Renaming Ho Technical University – Asogli State Chiefs and Elders Condemn it

You cannot rename Ho Technical University after Ephriam Amu – Asogli State chiefs and elders opposed the government.

Asogli State chiefs and elders

The Chiefs and Elders of Asogli State have voiced their concerns regarding the proposed renaming of Ho Technical University to Ephraim Amu University. In a petition addressed to the university authorities, they adamantly oppose any name change without their consultation and approval.

Torgbe Adzilakle Howusu III, the Chief of Ho Dome and a prominent figure in Asogli State, led the delegation in presenting the petition to Mr. C.K Amexo, a representative of the university. Mr. Amexo assured the delegation that the university would consider their petition and provide a response in due course.

Torgbe Howusu emphasized the historical significance of the institution, highlighting the pivotal role played by the people of Asogli State in its establishment. He stressed the importance of consulting with the chiefs and elders on any decisions regarding the university’s name, underscoring their deep-rooted connection to the institution’s origins.

Clad in traditional attire, the chiefs marched through the streets of Ho, symbolizing their unity and determination. Their procession culminated at the campus of Ho Technical University, where they formally presented their petition to the school authorities.

The Chiefs and Elders of Asogli State remain steadfast in their resolve to safeguard the heritage and identity of the institution, advocating for meaningful dialogue and consultation in matters of significance to the community.

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