How to Write Text Messages That Attract Girls – Free Manual

Whether you are texting for the first time or you want text messages that will keep her interested in you, this free manual will help plan your texting for effective result.

Write your first text like saying hello to a new neighbor on your block to avoid stress. Text how you value your moments together. Be sincere with your intention, text her what you want from her. Do not belittle nor hype yourself, just be yourself.

1. Keep Message Short and Simple

When texting first time, don’t worry about showing off your writing skills. There’ll be time enough to do so. If you write long text, it is easy to ignore. She may not be willing to read everything.

  • Make text brief and straight to the point (Hey Cynthia, it’s West, from the theatre yesterday. How’s the going?)
  • Avoid complicated vocabularies
  • Use punctuations for clarity especially when sentence is long
  • Avoid text slangs during your early days of getting to know her
  • Use emojis for facial expressions but limit them if she is new
  • Write short paragraphs

2. Don’t Act Desperate for Her Attention

It is natural for people to take you for granted once they found out you need them. When your texts and texting pattern looks clingy and desperate, she’ll begin to ignore you or reply disrespectfully.

  • Do not text so often
  • Let her reply your previous text before sending new one
  • Don’t start telling her you miss her at early days
  • Send equal amount of text to keep things balanced
  • If she delays reply, do not reply too early neither but do not play games
  • When she does not make time for you, she is not worth your time and text

3. Don’t Curse or Write Profane in Your Text

Using swearwords will give her negative impression about you. So stay away from texts that promote violence, anger, loose behavior. In addition, you shouldn’t send bad images or sexual messages. She will cut you off even if she likes you.

  • When you text curse words, she may liken you to abuser
  • When she tolerates profane text, you may take her for bad girl, so she will not allow you to continue
  • Starting off with profane means that is all you want from her

4. Add some flavor to your text

After texting for a while, keep it simple but sweet. Instead of asking how are you doing all the time, say something new. Start off conversation with different statement.

  • Don’t always say hello or good morning
  • Start off by mentioning her name
  • Make fun of her (don’t say things that will leave bad remark)
  • Call her dear, sweetheart, sweetie, darling, honey
  • Add emoji
  • Once a while, use a text slang to reduce text length and also make things change a little

5. Compliment Her

You should start new conversations with a compliment or end them with one. While you shouldn’t do this all the time to keep things natural and fluent, you want to make room for saying some nice things.

  • Saying things like “your goodnight was the reason I slept like a baby” when texting in the morning
  • As you wrap up your chat, you can write “keep that smile on your face till we meet again”

6. Tease Her a Little

Teasing can be an attractive act in a chat. It’s a text feature that removes boredom from your conversation and really makes her want to connect with you all the time.

  • Spice things up with a little humor. Bring up something from your past chat which will make her say “you fortunate am not there with you. I’d hit your head. lol”.
  • Take caution not to be offensive
  • Know when she is ok with jokes
  • Explain to her you are joking before she misunderstands and make something big out of it

7. Do Not Be Available Every Time

Find a reason to be busy. If you don’t have anything positive going on in your life, girls will not chase after you. To attract a woman, you want to be known for something. Instead of chasing her all the time, make time for something profitable.

  • Do your assignment after school
  • Go to library to make research or read books at home
  • Watch educative programs on TV
  • Spend leisure time creating art work for fun
  • Start a business you are passionate about
  • Start a garden
  • Start a personal development project which will take part of your time and she will appreciate the time you spend texting her

8. Do Not Text Her, Communicate with Her

You want to grow away from static messages to text that is engaging. Stop sending mass SMS type of text to her, send text that will activate her to reply and also ask interesting questions that will make the conversation last longer.

  • Ask open-ended questions that will create space for her to type more
  • If you won a lottery, what will be your priority
  • Were you ok with the last lecture before the holiday, and what did you like or dislike?
  • Share your opinion on social matters
  • Share your personal development plans and ask for her future plans

9. Avoid Holding to same Topic for too Long

When you always raise the same issue, she will be fare up with you. Try to find something new to bring into the conversation.

  • Discuss TV programs, new books you read, movies you watched, radio programs, events in your house
  • Do not always complain about a behavior you are not ok with
  • Don’t put pressure on her to share information she doesn’t want to share with you

10. Get Tempting

In spite of the warning to stay away from sensitive messages, if you are both familiar and texted for long time, and you know where you journeying; you can start introducing sensitive texts to make texting a lot more fun.

  • Before texting anything sensitive text for long
  • Make sure she will be comfortable with what you will text
  • Don’t text anything sexual if you are not sure of her relationship status
  • Ask permission from her if you are not sure how she will take it
  • Don’t send many sensitive images at same time
  • When sending sexual text for the first time, avoid asking for sex

11. Write Poems to Attract Her

Write poems and include her name in some of the lines. Say something unique and nice about her in the poem. When you write, compliment her. Tell her how beautiful she looks.

  • Don’t send this type of message often
  • Think of an inspiring event to help write a better poem
  • This type of text may not be engaging as questions but it can start a deeper chat
  • One good thing about a poem is, if it is your first text, you can send it provided you are not too sensitive
  • The result of a poem is high because it is personal and thoughtful
  • Poems makes you look creative and intelligent
  • Do not be in haste to write a poem, take your time and read through each line carefully before sending

12. Craft your own story for her

Another effective way to make her wants to keep you is making up a story for her. Just as the poem, write a short love or adventurous story about the two of you. It doesn’t have to be long.

  • Think of an insightful event to help create a nice story for her
  • Use the characters in your story to tell her what you want from her
  • Not many guys will spend time doing this, so it will set you apart
  • Remember that she may only take this message as an intelligent work nothing more
  • Find out if she loves reading novels before sending such text message (if she reads love novels, she can translate it to real life quickly which will help you)
  • Tell her you want to have what she has in the story with her

13. Proofread Text Before Pressing Send

Sending error free text often will speak good of you. She will see you as a very neat guy and a person who is patient.

Most of all, she takes you seriously because she regards you as a smart person. Sending clean text will make her read your message as intended.

  • Stick to simple words
  • Verify words in dictionary if not sure before use
  • Write short paragraphs
  • Use punctuations wisely
  • Keep it brief

Why You Should Text Her

Text message is a communication medium to express your feelings with cautious written words. You can pass your information without upsetting her busy hour. If scared of what she may say, sending text is safer.


Communicating through text can be very interesting and productive. It gives you time to read through your message and send error free message. You can read the message and take hours to think of befitting reply.

  • When you send long text, each sentence should be in short paragraph
  • You don’t have to create your own poem or story, you can copy a text from online or novel
  • Don’t send new text until it is 24 hours when she does not reply old text
  • Stay away from sharing profane words or pilling her inbox with chunk of texts
  • Read through each text before you send
  • When you find out a mistake after texting, feel free to send the correct version

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