How to Use Waist Beads in Bed in Love Making

In this article, I revealed the effects of waist beads on your romantic life and how to use them in bed for pleasure with your partner.

To get all the benefits of waist beads, take your time to read the instructions and follow them as stated.

Put on more waist beads in bed to adorn your waist, slowly move your body to let your beads create sounds to lure your man, slip fingers over and through waist beads loosely, pretend to look away or look into his eyes while doing this.

1. Put on your partner’s favorite bead color and type

Waist bead colors have meaning, beside that, we all have our favorite colors. Collect different waist beads ranging from size, material, and color.

Find out your husband’s favorite beads color and bead type, put them on during special occasions to quickly draw his attention.

Surprising your lover with his favorite waist beads will turn your bed time into a super fun time.

Read the importance of waist beads in love making to realize the full potential and value of waist beads in bed.

2. Lie on your back and play with beads

Slowly move your body as you lie on your back and face lifting towards the ceiling to let beads create attractive sounds to lure your man.

3. Move your fingers over the beads

Begin to play with the waist beads gently by rubbing your fingers on them and at times hitting them so they produce sound.

Remember not to hit too hard as it may hurt.

You should check out my article on disadvantages of waist beads before putting them around your waist.  

Also, slip your fingers over and through them loosely, look away or look into your partner’s eyes shyly when doing this.

4. Put on more than one bead and also mix the colors

Wearing one bead can help avoid bearing bead weight.

But when you are ready to use beads in bed to lure your man, wearing more of the beads is recommended.

You also have the advantage to add different colors.

5. Wear beads with shinny colors

Putting on beads that are likely to get your partner’s attention should not be an afterthought when you intend to use them in bed to look attractive and make your husband notice you.

Wear beads that reflect.

6. Ask your partner how he feels about your beads

Communication plays important role in relationship.

This is why you should read my article on 141 things to say to your partner after sex and understand what experts say about communication in relationship and how it helps improve your sexual life.

Instead of only trying to show off with waist beads using body language, you should also engage your partner by asking them how they feel about your beads and how they make you look.

This will help make informed decision next time.

7. Men should hit them gently to tickle their partner

As explained in disadvantages of waist beads; hitting them hard can cause pain. So, when you hit your woman’s waist beads in bed, do so carefully.

When done well, it will tickle her and generate pleasure.

8. Men can play with them during foreplay and love making

Waist beads can become a go to during foreplay and love making. If you master the act of touching your wife’s beads, she will be glad putting them on.

Because of the rapid movement involved in intercourse; you should make sure you position the waist beads where your skin will not have direct contact, causing blister.

9. Tell your partner about how they look on her

Men are known for their silence treatment during and after love making. You should tell your partner about how her beads look on her.

It will encourage them to put them on.

10. Put the waist beads around her waist

Helping your woman to put her waist beads on can be a nice romantic scene. This can lead to spending time together with each other and also lead to foreplay.


Waist beads are accessories that adds beauty to a woman’s body.

Putting them around your waist in bed parades you in front of your man and makes you spend quality time together in bed.

Men should spend some time appreciating their partner’s bead by touching them and also, telling her about their favorite color, type and how they make them feel.

How to Use Waist Beads in Bed in Love Making