her side. You care for her deeply. You must be able to stand up for your girlfriend when you are out there.

  • Don’t rebuke her in the presence of other people
  • Stand up for her in public
  • Don’t criticize her food in front of your friends
  • Cover her weakness when family and friends are around

4. Call her by her first name

When you chat or talk on phone, replace hello with her name. Should you use hello, add her name to it. In my experience, whenever a girl mentions my name on phone or in a chat, I feel special.

The conversation becomes personal. ”Hello Patrice, how was your day? not ”Hello, how was your day?”

5. Surprise her

Go to her work place during lunch time, and take her to the canteen for lunch. Showing her off to the world makes her happy inside and out.

It means you are not shying away from her. You are ready and willing to let everyone know she is your girlfriend. You could also walk her to work.

6. Make friends with her close friends

Be careful on this one. It can turn out dangerous. What I want you do is pick one or two friends of her, that she’s fond of, then ask of them from time to time.

As she is going to meet them, extend your greetings. This is buying you free judges in the future.

Uncle Ebo Whyte explains that, doing this will help you have her friends at your back when there’s misunderstanding. They will ask her to give you second chance because you are a good person.

4. Be kind to other people

Women are moved by kind gestures. They love to associate themselves with people with good heart. When you are kind, girls trust you and feel you are reliable.

How to be kind to other people

  • Organize birthday party for her
  • If someone carries lots of items and one fell, pick it for him or her
  • Help elderly person with their luggage
  • Open the door 🚪 for others to enter the room
  • Giving your seat to others
  • Sharing your belongings with people who need your help

5. Be bold and courageous when you talk

Do not look or act timid in the presence of girls. When you speak; be confident even if you are not good at the subject.

Also, admit when you are wrong and don’t be afraid to say you don’t have an idea about something.

  • Dress neatly, iron your shirt and clean your shoes.
  • Raise your head while you walk
  • Do not act timid in front of people or in the crowd
  • Speak up your mind
  • Exercise to be active all the time
  • Update yourself with new information about your skills
  • Apologize when you are wrong
  • Create physical and emotional boundaries
  • Think before you talk
  • Learn to walk away when you don’t feel safe with the option
  • Inspire yourself with prayers and inspirational messages

6. Keep a tissue with you to wipe sweat

When you sweat more often, make sure to keep tissue close so you can wipe the sweat to keep a clean face.

Also, apply deodorant before leaving the house to avoid bad scent on your body. Remember to wash or dry your shirts and pair of shoes frequently.

  • Keep a clean tissue or handkerchief
  • Iron and fold handkerchief neatly
  • Hold or place in pocket or on your desk
  • When you wipe sweat, don’t drag it over your face forcefully, wipe gently
  • Wipe arms gently
  • If dirty, refold to turn a clean side outside
  • Change tissue after use

7. Assist her in her garden

If she has a farm or garden, you can help her plant and weed the farm or garden once in a while. It shows your commitment.

8 ways to assist her in the garden

  1. Prepare the land
  2. Help nurse seeds
  3. Help transplant seedlings
  4. You can water the plants together
  5. Assist in pruning
  6. Look for potential buyers if she wants to sell
  7. Help harvest
  8. Give her the best tips to prevent pests and increase crops

8. Keep your body fit

This is not about growing six-pack. Don’t abandon your work and chase after building body to look good for women.

Do regular exercise, to keep your body in good shape and look smart. If that requires hitting the gym, that’s fine.

Watch your diet, have enough rest to gain energy and be healthy. When you are tired and weak; you don’t have the enthusiasm to approach a lady.

9 keep fit techniques

  1. Have enough sleep
  2. Eat balanced diet
  3. Drink enough water
  4. Go for jogging at dawn or evening
  5. Have a small gym at home or sign up for a gym center for regular exercise
  6. Eat on time
  7. Control eating habit
  8. Cultivate the right sitting posture habit when you work for hours at a sitting position
  9. Instead of taking public transport or drive, walk to work at times

9. Light up people’s world

Whenever you show up, let your presence be felt. This doesn’t mean you talk a lot, or make noise.

But you bring joy and answers to other people’s problems. You fix problems and you make people happy because of the things you say and do.

Why you should light up people’s world and how to


  • Girls are attracted to cheerful men
  • You release stress as you make other people happy
  • When you make people happy, they will always want you around them
  • As you fix problems, people tend to seek your help always making you their favorite
  • Your friends regard you as intelligent and girls like to keep the company of smart guys
  • You attract more friends
  • You become valuable even if you don’t have money

How to:

  • Learn new skills to stay ahead of the game
  • Find a way to solve people’s problems
  • Fix gadgets for the girl you admire
  • Solve mathematics equations for her
  • Be kind to people
  • Speak on relevant topics
  • Be funny
  • Sing inspiring songs
  • Say a prayer for friends and family
  • Respect both elderly and young people
  • Do not engage in unnecessary argument
  • Always stay positive
  • Don’t share bad stories on social media
  • Avoid partisan politics
  • Encourage others when they are going through hard times
  • Tell her how beautiful she looks
  • Bring gifts to her family

10. Build your career

Don’t invest your energy into the wrong thing. Looking for lady’s attention is a wrong focus in life especially when you are still at the base of the ladder.

See it from this angle, women’s demand is way higher than you can ever meet.

When you fight to make her like you, you won’t be able to keep up to the demands and later round; you will lose her to someone who could do better.

So, instead of developing action plan for her, develop it for yourself. Instead of learning 7 steps of wooing a girl, learn 10 tips to become great.

The calculation is this simple. ”Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and these other things shall be added unto it.”

Ok, let me put it in the secular language for you. ”Seek ye first your success, and money, cars, houses, parties, friends, family, and most of all the girls shall be added unto it.”

If you land on good success; beautiful women will follow.

Therefore, to raise your bar to make attractive girls notice you, invest in your future first.

  • Learn a trade
  • Go to college to upgrade yourself and qualification
  • Start a business at home if you currently without job or you want additional earning channel
  • Go to the library to read books to avoid being lonely
  • Make friends with like-minded people to start a business
  • Write plenty application letters to different employers
  • Write an inspirational book or a basic computer book or a cook book to sell
  • Start an online business (start a blog, social media marketing, affiliate program, YouTube channel)


There’s no single approach to increasing your odds in winning a girl. The best way is to practice relentlessly and compare actions to results. Doing this, you gain mastery to make a girl admire you.

Avoid doing the right thing at the wrong time. One thing to understand about girls is that, once they’re done with you before ever having the chance knowing you, there’s little chance making them look your way ever again. So, you want to do the right things first.

Control your edge to tell her you love her even if there’s chemistry at first sight. Hold off talking about sex within your first two weeks. When you do the right things, you may not ask before it happens.

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