121 Texts After Spending the Night: get round 2 fast

Looking for what to text after spending the night together? Here are 121 texts you should have in your hand note this year if you want a great romantic life.

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  1. Something dirty is on my mind I want to text you.
  2. I was wondering if I should text you after spending the night, then I got excited by this beautiful memory. The time you were ridding me endlessly.
  3. My mom asked me where I spent the night.
  4. Had a dream about us, we were lonely in a flower garden.
  5. I got something bad on my mind tonight.
  6. I don’t know if this is the right time to text this [wait until she replies, then, say this] just want to say thanks. [the first part will make her curios to reply]
  7. Didn’t know I’d beg any man in my life.
  8. I keep telling myself I will never let loose again but my body keeps giving up quickly when I see you.
  9. It is still early in the morning and you are the first person I want to hear from. How is your morning? Is it romantic like us?
  10. Can’t wait to see you naked.
  11. Your hands performed more magic than anything else I encountered.
  12. Thought you said you were not into it. See how I made you go wild.
  13. Those little moments were defining moments.
  14. Am crazy about you right now.
  15. Bought a new sexy pant but won’t put it on unless I come to your end.
  16. I am suffering from love addiction.
  17. I am wearing your favorite nightie.
  18. When we first met, what was going through your mind?
  19. Does it bother you when I get naughty?
  20. Would you watch adult movie with me?
  21. Are you a good kisser?
  22. Which do you enjoy most? Back or front?
  23. Imagine us getting wet in a heavy rain in front of your house.
  24. My friend is sitting on my lap, are you jealous?
  25. I’m I beautiful?
  26. Tell me one thing you like about my body. Don’t be shy and be honest.
  27. What do you think of when taking your bath?
  28. Have you ever been seduced at work?
  29. When I send you nude images or clip, what will you think of me?
  30. Do you discuss it after a night together?
  31. If I enter your bedroom without knocking and you are naked, what would you do?
  32. What was your most cherished moment on bed like and who was that with?
  33. Have you ever got your fingers dirty with your workmate?

Flirty Things to Say Over Text After Sex

You should flirt with a girl to keep her interested after sleeping with her. Text her things that will start a conversation. Make your texts simple, cultivating and meaningful.

You can send these texts to him or her after one night stand, a fun night together, or when you are in relationship for long.

  1. Now I see why your ex keeps chasing after you.
  2. No matter what you do or what happens, I am not going to leave you.
  3. I am glad I married you.
  4. It’s a country boy’s dream to have a woman like you. So glad you came.
  5. I know this was your fantasy, and I am deeply happy to be the one to fulfil it.
  6. Next time you come over to my place, you know what I will be doing? I will be shaving those sexy legs on my bed.
  7. And do you know what I will do too? I will shave your pretty face – lol
  8. Its dinner time, come turn the light down for me.
  9. There are a thousand reasons why I love you. One of them is how you handle my body. Another is how you take care of me like a baby and another is how you kiss me and my troubles disappear.
  10. Come over this night lets swim in my pool, I’m feeling so much hit here.
  11. You know what? I love how you hugged me from behind and gave me a kiss on the back of my neck. Your kiss is all over my neck and your arms stacked at my back.
  12. The music you play was my favorite and it really made me enjoyed you.
  13. I know my mom is acting funny but I don’t care about that.
  14. We should go for horse ride this weekend. I will be available.
  15. I don’t know why I am so much in love with you. I want to see you every second and talk to you every minute.
  16. I know you love me because you act like you do.
  17. This weekend, lets sketch our dream house and how we want each room to look and how our landscape will be designed.
  18. Hey! You almost killed me.
  19. My thighs hurt badly.
  20. I wasn’t expecting what happened last night. It was amazing.
  21. I hard to sit on hot water this morning. It was too much to take but I like it.
  22. I’ll spend the holiday with you. And it’ll be all day and night. Let’s see who wins – hahaha
  23. It’s a week now but it still feels fresh. You are hot.
  24. You see, last night was a moment to recall. Your hair style, your dress code: the combination killed it, and not forgetting your soft voice.
  25. If you were here I’ll sauté you with kisses until you are wet like you were beaten by a heavy rain in the middle of New York.
  26. Am about to take my bath. Come let’s bath together.
  27. You are the love of my life, my superhero, your strength makes me safe on your bed, my pillow in the middle of the night, and you are my softboard.
  28. The feeling is evergreen, so is our love, let’s grow old together.
  29. Can’t wait for another shower together.
  30. Last night was the best time together ever.
  31. You put me to sleep. Didn’t know when I slept.
  32. I am glad you enjoyed it too. I really love it last night.
  33. I know today is not a great day for you but I am always here for you.
  34. I miss your smile.
  35. I love you when you dance.
  36. Cuddling, kissing, laughing, pillow fight and the many more are the things that make it hard for me to forget you when you travel.
  37. You guys are funny in your house.
  38. Now your mom calls me by my nickname – she’s funny.
  39. Drunk in your affection.
  40. I hurt you in many ways, but you are still here for me. I know you love me; I can see it in your eyes.

Things to Say to Impress Your Boyfriend During Sex

If you want to get naughty with your boyfriend during sex or after, these phrases can keep you going. You can say these to him in person or in text to keep him interested.

  1. What did you do to the thing? Its way better than it had ever been.
  2. I want it fast and quick. Don’t stop, I want it hard.
  3. I want something that will make me cry.
  4. I want it so hard and stiff that when I take it, it will make me scream and cry loud.
  5. You are honey in there. I don’t want you to get out.
  6. I want you to kiss me, I want your touch so badly, caress my breast.
  7. Play dirty with me.
  8. You are big between your thighs; no girl should play with you.
  9. Your thing is so small and tiny when it’s flaccid. Was wondering what it could do until it took its full shape, I almost run through the wall. Honestly, I was scared.
  10. Where and when did you learn these skills? You are becoming something else.
  11. Let me sit on and be in charge.

Romantic Things to do After Spending the Night Together

Spending quality time together can strengthen your relationship. You don’t have to make this effort only after spending the night together.

Make plans to grow your relationship.

  1. Meet and take a stroll, it will make you both happy and you’ll have a lot to say to each other.
  2. Visit him the next day, sit close and stare at him for long and smile. He’ll be lost.
  3. Write a love story describing the night and print it.
  4. If she spent the night with you, wake up early and prepare breakfast.
  5. Bath her, wash her hair and dress her.
  6. Watch a romantic scene together or read romantic book.
  7. Ask her friend to tell her you are missing her badly.
  8. Design a birthday card if it’s her birthday.
  9. Call him on the phone, ask if he has a few minutes, sing him a love song and hang up.
  10. Talk about everything that happened last night and the parts you enjoyed.
  11. Send your partner a love letter affirming your love for him/her.
  12. Send erotic video/pictures via chat.
  13. Stop by the flower shop to buy her flower after work.
  14. Watch the moon together.
  15. Send appreciation note in the morning. “Last night was all I ever wanted. Thank you. See you in a little bit.”
  16. Play with her waist beads.
  17. Talk about how you admire her waist beads.
  18. Fix her waist beads.

How to Tell Your Partner You Want to Make Love Over Text

Guess what? Guys like good night texts just like girls. So, if you don’t know how to tell him directly you want to hookup with him, just send a good night text in a cute way.

The texts below can be used by both girls and guys at anytime to ask for hookup indirectly.

  1. I want to gift you a massage.
  2. Guess what? I’m naked on my bed.
  3. Kissing and cuddling under a warm blanket is on my mind. Are you in?
  4. Come dressed in your sexy pant.
  5. You forgot your red wine on my table. You could come get it this evening. I’ll be home 8pm.
  6. The love bite isn’t healing, my doctor says I need another to heal.
  7. I have a word for you but I’ll tell you when you come over.
  8. I scratched my nipple in the bath house and it hurts, come apply med on it.
  9. Dear I want to come and pick you tonight.
  10. I am feeling so lonely, I need you here.
  11. I have an assignment and I can’t really figure things out. I’ll come over for your assistance.
  12. I don’t want to come to your place today but I have something to show you.
  13. Just bought a pair of shoes for you so will bring it this night.
  14. Noticed you are out of provision so I bought some for you. Will be there to deliver them. I won’t stay long.
  15. When you are at his place and he is busy with other things but you want sex: Tell him you want to go. He will quickly get the message.
  16. Are you missing me?
  17. What did you prepare? It’s been long I ate your food.
  18. I’ll spend the weekend at your end.
  19. I heard you have a new girl and she’s coming to your place tonight that’s why you don’t want me around.
  20. When you are at his place: Let’s go to bed honey it’s late.
  21. Help me take off my cloth honey.
  22. Hey! Let’s make this Friday a special holiday.
  23. I want to take you out on Christmas eve.
  24. Hey, heard of the new Tyler Perry film? Its showing in the theater this weekend. I have two tickets. I know you like Tyler.
  25. Touch him at his erogenous areas like you don’t mean it.


Many people wish to text their partner after sex but cannot figure out the right thing to say.

Whether you are thinking of a sweet long message after love making, texts to send the morning after hooking up, or a good night text to keep him or her interested, follow these 4 rules.

  1. Prep what to say before texting
  2. Talk about something interesting that happened when you hooked up
  3. Tell him/her how you feel about her performance
  4. Talk about what you did that made him/her excited or turned her off
121 Texts After Spending the Night: get round 2 fast