Heartfelt Text After Spending the Night Together

  1. Mom asked where I spent my night, I lose my mind and told her I was with my lover weeping wild all night
  2. You getting me into trouble, I keep mentioning your name around involuntarily
  3. Didn’t know I’d beg any man in my life, you made me scream for help
  4. I keep telling myself I will never let lose again but my body keeps giving up quickly when I see you
  5. The feeling is evergreen, so is our love – let’s grow old together
  6. Can’t wait to see you naked
  7. Your hands performed more magic than anything else I encountered
  8. Those little moments were defining moments
  9. Am crazy about you right now
  10. You forgot your red wine on my table – you could come get it this evening – I’ll be home 8pm