11 Disadvantages of Waist Beads and Remedies

Waist beads are jewelry pieces that a woman puts around her waist under her clothes to ornament her body. It almost left the wearer with no challenge except the few disadvantages we are about to discuss.

Disadvantages of waist beads

Waist beads interfere with exercise at the gym and daily activities, and serve as a habitat and breeding area for bacteria without proper hygiene, also, glass beads may easily break injuring the wearer.

1. Interfering with Exercise

Since waist beads are worn under the clothes, they may interfere with exercises and other activities.

During exercise, some positions may cause beads to become constricted or loose.

It may pull a woman’s hair and also rub the skin resulting in burns around the waistline.

  • Remove beads when exercising
  • Remove beads during activities that involve hard movement
  • Adjust beads with your hand when you feel uncomfortable

2. May Break in Aggressive Love Making

While this is rare, the woman and her partner should pay attention to the position of the beads when making love.

During aggressive lovemaking; the beads may break, hence, causing injury to both parties.

Apart from breaking, frequent rubbing against the skin may irritate the skin. Note that, this also enhances sexual sensation in lovemaking.

I have written an in-depth article on the importance of waist beads in love making I think you need to read for sexual satisfaction in your relationship.

Don’t just know the importance of waist beads in lovemaking. Know how to use them in bed. This guide will help you with that: how to use waist beads in bed.

3. Uncomfortable Bead Weight

Beads come in sizes; big, medium, and small. They are also made with different kinds of materials.

Each bead may add extra weight. This may become heavy and make you uncomfortable.

  • When you feel uncomfortable, try reducing the number of beads
  • Try different types and sizes of beads
  • Don’t put them on for long

4. Waist Bead Materials can Cause Allergy

Waist beads are made from a variety of materials. Since our skins differ, you may be allergic to certain materials used for the production.

  • Change beads when you feel uncomfortable
  • Change beads or don’t make them so tight to the skin when you experience any sign of allergies e.g., itching, inflammation, rashes, etc.
  • Clean beads well before wearing to avoid transferring germs

5. Becomes a Breeding Habitat for Bacteria

Waist beads mostly are put around the waist for as long as the wearer decides.

This is likely to harbor dirt and sweat during the day’s activities which could serve as a habitat and breeding area for bacteria.

To prevent bacteria from growing around the waist,

  • The wearer should spend enough time to clean the waist area frequently
  • Bath warm water from time to time or clean the waistline with warm water
  • Remove the beads occasionally and clean them thoroughly
  • Avoid beads occasionally

6. They are Hard to Fix on Strings

Fixing waist beads can be difficult because the holes are not wide and some of the strings are not stiff.

When fixing waist beads;

  • Measure your waist
  • Sit in a comfortable position
  • Make sure you have enough light
  • Use your fingertips to twist the edge of the string till it becomes hard and does not spread loosely
  • Fix the beads one after the other
  • To avoid beads from slipping out from the other end of the string; knot the string
  • Fix waist beads at your leisure hour

7. Interfere with a Woman’s Hair

If a woman is hairy, waist beads can interfere with their hair and it can become painful.

The hair sometimes may be attached to the beads so, when the beads are moved, they may pull the hair.

When taking a shower, you may mistakenly pull the beads with your hand or use a sponge.

  • When you shower with waist beads on pay close attention
  • Trim hair frequently

8. You Need Help to Fix Waist Beads

Waist beads unlike neck or wrist beads are not locked before sold because they are not elastic as pants.

Some women find it difficult to wear it so they need help to fix it.

To fix waist beads, follow the instructions below:

  • Measure your waist
  • Adjust beads until you are comfortable
  • Tie the string firmly
  • Sit in a comfortable position or position yourself in front of a mirror
  • Wear the beads from your leg
  • Pull or roll them up until they get to your waist

9. Glass Beads are Breakable

Glass beads are pretty to watch but when these beads hit a hard surface, they can break. So, the owner must take extra care of them to keep the beads safe.

  • Don’t hit beads on a hard surface
  • Keep it in a safe box or container when you are not wearing it
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Place them on a hard surface gently

10. Beads are not Elastic

While this is an advantage to help determine your weight, it can also become hectic to adjust whenever you increase or decrease.

When you decrease in weight, the waist beads slip, and they also get tight when your body increases which can be a negative effect of wearing waist beads.

To adjust the waist bead;

  • You must untie the string first
  • Then remove or add beads to the string
  • Hold the edges firmly and adjust the beads until they fit you
  • Tie beads when satisfied with measurement and wear

11. It Inflicts Pain or Breaks When Hardly Hit

In West Africa, where waist beads are commonly worn; students are caned at school and home.

I have witnessed on a few occasions where teachers accidentally hit the waist, causing severe pain or beads breaking.

Besides being hit by a cane, when it is hit hard by any object, it will inflict pain.

  • Students should remove waist beads before going to school
  • Do not move around carelessly when canned
  • Teachers should not correct students in anger
  • Quickly draw your teacher’s attention when your bead is hit
  • Parents shouldn’t hit their children’s waist
  • Don’t engage in plays that are likely to cause friends to hit your waist


Waist beads are worn by everyone. They are pretty pieces of jewelry, which adorns women. There is nothing to worry about beads. They are awesome accessories.

You can shower, swim, walk in the rain, go in the water, and clean your waist beads with water without losing the color, brightness, and nature of the material or having any effects.

When you feel uncomfortable with your bead, you should change it or don’t keep it on for long.

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