21 Importance of Waist Beads in Love Making-Top Secrets

Are you feeling shy to get his attention? I can relate. I’m a shy type too. Let your waist beads do the talking!

Importance of waist beads in love making

I talked to more than 20 people about the importance of waist beads in love making, this is what they have to say. Personally, I find the sight of waist beads adorning my partner’s waist captivating.

Hey! A quick one before we continue. Now that you are about to discover waist beads secrets, let me show you how to use them in the bedroom to have a great night with your partner. Click here!

In 2021, out of sheer curiosity, I decided to delve into the world of waist beads. It seemed like everyone around me was excited about them, except for myself. I embarked on an exploration to understand the reasons behind the widespread admiration.

Let’s take a ride.

Waist beads enhance a woman’s shape, intensify arousal through skin-bead contact, foster intimacy during lovemaking, and extend sexual duration while symbolizing femininity, fertility, and African heritage. They evoke heightened sensory responses in males.

Importance of Waist Beads in Love Making

1. Waist Bead is Used to Seduce Men

If you’ve ever been fortunate to see waist beads on a bare female body, then you already know the ability of this jewelry.

When a woman puts waist beads around her waist, she becomes irresistible. They make her look sexually appealing.

Women who identify the power and secret of waist beads use them to attract their men in bed.

Find how to use waist beads in bed to become a romantic goddess.

Waist beads come in different colors, shapes, and materials (wood, plastic, glass, metal, and stone) making them seductive.

What women say about waist beads

My husband is crazy about beads. When we have little argument and he is bored, I put on his favorite. Problem solved! Innocentia, 27

Whenever I am visiting my boyfriend in a long while, I buy brand new waist beads before visiting and they do the work. Beatrice

A married woman in her 30s. My husband always play with these objects even when I’m in my cloth. Happy

2. Waist Beads Make Men Last Longer in Bed

Do you want to last longer in bed? Let me share this secret of waist beads with you. Waist bead is the natural way to last longer in bed easily.

Spend time playing with the beads on your partner’s waist to make her reach her peak quickly before sexual intercourse.

According to experts, foreplay gets women ready for sex and also makes them have multiple sensations.

Research shows that most women prefer foreplay before sex. Have fun with your wife’s waist beads to prolong sexual excitement in love-making.

Courage and Lois’ waist beads experience

Courage, “It’s hard to get my girlfriend in the mood, but if you can touch her beads, you good to go.”

Lois, 22, bead maker and nail technician “If I didn’t wear it, trouble. He likes it when I wear it.” “I don’t play with it, but my boyfriend does.”

3. Promotes Romance During Love-making

Waist beads can turn a man into a romantic god. Now you know why men like waist beads.

Simply activate the power of waist beads by:

  1. Hitting the beads on your partner’s waist gently
  2. Gently massage her waist with the beads on her waist
  3. Play with them during foreplay and lovemaking
  4. Tell your partner how you feel about her when she puts on waist beads
  5. Express your feelings about the bead color, size, etc
  6. Get romantic by helping fix the beads on your wife’s waist

Doing these will increase her libido and make her reach orgasm quickly.

Speaking with many people; I’ve found the key to using waist beads in bed to make your romantic journey super exciting. Come with me and see for yourselves in this article: how to use waist beads in the bed.

Benefits of waist beads

Henry, 37 “When I find beads on my wife’s waist, they turn me on. I love to play with them.”

Tracy, 23 “Really, I don’t think of it, am not into beads. Formerly, I don’t wear it but my boyfriend likes it. He plays with them whenever we get intimate.”

This reply will make you like waist beads

While having a conversation with a man and his wife, I noticed a street vendor selling waist beads. I instructed him to examine the beads.

Do you like them, I questioned him. For my wife and daughter, he retorted. Do you enjoy them when your wife wears them around her waist?

He said, “Looking thrilled,” “I enjoy them. I’ve been tally-ing the beads on my wife’s waist.” “I’ve been counting my wife’s waist beads on her waist,” he said again.

We all had a hearty laugh. His wife appeared animated and happy.

This is how this man uses waist beads in bed to increase their enjoyment.

4. Waist Beads Produce Erotic Sound

Just as romantic scenes and moaning, sounds produced by beads when touched excite a man.

When the number of waist beads worn is plenty, it generates romantic sounds as a woman walks, sits, dresses down, put on her garment, or takes her bath.

Now you know what waist beads are used for and why women wear waist beads right?

There’s more! Keep reading!!

Experts take on waist beads sound

“The sound produced by the beads tickles a man’s heart. You notice in your inner man you are with a woman,” says Divine, a historian, teacher, and herbalist.

5. They Satisfy Men without Intercourse

Like sexual scenes or moaning, listening to the sound made by waist beads can be highly sensual.

Also, passing fingers through them on your partner’s waist, watching them on her waist, watching a woman have fun with her own beads, and seeing them on a shelf, can spark romantic memories.

These activities can satisfy a man without lovemaking.

Experts take on waist beads

“Beads add sensation to a woman, if a man places his hand on the waist of a woman wearing bead, it generates sensual feelings,” says Divine, historian, teacher, and herbalist.

6. Serves as Accessories for Special Occasions

Women keep different types of beads, ranging in color, size, and material for different purposes on occasions to spice up their love life with their partners.

Waist beads can mean different things to different people, depending on their culture, understanding, and beliefs.

These accessories may be worn on special occasions to communicate or carry a unique message to a man.

Since they are for private decoration, they will inspire a great sexual experience between couples.

7. Waist Beads Create Bond Between Partners

If foreplay can connect couples on a deeper level, then, waist beads will even help increase foreplay in sexual relationships.

Waist beads make couples connect with each other because they help couples spend time together e.g., fixing beads for the woman, touching them during and after sex, talking about them, etc.

I can keep rattling the advantages and benefits of waist beads in lovemaking throughout this post but you’ll have to try them out yourself to feel them.

This Amazon store gives you the perfect waist beads for more comfort, elegance, and control, choose African Waist Chain Layered made of Stretch Elastic Cord and Glass.

8. It Makes Men Respect a Woman’s Body

Wearing waist beads can make your partner spend ample time touching your body, this will make him respect and appreciate your body.

This shows the cultural significance of waist beads.

African chief talking about waist beads

A woman without beads look naked. I don’t get any feelings for such a woman. When a lady dresses down without a bead on her waist, I lose interest in her. She doesn’t look attractive, says Togbe.

9. It Makes Women Look Attractive

Men like waist beads because they are seductive. Men become playful with the beads when they take a shower together with their partner.

Waist beads adorn women and make them look attractive and gorgeous as they are naked.

Women wear waist beads to decorate themselves and also for fun when they are with their partners.

10. It Can Make Couples Spend Time Together

Waist beads are fixed on strands. In your leisure time, you can spend time with your partner to fix new ones or adjust the old ones that no longer fit her.

This can create awesome romantic moments together with your partner if you are looking for ways to spend time together.

You can as well share fantasies while you work through this together.

11. It Can Determine Body Size

Since waist beads are arranged on threads that are not elastic, a woman will quickly be aware of her body size when her beads tighten or lose.

When it comes to sex, a woman’s body means so much to men.

While you do not want to stress yourself to death pleasing people’s requests, you want to keep your body in shape to attract your man always.

Waist beads inform a woman if she gains or loses weight on a daily basis.

12. Used as a Sign of Fertility

Waist beads also indicate a girl has reached the stage of maturity where she can marry, carry a baby and become a mother.

Some women also believe that wearing waist beads during sexual intercourse can make them get pregnant.

13. It is the Pride of a Woman

It helps demonstrate the sensual intricate inner feelings of a woman which is inexpressible, says Divine, historian, teacher and herbalist.

Suzy 29 “Wearing waist beads make me feel like a woman and a real African.”

Rosemary, 15 “My friend doesn’t wear beads, and she looks naked. She’s too straight without curve. Beads give you shape.”

Rosemary is now in Senior High studying jewelry and making amazing waist beads herself

14. Women Wear Waist Beads for Body Awareness

As waist beads are not elastic, one must change them when they don’t fit any longer.

When a woman gains weight, she needs to adjust the string to fit.

She must either add more beads if there’s a gap or buy a different one that will fit her current body size.

If she then loses weight, she has to readjust the string to fit the waist or hip. This can help a woman keep her weight in check.

15. It Serves as a Spiritual Connection

Depending on your culture or belief, waist beads serve as a special connection between a man and a woman.

Some women claim waist beads can be used to charm romantic partners to stay loyal.

16. It Differentiates Between a Man and a Woman

Depending on your culture, waist beads put emphasis on a woman’s body when she is naked.

It separates the man from the woman. This draws the man closer to his partner in sexual ways.

Why do women wear waist beads

“I’m not into beads, I don’t really care wearing them until I went to the hospital where I had to get naked and I felt like a man on the hospital bed.” Beatrice.

Bead seller and maker “It has different purposes, I wear it for my husband. As a woman, you can’t help but wear it.”

17. Waist Beads Increase Hip

Many women who put beads around their waists believe waist beads increase hip and give them shape.

According to Ashiagbor, J. E. (2019). Jewelry Theories & Practices for Senior High School. Ho, Volta, Ghana, wearing waist beads at the same spot for a long time helps develop and shape the body.

Waist beads increase hip and give shape

A 45-year-old sharing her experience about waist beads “I feel naked without my beads. They give me shape. They look beautiful and fantastic on me.”

Divine, “They are hot and charming. They keep their curves.”

18. Can be Used as Body Language

Waist beads can equally assume the role of body language and deliver a powerful message to the five senses of a man.

Instead of a woman initiating an intimate act, she can simply use her waist beads to communicate love-making language to her partner.

19. Serves as a Romantic Gesture

If you want to see that big smile on your wife’s face at night, buy her some cool waist beads and put them around her waist in your leisure time.

This can spike a great moment between you and your spouse.

You can give her waist beads on special occasions e.g., her birthday, your anniversary, graduation, etc.

How women react to waist beads gift

One day my boyfriend and I went to the market and he bought me 5 waist beads. They were the same size but different colors. So inviting. I was so happy that day. Beatrice

20. Cultural Fulfilment

When you value your culture, you should do well to celebrate it.

Wearing waist beads is a way of endorsing your culture and celebrating it together with your partner.

It shows you are both on the same page in terms of embracing your history.

21. It is a Sign of Maturity

Even though waist beads are worn from childhood; they still place a strong emphasis on growth in women. In some West African countries; when a girl reaches puberty stage, she undergoes the rite of passage.

One of these rites includes her elders putting a bead or beads around her waist. This rite is performed to welcome her into adulthood.

How to Use Waist Beads in Bed to Increase Pleasure

Looking to explore the use of waist beads in intimacy? This comprehensive article offers a detailed, step-by-step guide to help you achieve precisely that.

  1. Put on your partner’s favorite color to quickly draw his attention to them
  2. Begin to play with them by rubbing your fingers on them and hitting them so that they produce sound
  3. Put on more than one bead and also mix the colors
  4. Wear beads with shiny colors
  5. Ask your partner how he feels about your beads and how they make you look
  6. Men should hit them gently to tickle their partner
  7. Men can play with them during foreplay and love making
  8. Tell your partner about how they look on her
  9. Wear your wife’s waist beads around her waist

Beads Colors Meaning

ColorBeads colors meaning
RedEvil, anger, aggression, war, blood, violence, danger, sadness, calamity, death, fire, heat
Yellow/GoldGrowth, life, hope, freshness, fertility, young, environment, youthfulness, health, vitality, newness, safety, agriculture
GreenPeace, love, rule of the queen, early down, female tenderness, calmness, depressed, melancholy
BluePeace, love, rule of the queen, early down, female tenderness, calmness, depression, melancholy
VioletWealth, love, affection, romance, rich, imperial, royal, nobility, enlightenment
OrangeWarmth, energy, vibrancy, festive
meaning of the colors of beads table 1.1

How to Choose the Right Waist Beads for Your Body

When planning to buy a bead, it is important to carefully consider several aspects to ensure a satisfying choice. This includes evaluating the bead’s quality, design, symbolism, cultural significance, and personal preferences.

1. Understand the meaning of bead colours

Colors have meaning, to own a bead; try to understand the meaning of the beads’ colors.

On the other hand, if you are not into choosing beads based on color, pick the one which best looks good on you.

2. Consider your body size

There are different bead sizes, consider the size you prefer before ordering it.

3. Buy according to the occasion

Some women wear beads depending on the occasion.

At times when they have a partner, they buy a particular size or color of bead for their anniversary, or birthday celebration or they identify which type of bead attracts their partner easily.

4. Check the price

There are beads that are very expensive than others. Before you order, verify the price and check your budget. Check the prices here.

5. Buy the type your partner will admire

Your partner plays a role in the kind of bead you put on. When you decide to buy it, you can cross-check with your husband.

6. Take your body size into account

  • Beads are likely to last as long as you choose to keep them. They do not fade or easily break.
  • Therefore, when you consider getting a new one, you should wear it before taking it home.
  • Tell the bead maker or seller to select for you. Also, remember beads are not returnable commodities.
  • Like dresses, women can shop for beads in bead shops and try them to see which fits well enough.
  • Women can buy beads from hawkers who sell beads along streets by picking their favorite color and length which fits them.
  • Placing an order for a bead maker to craft it according to your specifications.
  • Beads come in different colors and sizes, a woman can buy them depending on her preferences.

Waist Beads Prices this Year

See the full list of waist beads prices this year and where to buy them for personal use and business.

Waist beads nameUnit price2. Pink-themed waist beadsWaist size
1. Vinyl-disc-flat waist beads$7.46$63.7524” – 50”
2. Pink themed waist beads$8.99$85.0024” – 50”
3. Special African waist beads$10.00$15024” – 50”
4. Elastic waist beads$9.9924” – 55”
5. African allure waist beads$9.9925” – 50”
6. African desire waist beads$21.9925” – 40”
7. African galaxy waist beads$7.9925” – 50”
8. Amethyst waist beads$29.9925′ – 50”
9. Capricon zodiac waist beads$14.9925” – 50”
10. Authentic Ghanaian waist beads$7.59
11. Rasta African waist beads$8.7530” – 45”
12. Copper clear African waist beads$8.7530” – 45”
13. Hot pink waist beads$8.7530” – 45”
14. Rainbow earth tone waist beads$8.7530” – 45”
Per line/not inch
15. Aisha$21.00US 2 – US 24
16. Araba$20.00US 2 – US 24
17. Damalie$21.00US 2 – US 24
18. Esi$22.00US 2 – US 24
19. Femi$23.00US 2 – US 24
20. Genet$23.00US 2 – US 24
Waist bead prices

Where to buy elastic waist beads online

The link below is an affiliate link. If you buy through it, we get a token of the money you spent. This helps us to stay in business by always providing helpful content.

For more comfort, elegance, and control over your waist beads, choose African Waist Chain Layered made of Stretch Elastic Cord and Glass.

These waist beads are strings of elastic threads that are elastic, stretchable in length, and colorful. The 31.5-inch waist beads can be stretched up to 39.37 inches.

Suitable for women and girls to go to beaches, parties, prom, nightclubs, or other occasions. A set of 7 waist beads, which are versatile.

You can use them not only as waist chains, but also as bracelets, necklaces, and anklets. African waist beads make you more outstanding this summer.

Elastic waist beads buyer’s guide

  • Before buying, please measure your waist and determine where you need to wear it.
  • For those with slimmer builds, this 31.5-inch waist bead will only hang on the hips and high hips.
  • If you want to wear waist beads on the waist, please see our store, with 23.6 inches of waist beads, you can find them directly by swiping down.
  • For big girls, 31.5-inch waist beads can be worn on the waist, if you need to wear them on the hips, please draw down to find the 39-47-inch waist beads.
  • This shop has a variety of sizes of waist beads, please filter carefully to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions – Waist Beads

Number of waist beads a woman should wear at a time

Wear any number of waist beads from 1 to 5. If you are comfortable with the weight, you can wear up to 10 at the same time.

There is no required number of beads to be worn at a specific moment, it depends on the preference of the wearer and her partner.

With that said, the number of beads worn at a particular time may be determined by the size of the waist bead.

When it is smaller in size, adding more beads will make it obvious, hence, making the wearer look attractive.

How Women feel about the number of waist beads to wear

I wear at most 5 waist beads at a time. My little sister prefers 7. I have a cousin who wears 15 waist beads at a time.

15 seems too much for me but she doesn’t feel the weight. Next time I want to try 15 or more.

How to use waist beads to increase hips

Wear waist beads consistently if you want to use waist beads to increase your hip and develop your shape.

According to Juliana E. Ashiagbor, the author of Jewellery, theories, and practices for SHS, it is believed that beads worn around the neck, waist, wrist, and ankle will help in the development and shaping of those areas.

Are beads or waist beads evil?

Living with waist beads can be fun and exciting but at times, you have to deal with challenges here and there e.g., losing or gaining weight. Here is a full list of the disadvantages of waist beads and remedies you should know before buying.

Beads are not evil. They have spiritual meanings and they are used for spiritual activities.

For example, Catholics use rosaries for prayers, and Muslims use Taskbar, traditional priests also use beads for their spiritual activities.

Because beads are used in spiritual establishments, people could use them for different purposes.

This does not make beads or waist beads evil should anyone use them for evil.

In my recent interview with Sammy, a father of twins who wears wrist beads. Sammy does not like waist beads because he thinks women are likely to be possessed through them.

He wears wrist beads because he is a father of twins, a tradition in some West African countries. Twins and their parents wear beads.

Sammy does not encourage his girlfriend to wear waist beads.

What are waist beads?

Waist beads are typically African traditional accessories made up of round-like glass beads arranged on a string and worn around the waist of a girl or woman.

They are crafted in different sizes, shapes, colors, and lengths.

Types of Bead Products

  1. Necklace
  2. Choker
  3. Pendant
  4. Cuff-link
  5. Earrings
  6. Money box
  7. Tissue box
  8. Finger ring
  9. Slippers
  10. Hair slide
  11. Anklet
  12. Bracelet
  13. Arm ring/armlet/armband
  14. Bangles
  15. Pectoral cross

Facts About Waist Beads

  • Many girls didn’t make the choice to wear beads. It is how they were raised.
  • Some girls don’t have any clue why they wear beads.
  • Beads have spiritual understanding
  • Waist beads originated in Africa
  • Waist beads remind women of their sensual power
  • Waist beads turn some men on
  • In Africa, waist beads are worn from childhood
  • Many African girls and women wear waist beads
  • Waist beads can be worn by any woman who admires them

4 Types of Beads

Waist bead

This is worn mostly by females on their waist from childhood. At times, worn by newborn male children but for a short period.

It is believed to offer spiritual protection for children, this is why some parents wear it for their baby boy.

Wrist bead

Wrist beads formerly were worn only on special occasions by chiefs, escorts, and traditional priests to display African culture or identify oneself.

Today, wrist beads are becoming common among many people. They are worn on festive seasons and regular days to decorate oneself.

During the graduation of an apprentice in some parts of West Africa, wrist beads are worn by the graduate.

Neck bead

Neck beads are used to garnish the body occasionally by both males and females and priests or priestesses.

Ankle bead

In some parts of Ghana, ankle beads are used by some music groups to celebrate their tradition.

Others regard individual girls who put on ankle beads as prostitutes, while others look at it as a way of garnishing one’s body.

Why do African men wear beads?

  • Men wear neck beads to decorate themselves.
  • Men feel powerful in neck beads. It adorns them like kings.
  • Women admire male neck beads.
  • It also shows riches as male neck beads are expensive.
  • Some men wear neck beads because they are priests. It bears spiritual understanding. It is easy to identify spiritualists with neck beads.
  • It is also used to embellish African kings. Therefore, kings wear it to show their pride in their culture and look distinct.
  • Neck beads are worn for religious purposes.
  • Waist beads are worn by a male child for protection
  • Wrist beads and neck beads are worn by twins.
  • It shows the man is a father of twins.

History of Beads

The earliest known beads in West Africa have been recovered from late Stone Age contexts.

Originally, beads were made from natural materials but were subsequently replaced by glass beads which European traders brought to trade for slaves, salt, gold, and spices.

Before the use of glass, beads were produced from materials from the local community such as bone, ivory, and leather.

Beads exist among Africans for centuries. Africa is full of many rich cultures, and though not all traditions run through the entire continent, many nations place value on beads.

They are not only for the female waist, they are worn on different parts of the body for different reasons.

In some tribes, they decorate their kings and queens with neck and wrist beads. The king and queen escorts during festive as well decorate alike.

Beads furnish kings and queens with power and authority. They dress in unique types and colors.

It shows royalty. Each bead has a meaning, the way they are worn, and how the coloring is brought together gives a distinctive meaning.


Beads are lasting ornaments. They do not fade or break easily. By that I mean, that if you have not increased or decreased in weight, you can use the same beads for a very long.

Unlike dresses that fade or wear out, beads are discarded by the wearer when she or the partner loses admiration for them. Beads signify African rich culture and show how people still hold true to the value of their tradition.

How do you feel about waist beads? Do you use waist beads in lovemaking? Let me know in the comments.


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