11 Things Guys Want in A Relationship

1. Friendship not leadership. 2. Caring woman. 3. Mama’s recipe not restaurant chef. 4. Serving Food. 5. Companion not competitor. 6. Sense of humor not lioness. 7. Respect. 8. Loyalty. 9. Independence. 10. Good listener. 11. Romance.

Things a guy want in a relationship

Relationship can be demanding; it can get frustrating when others expect more than you can offer. The pressure may make you quit and hide in your single shell. It even gets worst when you don’t know what your partner really wants in the relationship. Here are 11 things guys want in a relationship.

Things A Man Wants from A Woman

Every man is different, as some may want short fleshy woman, others may want tall skinny one. What men want in a relationship ranges from man to man but there are certain obvious signs all men who desire a lifetime relationship wants to see before engaging a woman and after.

1. Friendship Not Leadership

Why men run away from successful self-made and accomplished women, its not because they hate well established women.

Men are intimidated by the success of women because most women will flaunt their riches in your face a thousand times to let you know who is in charge.

Even if you happen to be the partner who earns bigger remuneration; your man doesn’t want your control, he wants a friend in you.

2. Caring Woman

This goes beyond selecting a few people to treat well while being rude to others that are not in your circle or those you don’t have any use for, for the time being.

Before a man approaches you for serious relationship, he monitors how you treat others as well as behave towards him when he approaches.

He wants a woman who will put her children first instead of thinking of herself all the time. He wants a woman who is interested in the state of her household instead of solving her neighbor’s issues first.

3. Mama’s Recipe Not Restaurant Chef

What makes a man want to pursue a woman? Preparing delicious food. A woman who takes care of her husband’s stomach will always have him coming back home.

Your man doesn’t want restaurant food. He was what you prepared with your hands in his kitchen. Don’t date a man depending on restaurant and bar foods.

4. Serving Food

One thing is to prepare the food. The other is serving your partner. Not because your husband wants to feel like a king but it makes him happy and he feels recognized and respected.

Few years into relationship, many people drop the drama and live a dried relationship. Before then, they served the man and even fed him, now they only point at the direction of the food. If you couldn’t find it at first sight you may be scold before second direction.

5. Companion Not Competitor

When a man asks a woman’s hand in marriage, he is not looking for a classmate who wants to top the class with good math grade or Olympics rival.

He wants a woman whom he will share his vision with. A woman whom they can reason together to bring to fruition his plans for his life and a supporter.

Your dreams are necessary and your man needs a woman with dreams and ambition, this doesn’t mean you have to compete with him.

6. Sense of Humor Not Lioness

You can’t have fun all of the time, especially when children begin to form part of your family, this is the very reason you must find a way to bear that smiley face from time to time to tone down the pressure.

Create a space for jokes and laughter. Don’t be condemning and judgmental always, it will kill your relationship. Your man is going through lot of things he doesn’t talk about and if pile it with your jungle fight; he may run off to one street girl who is ever ready to make him laugh.

7. Respect

What men can do, women can do and do better. I don’t doubt this in anyway but I found out a part of it is killing our family life. You don’t just respect people because they do things you cannot do.

Women in our world today can even wear penis as men and satisfy other women. And sex toys if not completely can put the function of a man on hold in the bedroom.

As these may be true, we still need our men to lead the family. Ignoring the role of men can endanger the family health.

8. Loyalty

What does a man want from a woman he loves? He wants her loyalty. He wants you to be faithful, devoting your time for him and the relationship.

This cannot happen when your business steals you or an ex is still hanging around the uncompleted building you used to meet when you were 13.

9. Independence

Although husbands want to have control in the marriage, they don’t want a woman who leaves all the responsibilities on them. The truth is, no matter how strong he is, he gets tired.

He also wants the room enough to be himself. As calling every moment and hanging around his shoulders work great at the beginning; you should learn to give him space and create room for yourself to develop as well.

10. Good Listener

I have been around for a while, and I have seen couple of relationships. I have always wondered how relationships of 20 plus years break down without looking back.

Recently, I realized it is more possible than I thought. At first, I was thinking if you can stay that long, you can stay forever.

Actually, more experience is not equal more tolerance. I am not of the view that women should be passive in a relationship but it is good to give a listening ear to your partner. Both partners should learn to listen.

11. Romance

It is very important to wet your relationship with romance. If you don’t know how to be romantic, you have to learn it.

This is not only about what goes on in the bedroom but how you talk, look, and touch your husband. In the bedroom, learn how to lay your bed attractively, taking care of your underwear and tidying the floor neatly.

3 Things Guys Want in a Relationship

Beside the 11 things guys want in a relationship, there are three ground breaking things you should expect from guys in a relationship.

No matter how gentle or civilized he is, no matter how poor or rich a man may be, these three things will always be on his mind as he approaches you.


Even if he doesn’t speak it as his introductory line, or he is not a sex addict, or he has sex once every 3 months, he wants sex from you.

And he wants good satisfying sex. It doesn’t matter if he sucks at the job. Whether he lasts longer or not, a man wants to have sex.

So, he approaches you to have the chance to have sex with you. Perhaps have sex with only you for the rest of his life.

Before you say yes, think of this, weigh it and be sure you will be comfortable in the bedroom with this man, because he will definitely demand for it. Some men only want sex, nothing else in a relationship.


Men I heard time and again are afraid of commitment. One reason a man runs from commitment is the fear of facing responsibility. And pregnancy is responsibility, baby is responsibility. This is why men are never ready for pregnancy.

Even though men fight this, wait for the right time to be ready, the truth is, a man wants a child. At the back of the fear, he wants a woman who would be willing to carry his child and make him a father.

If he approaches you for a long-term relationship, he definitely wants to make babies with you. If this is not what you will want, let him know because he will want you to be the mother of his children one day.


He is running away from doing it all by himself. He wants someone who he will share his dreams and future plans with.

Even if he thinks he wants to have all the control, he still thinks with the help of a woman, he can carry out his plans.

Also, he is tired of being alone, sleeping alone, eating alone or bathing alone. He wants a friend who could stay after the party.

How to Tell What a Guy Wants from You

To tell what a guy wants from you, do these:

  • Listen attentively when he communicates with you. He will indirectly tell what he wants from you by telling you what he likes about you. He can tell how he wants you to dress by telling you the kind of dresses that attracts him. For example, he may recommend you his favorite books if he wants you to be reading the kind of books he likes.
  • Ask him about the things he likes. Instead of waiting for him to tell you things he wants, ask him. Find out the things he wants from a woman and what makes him happy or what he dislikes in relationship.
  • Ask friends who are already in a successful relationship for advice.
  • Read books written by relationship coaches that teaches things a guy may want from a woman or read blog post.
  • Troubleshoot your guesses. Every man is different. What works for Michael may not work for Francis.
  • Try out things you acquired to find which best suits him. Pay close attention to his reaction to know what works and what doesn’t. Relationship is a process, people change, you have to keep studying your partner.

16 Things Every Guy Wants from His Girlfriend in Bed

  1. A guy wants his woman to participate and be active in bed
  2. Wiliness to learn or teach new styles
  3. Communicate her feelings
  4. Touch his body
  5. He wants you to take control
  6. Men wants dirty talk
  7. Instead of always coming out and looking needy, he wants you to take the initiative
  8. What Makes A Man Adore A Woman?
  9. Taking good care of the children
  10. Defending him during family or public gathering
  11. Empathy
  12. Consulting him before making decisions out of recognizing the man as the head of the family
  13. When she is understanding
  14. If the woman is respectful and caring
  15. Treating her in-laws with respect
  16. When a woman is good in bed

As said, men are different. therefore, you must study your husband to understand what makes him happy and what he wants in the relationship.

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