101 Sweet Things to Say to a Girl You Like Over Text

Embark on a journey of sweet gestures and heartfelt words as you express your feelings to the girl who has captured your heart.

Sweet things to say to a girl

There’s nothing more exciting than finding a beautiful girl who gives you a listening ear. Now here is the situation, you finally have someone willing to pay attention but lack what to say to keep the conversation and make her want to come back for more. If you are a romantic amateur, follow my lead.

We’d be a great team together. Your company is wonderful. I like how you handle yourself. You have a kind heart. I prayed for guidance, now, God gave me a star and you are that star. What will happen to me if you relocate?

Things to Say to A Girl to Make Her Feel Special

  1. I like your chemistry, energy, and enthusiasm.
  2. You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.
  3. I feel happy when I see you.
  4. You are one of the most beautiful, mild, sweet ladies I ever met.
  5. You are intelligent and smart.
  6. My pain disappears whenever you are around.
  7. Even though I know I cannot have you, you are the one I want.
  8. It’s like you are all I ever want.
  9. You are very caring and soft-spoken, that is why every man wants you.
  10. But I will be missing you if you leave.
  11. Am not trying to impress you, I’m just being real.

Sweet Words to Say to A Girl

  1. I have always liked you.
  2. I’m breaking down in tears because I can’t have you.
  3. If we meet, I’ll hug you for two days.
  4. But I still can’t do without you.
  5. You are a beautiful lady.
  6. Wish we have something to do with each other!
  7. There’s something about your voice I cannot describe, but all I know is it takes my breath away.
  8. Your body is well crafted.
  9. You look official.
  10. Your voice alone can satisfy a man from a distance.
  11. What a hot outfit dear
  12. You are a very strong woman and I believe you can make it.
  13. You are very inspiring.
  14. You are magic, you are extravagant and extremely exquisite.
  15. I like your fragrance, you smell so great.
  16. The truth is you are amazing; you should take good care of yourself.
  17. You are not cheap, learn to give yourself to the one that deserves you.
  18. Don’t depend on men, you can make it too.
  19. I believe you are the perfect person for the job, just do you.
  20. I am not afraid because you are not good enough, I am afraid you don’t know how great you are.
  21. Do you know what is happening to me? I am holding the phone so close to my body.
  22. The truth is any guy who ever had you wishes to come back because no matter how they are loved it doesn’t just feel enough compared to your nurturance.
  23. You were on my mind the whole day.
  24. You came when no one else was willing to love me, you are my world.
  25. All the girls I had come to take away, but you brought me more than joy.
  26. My mother really likes you; she asks of you all the time.

Nice Things to Say to A Girl Over Text

Sweet text messages
  1. Whoever has you should be having all the fun in the world?
  2. I was watching the video you sent me, just can’t stop watching. Your thighs are calling me.
  3. You blessed me with love.
  4. Need me like the air you breathe, put my name on like your dress, miss me like your bed, hold me like your pillow.
  5. Not a day passes, and I don’t think of you.
  6. Whenever you sigh, I want to hear more.
  7. You thought my heart to fight for what belongs to me and I know you belong to me.
  8. Today is the first time we ever chatted like this, and I am enjoying it.
  9. The call with you yesterday gave me so much strength to face the day.
  10. I cherish you a lot, you brought me joy, shield me with a smile, and fenced my heart with love.
  11. You are the best thing that happened to me, and I can’t stop thinking of you.
  12. Good morning sweetheart.
  13. My life was full of uncertainty, speaking with you gave me hope.
  14. Had it ever crossed your mind that you are the best at what you do…..
  15. You are amazing how you are, and I want you exactly like this.
  16. You have perfect skin, and you look gorgeous.
  17. I have a space in my heart for you.
  18. With you, the world is a better place.
  19. Every day is beautiful because of you.
  20. With you, I have a happy life.
  21. I want to make you laugh.
  22. I want to be a part of your life if you’ll let me.
  23. I got your back no matter what.
  24. Your love makes me touch the sky.
  25. When you gaze at me, it makes me feel I’m in your arms.
  26. Can you hear the stars whispering our names?

Cute Phrases to Say to Your Girlfriend

Cute phrases to say to your girl
  1. I want you badly.
  2. Dreamed last night about us, we were both alone and very close and we were laughing and having fun.
  3. When I think of you, I can hardly focus on any other thing.
  4. Your waist is so broad to carry two babies at a go.
  5. I am not trying to make you feel ok. I mean it when I say you make my heartbeat.
  6. The first time we met, I couldn’t say a word, you are so beautiful I was scared.
  7. I deny myself other girls to stay in your world forever even if it takes all my life.
  8. You look astounding, when we first met, I knew we were meant to be.
  9. Whenever I hug you, I have inner peace.
  10. Your love’s put me on the right road when I didn’t know which one to choose.
  11. No one can resist your touch.
  12. I like your eyes.
  13. You have a nice forehead.
  14. Your fingernails are so cool to look at.
  15. I like your accent.
  16. You smile like your mother and its beautiful
  17. Your lips are drawing me closer.
  18. When I’m with you, all I see is eternity.
  19. I am not trying to impress you, just want to let you know I care.
  20. Take a walk, look through the window of your heart, you will see how much I love you.
  21. Say you love me, say you want me like I want you, tell me I’m all you need.

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