17 Ways to Text a Girl for The First Time – Guide to Text Your Crush

The first text is easy when you nail your first approach. Check how to approach a girl first time and get her number, if you are still searching. When you leave great first impression, first text becomes simple. But if that’s not your case, you can still work your way through by following this tutorial….

How to text a girl first time

The first text is easy when you nail your first approach. Check how to approach a girl first time and get her number, if you are still searching. When you leave great first impression, first text becomes simple.

But if that’s not your case, you can still work your way through by following this tutorial. Even if you did well, leaving a great first impression, this guide will help you deliver an awesome first text.

1. Sign the Text with Your Name

According to Martin Artisan of Attractive Man, unless you happened to exchange contact on the spot and saved your number with your name on her phone, make sure you always sign the first text with your name.

When you write your first text, add your name so she knows who is texting and also add where you met to make her remember you easily.

You want her to know who you are.

2. Send A Video If You Met at Night

So, she easily figures you out, sends a video message.

You are probably not the only one she handed over her number over the night, and all of these other guys will be texting her, so, a video message will set you apart and make her reconnect with you.

You can make your video more interesting by playing her favorite music at the background, displaying her favorite color, eating her best food, watching her favorite movie etc.

3. Mention Things You Talked About Previously

When you send your first text, don’t make it bloat, but it will be very attractive if you can include a few words about what you talked about when you met.

It makes her feel that you were paying close attention. This will generally make her want to give you a shot because you have a listening ear.

4. Be Friendly and Direct

Instead of easing in to the reason for texting her, rather go straight to the point. Girls like guys who are bold with their first text.

5. Make Your Text Playful

Another way you want to send your first text is to make it playful and fun. Instead of leaving a raw boring text in her inbox, you want to send something that is captivating.

It doesn’t mean you should send a long text, or become poetic, but write the kind of text she can relate to and not too official.

6. Don’t Wait Too Long to Send First Text

While it’s tempting to show her that you are not needy, waiting longer before texting can simply remove every memory she had of you.

Remember, she meets many guys on daily basis who are vying for her attention.

So, make it quick. Don’t wait for more than a day. 4 hours will be idea.

7. Structure Your Message

Ask her about her day, mention something about your previous conversation, then get to the point. All of these makes her feel comfortable with you.

Because you show interest in her wellbeing and also demonstrates with your text that she is valuable by reminding her of something she said in the past meeting, she finds you charming.

8. Ask Her Out After Couple of Texts

According to Martin Artisan, after about first 5 texts, he is ready to ask a girl out on date.

You want to ask her out as quick as possible as she still have you on her mind.

When you engage in too many texts, and you happened to miss the point where her expectation was high about you asking her out, she will lose interest.

9. Calling Sets You Apart from The Rest of The Guys

Texting is great and fun. When you first got her number, it will be nice texting her.

At this point, you can let her have your number, and start a conversation.

But the most important part is letting her know you will want to speak to her on phone to get to hear her voice, feel her sense of humor, know her more.

The initial role text plays, is exchange of contact, and also scheduling the time to call her. Your voice will leave more impact than text.

10. Don’t Send Many Texts in A Row

While it is great to check up on a new girl, too many texts do not only make you needy but it shows you have little or absolutely nothing going on in your life apart from connecting with her.

Texting once in the morning or somewhere in the day is acceptable but aggressive texting like sending messages in every hour is not recommended.

It looks creepy.

11. Don’t Take Too Long to Reply Her Text

While over texting is bad, delaying replies will only make her forget you and move on.

She will think you are no longer interested in her or you are not serious. It shouldn’t take 2 days to reply her text.

12. Have Something Going on In Your Life

Building a career for yourself is very important.

Have something worth your attention, in that, you wouldn’t spend all of your time waiting on her reply or busy talking or texting her.

13. Update Your WhatsApp Status with Your Success Story

Another way to communicate with a girl and not look needy is by taking advantage of technology.

You don’t want to get too busy with social media and let it consume your life, but if there’s an achievement you are excited about and feel like sharing with friends, you can upload it to your status.

When she checks it, it will indirectly tell her that you have other things going on in your life.

Also, if you happen to go out with friends, once in a while you can update your status with it.

It makes her understand that you have other people in your life.

She may even go ahead to leave a comment on your status which may lead to a conversation.

14. Text Her Next Day If You Met at Night

Unless she triggers night text, don’t be the one starting it.

When you meet at night, wait till the following day, especially if you are not sure of her relationship status.

15. Avoid Texting Meaningless Messages

We will all admit that a text message from a sales company is annoying.

But nothing is annoying than receiving an ambiguous message from a complete stranger.

Many years ago, I sent random characters to a girl, for whatever reason, I can’t recall, and she got back trying to figure out what those words meant.

Her reply showed she was pissed off.

So, to save myself, I told her, “Oh sorry, left my phone on my desk and a kid was playing with it. It might be you received that message from the kid.”

When you text abbreviations that are not widely used or you send random texts she can’t understand, she thinks you don’t have self-control and you are immature.

16. Read Your Text Over Before Sending

The purpose of texting is to communicate your feelings.

If you send texts with a bunch of spelling errors and a chuck of emojis she can hardly understand what you are communicating.

In a nutshell, she will think you are an idiot, and no matter how charming you were the previous day, she will think you are not intelligent.

17. Stop Using Infrequent Vocabularies

Again, your first text is to spark a conversation. When you text words that are hard to understand, she completely ignores your text.

Don’t come off as an educationist or a scholar, rather, a regular dude who wants a connection with a fellow human being who happens to be his opposite sex.

Text Messages That Will Make A Girl Fall in Love with You

Winning her heart with text
  1. Can’t wait for our honeymoon where you’ll anoint my mouth with breast milk, bathe me with kisses, and baptize me in your pool of honey.
  2. Ultimate power is in the hands of the Most High. And He built you in a way that made you too beautiful for the human eye.
  3. I have a lot on my mind I want to speak, but your love is so heavy on my voice, that I can only whisper.
  4. If you were a shop, you’d be a great mall, full of surprises, amazing gift cards, and expensive merchandise
  5. You are more than a billion-dollar establishment, you have a great heart and a beautiful soul which will serve the universe and our children.
  6. I speak my love for you into the microphone. I know it is time to let the world know how I feel about you and I will not do it anymore.
  7. The world does position things where they belong. All about you is placed at the right location. It is what makes you the most beautiful girl.
  8. You are beautiful out and beautiful at heart.
  9. You have a very tender heart, soft-spoken like nature, shy like a baby.
  10. You possess qualities I can’t give up on, and watch you leave without a fight.
  11. If I were a ship, I would sail in your direction wherever you travel.
  12. If I were a river, I would flow behind your house, to make you have enough to drink.
  13. If I were a chef, I would cook in your favorite restaurant to serve you with my best recipes.
  14. If I were a star, I would shine where you can see me.
  15. If I were a heart, I would beat in your chest and never break.
  16. If I were friction, I’ll hold you firm, so that you will not fall, since am not, I’ll lend you my shoulders, when you ever fall, you’ll fall on me. If you ever cry, you’ll cry on me, if you’re weak, my shoulders will support you. Count on me, I will always be there for you.
  17. Let me in as I did, promise you will never leave my heart broken on the wall and redecorate my face with pain.
  18. Dear, look into me, there you will find a strong man, who will bind your wounds when brutally sliced by the blade of love.
  19. The first time you walked through that door, you stole my emotions, and locked me in your world, it’s hard to admit you are not mine. I struggle each time to get over the taste of love you left in me, but I guess I may be living with this feeling for years.
  20. Let us dance in our favorite color, on our favorite tune. Sing the song we learned at two and tease our bodies with love written in blue.
  21. How much I desire to overpower who you love, take over your noble dear and sober heart. Stay around to watch that peaceful shy mild face all my life, again and again and again.
  22. If I have superpowers, I will transform every lady to resemble you. I will fold the road between us to make the distance short.
  23. I long to see you, I can tell I’m going crazy. I want any girl I interact with to act like you, speak like you, and shine as you do.
  24. If I can see you every second I’d be glad.
  25. Can’t really figure out what it is I love about you, but I do know you are gorgeous, and being in your world will change my life.
  26. You are a lady with flawless skin and complexion, highly educated, elegant, and soul-nourishing.
  27. Looking at your being, I’m moved to draw you with my words as an artist. But my ink suffers a great defeat because you are a lot to paint with a drop of ink.
  28. Your breast stands as the Great Wall of China. A lip only reserved for Egyptian Kings, a body meant for men born with silver spoons. You are an angel.
  29. When I knocked on your door, you opened it. Thank you for letting me in.
  30. Your wisdom is light, when I am with you, all I feel is eternity.
  31. I thought I lost my life, and of course I did, but with you, the world is a better place. Thank God who directed our paths.
  32. You are the firmament that curved over me. My shade, my sight and my breath. Oh, my day, my light, my brightness over my darkness.
  33. Gently press your tender lips against mine and stay close to my heart.
  34. You are the treasure fortune hunters seek.
  35. The world may be crazy, but not you.
  36. Your soft-spoken voice liquified the iceberg Titanic couldn’t escape.
  37. Your silence created a flower garden around my age. That is what keeps me young.
  38. You touched me, and girded my loin with sensations. You played me my favorite tune on my birthday with the beads on your waist.
  39. You got me thinking in the middle of the night as a prisoner of love.
  40. This night, on my lonely bed, thinking of you. How troublesome, obstinate, and loving you are.
  41. All I picture is playing with your beautiful thighs; holding your waist, pushing my chest against yours, caressing your feeding vessels.
  42. The more I gaze, I want to hold firm and draw you closer to my dark skin to share your light.
  43. Every night I dream, and we’re so much in love, we can’t let go each other, we kiss down to the throats and look in amazement.
  44. I won’t let your heart suffer, I will keep my fingers close to your lips and kiss your nipples at night.
  45. Lean back, pretend to sleep, picture a green field with two lovers who care deeply for each other and follow my lead.
  46. Let me caress you and vanquish all of your disappointments. Girl, I love you with all my heart.
  47. I’ll strengthen your body with my waist. Breath slowly, don’t speak a word, close those sharp romantic eyes and listen to my melody. It won’t hurt, all you’ll ever feel is pleasure.
  48. Am forever waiting for you, loving you is like sleeping in roses. Never want to wake up from my dream.
  49. I promise I will never leave your heart broken on the wall. I will bring you under my shelter, give you my name and treat you right at every age.
  50. Who is this glittering as stars in the skies and dripping with beauty?
  51. You are fearfully, carefully, marvelously designed and built. Bones well architecturally formed by your maker.
  52. Lady, you are magic, you are extravagant and extremely exquisite.
  53. You look cute when you smile.
  54. I watched your dark and lovely hair falling at your back when your daddy’s car drove by last Sunday.
  55. I love you just the way you are.
  56. It was amazing how you took over the meeting and everyone was expecting you to say the final word. I must admit I am impressed.

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